TradeHost Update For 2023 And Beyond – Automated Betfair Trading

An update to TradeHost has just been released for members.

The 2023 release is a significant update which will give a boost to both pre race and inplay Betfair Trading on the UK, IE and AU horse racing markets.

TradeHost used a Betfair balance of £100 on Saturday 29th October 2022 with a maximum liability of £20 at any time.

Default settings that this release ships with will see a liability of around £10 when all the new additions fire. Most long term TradeHost members – over five years membership – use stakes that are north of 100X default.

TradeHost staging development cycles never last less than six months. Each strategy – there are 632 at various stages currently – has to meet a number of criteria before release. We analyse Betfair Trading metrics daily for the production portfolio – what our members receive each month – and the staging Betfair Trading portfolio using the historical data of each strategy’s trades. The more real historical trades we use, the more accurate the statistics become. Statistics based on 10,000 trades provide much more detailed and accurate information than when you base them on just 1,000 trades.

We have an automated series of checks and balances for all datasets to ensure accuracy. We compare our data to the data published by Betfair and any differences are flagged daily. Our databases are not shared with any third party at any time ever. Only our TradeHost and TradeLive members benefit from our automated daily deep dives which generate the selections for all trades and bets on all markets.

Most strategies that form part of TradeHost are “Betfair Trading with a view”. This means that if TradeHost believes the price is wrong on any horse – either two high or too low – or that the TradeHost database believes that the selection has a good or bad chance of winning when comparing the field on a number of metrics then a trade will be initiated at the price TradeHost wants. In all selections we must have value. This means that if we start with a LAY trade TradeHost believes the price is too low and the reverse is true if she – yes, TradeHost is a grande dame – starts with a BACK trade.

TradeHost will mostly not be bullied in to taking a loss. She has her opinion and she sticks to it.

The selections we publish at JuiceStorm TV are updated 24/7 and most start to appear the previous day. As you will have guessed the process is automated.  😉

In Other News
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We consider all Jumps and Flat racing in the UK & IE. Many readers tell us they use our selections to find Back 2 Lays and Lay 2 Back.

AU horse racing selections are not published pre race. If you want to get involved with those then the best way is to turn notifications on for Telegram or become a TradeHost  member.

To arrive at our selections to trade we filter form by ground conditions, class, distance and many other conditions. We use queries for dams, damsires and countries of breeding and we track all horses, trainers and jockeys. The published selections are updated throughout the day due to non-runners and going changes.

We research every conceivable angle from every race since 2000 and compare actual results with market expectations to find value betting and Betfair Trading opportunities. Some selections are straight gambles which are NOT traded and you can see them all on JuiceStorm TV.

Many readers also tell us they use our selections for straight gambles and place their bets on Betfair or Bet365 with the evening price the night before and BOG. They’re not a bad judge.

The take away for this article? Trying to make a profit on Betfair without considering ALL information available may seriously damage your Betfair balance. The days when many could trade blind profitably are gone forever.

Our AI articles are NOT written by a real person and are provided for entertainment only. They may contain content which is inaccurate but we are hoping our AI bot, Rose, will become better over time. The AI category is the ONLY section of that has zero human input.

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE, US & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

2022 saw TradeHost become even more profitable with 22,698 Betfair markets traded.

All trades and bets were streamed live on JuiceStorm TV which was was watched by 124,209 Betfair Traders in 2022.

All results for the 30,635 Betfair markets traded are here and the charts are here.

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