CopyBet And The Betfair Tipster – A Match Made In Heaven?

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Have you heard of CopyBet? No? Then read on. Back on 1st May 2018 our very own Betfair Tipster hung up his boots and decided to no longer proof his daily selections to

I wasn’t quite prepared for the explosion of mail that hit my inbox. There are certainly a lot of you out there that are very passionate about his selections.

Look. I get it. If you’d been in since the beginning then you returned a profit of £3,846.60 with a 100pt Starting Bank and saw it grow 384.66%. An average of £124.08 Profit Every Month from £10 stakes.

So, it got me thinking. After all his selections continue to be shared daily with a download that can feed directly in to BfBotManager V3 but many of you don’t want to get involved with a bot for a variety of reasons. Many of you feel it’s just a step too far. A little complex. Things can go wrong.

I considered what the best solution could be for our readers. So I set up his selections on CopyBets! I have been watching their progress for some time with interest so I took the plunge and hooked up a friend’s small account to CopyBet which has a direct feed from Betfair. £100 was dropped in and the current results are below.

CopyBet has been discontinued on 31st August 2018. After a great start we took a dip and in the last seven days we recovered with an 18% return on the week. However, the copier numbers have dwindled and the platform is not suited to copying trades. Straight bets with no trading element works fine for users. The return over the 57 day period was +41.47% but, sadly, we still ended down on the month.

You can see the weekly and monthly return. There are also a huge number of bets that have been copied in to CopyBets and the solution is certainly robust. At the time of writing there are even two subscribers fourteen subscribers which are using their Betfair accounts to copy every bet that is placed in the WhyLose Betfair account and copied instantly in to the WhyLose CopyBets account.

Now, hold on a minute, I hear you say. The Betfair Tipster never made thousands of selections every week and, of course, you’re correct. What I have used here is a blended approach. Some of the best selections are traded. Hence the high volume of bets. But every single selection comes from here and a small stake – 0.5% of a virtual £100 bank with a ratchet – is settled as a win or a loss. By doing this we have the best of both worlds. Profitable selections for a gamble and profitable trading too!

Please bear in mind that as only the best selectiwhyons are traded stakes are higher but trades will mostly be closed at a profit or loss before InPlay independent of straight bets. The maximum trading stake for a back trade is 20% and for a lay it is 8%. The percentages both relate to virtual independent banks which started 13 days ago at £100. It is unlikely you will see trades at this level often and generally trading stakes will be considerably lower.

Feedback – Good Or Bad – Welcome In The Comments Below

A Betfair matched trade or bet from the WhyLose Betfair account appears on CopyBets two seconds after it is opened on Betfair and it is placed simultaneously for both the Provider – in the WhyLose profile for the record – and in to all Subscribers to the WhyLose account on each subscriber’s Betfair account. Each bet is then recorded in each subscriber’s CopyBets account.

Please note that each trade or bet will be copied with the same odds that WhyLose receives. If the price is no longer available all subscriber trades or bets will be copied at the best available odds. This will guarantee that trades will ALWAYS be completed as intended by the  WhyLose  account and risk minimised. However, due to order flow, profit may vary slightly for each subscriber for traded bets due to market volatility.

The target return is 1% daily. Historically, the  Betfair Tipster  has produced an ROI  around 20% and a strike rate of over 24%. With a blended approach of very selective trading and straight bets which have proved profitable over time I believe many readers will consider this the best of both worlds.

It gets better. Right now, this system is completely free of charge. There is no cost to join CopyBets. The only catch is that you can only subscribe for a week at a time. But you’re welcome to re-subscribe at WhyLose for free as often as you like.

So for all of you that are very passionate about the Betfair Tipster selections but don’t want to get involved with BfBotManager V3 then why not hook up your Betfair account at CopyBets and get copying a blended approach to trading and betting which is completely automated in less than 5 minutes?

CopyBet Update 14:45 CET 17th July 2018

CopyBetThanks to the nine CopyBet copiers that joined the day this article was published. I’m guessing more will be joining soon too. Great support and much appreciated.

Going forward I recommend that CopyBet copiers only start copying WhyLose just AFTER the last race of the day. Some bets are placed overnight – UK – and your results will be different if you start copying while the racing is on or even first thing on a UK morning!

I hadn’t realised this when this article was published earlier today. CopyBet only copies bets or trades which are made AFTER you join.

CopyBet Update 09:45 CET 18th July 2018

CopyBetJust a heads up ladies and gents. At the time of writing 44 bets and/or trades have been placed at CopyBets overnight. So if you wish to register at CopyBets now then feel free to do so but do NOT start copying  WhyLose until AFTER the last race today. This applies most days. To understand why read above and the comments below.

WhyLose is now the most subscribed to system at CopyBets. Thanks everyone. Please remember to resubscribe every week. I could change that by charging subscribers but I guess most of you don’t mind doing a couple of clicks weekly and we keep it free? 😉

Feedback – Good Or Bad – Welcome In The Comments Below

Our AI articles are NOT written by a real person and are provided for entertainment only. They may contain content which is inaccurate but we are hoping our AI bot, Rose, will become better over time. The AI category is the ONLY section of that has zero human input.

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