304 Tradeshark and Justice for Punters

Juicestorm Podcast 304

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This week’s guests

Paul Shires (TradeShark)

Paul talks to us about how he got started, what he trades and how to have a work life balance.
Visit his website: TradeShark Tennis 

Paul has been trading tennis on Betfair since March 2008. He became a full time trader in July 2010.

He gives daily match tips which are based on the his own analysis. He played tennis to a decent standard when he was younger and he can accurately read a match in-play. This is obviously a huge advantage when trading!

In 2015 Paul started the Trading Advice service. He gives a preview and trading advice for every main tour match and emails it to subscribers every morning.

Brian Chappell

Brian talks about the state of play and the CMA to do with Bookmaker regulations.
Visit Brian’s site: