JuiceStorm TV With Betfair Trading Is Live 24/7

We research every conceivable angle from every race since 2000.

JuiceStorm TV is now live 24/7.

JuiceStorm TV shows every trade as it’s made starting around 1 hour before any market goes inplay where we have an interest.

The markets that we have an interest in are published and updated 24/7 at the Today link at the top of every page where you can also watch every traded selection on JuiceStorm TV via a higher definition Twitch feed than is available on JuiceStorm TV that is powered by  a YouTube feed.

The icons in the menu structure at the top of JuiceStorm are, hopefully, intuitive. The first from the left is for JuiceStorm TV, followed by Boost and finishing with our Twitter Wall.

I know a lot of our readers find Twitter confusing so our Twitter Wall brings together dozens of conversations about JuiceStorm, our daily selections, trade results and even Racing Traders drops in to promote BetTrader regularly along with quoting every #JuiceProfit link.

There are 10 boxes with a different tweet fading in every 6 seconds starting with the most recent and each box displays 20 Tweets before fading back to the first and starting the cycle again.

Traditionally we have always been a heavy user of hashtags on Twitter which causes us to be occasionally Shadow Banned on Twitter. If you click the link you can find out more. You will also be able to see if you’ll have to scroll through our Twitter timeline on any day to see all results for each traded selection because we are currently Shadow Banned.

Hashtags make it a lot easier so we’ll carry on using them because most days it’s a really easy way to pull out all the trades on one selection – look for #Juice plus the horse name on every market Tweet – or all the profitable trades by looking for #JuiceProfit. Just remember that if you search for #JuiceProfit on Twitter you will see the Top Results by default. Click the Latest tab on Twitter for all Tweets.

If you want to copy every trade we take then the best way is to subscribe to TradeHost. It’s automated.

However, more and more people are copying our selections manually. If you have the time then we’re cool with that. If you want to copy every selection we get involved with then you will need to watch JuiceStorm TV because we do NOT Tweet our first trade. If you’re happy to miss the first trade then just following our timeline on Twitter is the route to go. Here are the updates that you can expect.

Our comment on Racing Traders reply @Mivec88 was made because he didn’t know where to find our exits – the lay trades to close our positions. You will find all our exits on JuiceStorm TV and most are Tweeted.

The selections we publish are updated 24/7 and some start to appear the previous day. As you will have guessed the process is automated.  😉

We consider all Jumps and Flat racing in the UK and Ireland. Many readers tell us they use our selections to find Back 2 Lays.

To arrive at our selections to trade we filter form by ground conditions, class, distance and many other conditions. We use queries for dams, damsires and countries of breeding and we track all horses, trainers and jockeys. The published selections are updated throughout the day due to non-runners and going changes.

We research every conceivable angle from every race since 2000 and compare actual results with market expectations to find value betting and trading opportunities. Some selections are straight gambles which are NOT traded and won’t be Tweeted but you can see them all on JuiceStorm TV.

Many readers also tell us they use our selections for straight gambles and place their bets on Betfair or Bet365 with the evening price the night before and BOG. They’re not a bad judge.

We have many days like yesterday where, on a quiet Sunday and only Irish racing, we picked 5 of the 6 winners from the markets we traded. The exception was A New Dawn Curr 13th Oct/1m Listed at 14:40 UK  which lost but the market was still profitable. We traded from 3.1 down to 2.44.

If our selections do not reach our target prices we will hedge inplay. Not all hedged trades are Tweeted but you can, as always, see them all on JuiceStorm TV.

So, by now, there is a hell of a lot to consider if you wish to copy our trading selections and/or straight gambles. The easiest way is with TradeHost but I recognise that won’t be for everybody.

As a free registered member you can apply your own filters or do what you want with our selections. If you want to monitor closely then JuiceStorm TV is for you. Use TweetDeck if you want to monitor on Twitter. Or maybe just place your back bets the night before with BOG on Bet365?

Finally, we all have to paddle our own canoe and nobody has a monopoly on good ideas. There are many variations on what I’ve written about and the most popular will be to hedge at your discretion. Nobody ever goes bust taking a profit.

I’m now off on my travels with lunch at Gravetye Manor on Wednesday for my mother’s 90th birthday. With six of us in attendance it’s a very expensive event this year but I take some comfort that all my trading will continue while I’m away.

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