We Smashed It With Best Execution On Betfair Today!

Coco Jack traded by Key, Eau and Udi TradeHost strategies for a net win of £2,178.

We hope everybody did as well in the Hamilton 2nd Jun 6f Nov Stks market at 13:26 UK today.

JuiceStorm Towers traded  Coco Jack with TradeHost strategies Key, Eau and Udi completing their trades along with Tissue. Select won the #Gamble too.

Boost & Blast missed the exits for us. The difference would have been around £800 if those had completed.

Still, a £2,178 win on Coco Jack due to best execution is not to be sniffed at.

A BSP of 3.53 was huge value.

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  1. Alison says

    Best market traded on Betfair in the 6 years I’m on TradeHost. Over £1K green book. Thanks.

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