Many Betfair Profit & Loss Statements Are Fake

8th February 2009 saw the creation of a Fake Betfair Profit and Loss Generator.

Back on 8th February 2009 we created the Fake Betfair Profit and Loss Generator. You can check out the original here.

The Fake Betfair Profit and Loss Generator was never promoted but Google found it and the original page remains solidly in the top 20% of most popular pages at ever.

In fact, this year, traffic to the original here has exploded to bring it back in to the the top 10% of most popular pages on in 2022.

What does that tell you? Let me assist. The internet is awash with fake Betfair screenshots of PnL statements. Many have been produced using our Fake Betfair Profit and Loss Generator.

So that brings me to the question from a member as to why we don’t take the page down? Well, we never will because everyone should be aware already that most Betfair screenshots of PnL statements are fake.

Really, the only way to know if the Betfair screenshots of PnL statements aren’t fake is to ask for an extended free trial, say 3 months, of any service you are considering.

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Ahh, I hear you say, “No one offers a 3 month free trial, don’t be silly!”

Well, there is one service that does so. It’s us with TradeHost Lite. You can have a year or longer, if you like. 🙂 And don’t trust videos of PnL statements being created for the benefit of a video either. It’s an easy fake too!

Betfair Profit & Loss Generator

It might be best to have your P&L open to copy/paste race names and times. Refreshing the page will clear all changes.

If you’re viewing the Betfair Profit & Loss Generator on mobile then it will be as much use as a chocolate teapot. Pop back when you’re on a computer.

Not many people browsed the web on mobile in 2009 – the year the  iPhone was born which didn’t even have a camera – and we won’t make it mobile friendly now. Android was released in 2010 and I was on a Samsung i8910 which had an HD camera and a Symbian operating system.

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

In Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2022 TradeHost is busier than ever and even more profitable with a whopping 16,960 Betfair markets traded.

All results for the 24,897 Betfair markets traded are here.

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