Battle Of The Bots On Betfair – Do We Have A Chance To Win?

How to beat other Betfair bots that are chasing the backer's money.

The July 2022 release of TradeHost for Betfair includes the Giles, Harry, Go and Gone strategies among other new releases.

Giles, Harry, Go and Gone all aim to beat other Betfair bots that are chasing the backer’s money when, for a split second, the back bots have run for the hills because the market feels the horse has little chance of winning and there is ZERO money wanting to back it.

Nothing lasts for long though. Normally some money returns on Betfair. When that happens Giles, Harry, Go and Gone aim to grab it.

The bets seen in the Betfair video use the default settings that TradeHost ships with. Please remember that all members will get different results with Giles, Harry, Go and Gone due to different selections being made but which all fit the same criteria for market entry.

The PnL difference on the market grid when compared to the PnL column will always be different in the video because we are running checks and balances on another server at the same stakes.

Giles, Harry, Go and Gone would be in a world of pain if they tried to trade the selections they get involved with on Betfair and will always lose money so they don’t bother.

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Check out the video which is two hours condensed in to two minutes so it won’t drive you nuts with the important parts highlighted. Don’t blink but you can pause. 😉

Giles and Harry were named after two of our founding members who love a gamble. They have reached their 8 year anniversary this week for continuous TradeHost membership. Thanks for your support guys!

A rare losing market where Giles and Go performed correctly but the lays were on the winner as shown in the image.

You will note the LPM – Last Price Matched – when the market closed on Painted Black was 990. The market got it wrong. It happens. 🙁

Fortunately, Giles, Harry, Go and Gone all ship with a default liability of £10 and will not get involved at such a high price. The lays were at 29 and 34.

However, it will now take a few days to recover the profit lost but Giles, Harry, Go and Gone are still very profitable with a Market Strike Rate of between 97% and 99%  over the last six months.

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

In Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2022 TradeHost is busier than ever and even more profitable with a whopping 16,960 Betfair markets traded.

All results for the 24,897 Betfair markets traded are here.

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