A 2 Minute Video Of 8 Hours #Betfair #Betfair Trading Using TradeHost

All the trades and bets were completed from 08:00 to 20:00 UK time.

It’s been a while since I have made a timelapse Trading video so here is my latest effort. I hope you like it.

All the trades and bets were completed from 08:00 to 20:00 UK time using the full TradeHost. You can grab the free version – TradeHost Lite – to see if you can get it to work for you here. Not everyone can and we don’t offer support.

We have had hundreds of new members download TradeHost Lite since it became available again for the first time again in over 2 years. More and more members are also copying our trades and bets manually as shown on JuiceStorm TV and published in our Telegram room as they happen 24/7 where we now have over 2K members.

The selections we are considering are published the night before at JuiceStorm TV too.

TradeHost is using the default settings which Professional Trader members – paid subscribers – receive when they start their subscription.

In Other News
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The Rolling P/L is the rolling profit for TradeHost on the test mirror server we use which is an indication of the profit most new TradeHost members have seen since 28th February 2022 to date at default settings.

Most established members that have been using TradeHost for over 3 years have increased their default settings by over 100X. Default settings trade comfortably with a £500 Betfair balance.

TradeHost makes bets and trades on the UK, IE, US, and AU horse racing markets. TradeHost also places bets on the UK, IE and AU greyhound racing markets.

Please, always remember, that Trading and algorithmic Trading involves a substantial risk of loss and is not appropriate for everyone.  No representation is being made that utilising the algorithmic Trading strategy TradeHost will result in profitable Trading or be free of risk of loss.

TradeHost uses a Third Party Service known as Bf Bot Manager which is a software application and official Betfair API solution since February 2009 and your results using TradeHost may differ to ours. Only risk capital should be used and our full terms are here.

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

In Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2022 TradeHost is busier than ever and even more profitable with a whopping 16,960 Betfair markets traded.

All results for the 24,897 Betfair markets traded are here.

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