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JuiceStorm always like to give a little back to members who support us.

BfBotManager and JuiceStorm always like to give a little back to members who support us.

The great news is that there are now a select group of Betfair traders who recently invested in BfBotManager via JuiceStorm.com. Thanks. And if you’d like to join them from next month then click here and take it for a spin.

JuiceStorm BBM members have downloaded an early release of a profitable time limited strategy and imported it directly as a Private Strategy from the BfBotManager Strategy tab.

The strategy settings are unable to be varied with the exception of the stakes and will expire on 1st of each month. All members may give feedback on their experience below.

The strategy makes use of multiple entries on select races. It cannot trade every race. Conditions will not be satisfied.

Regular hedging based on price movement is used to limit losses which is a better method than hard stops.

Many Betfair markets operate in a range. The strategy will focus on trading the favourite in these markets. It can be a wide range or a tight range.

Trading size will often depend on the size of the price range.

The strategy makes use of both scalping and swing trading starting 15 minutes before each suitable race or later if all market conditions are not met.

Market conditions may cause some trades NOT to be hedged before the market goes InPlay but if that occurs all positions will be hedged within 30 seconds of the start.

BfBotManager Member Notes

In the top ribbon on BfBotManager please ensure you have UK and Irish horse racing win markets set to auto load every 24 hours.

In the BfBotManager ribbon below please click Tools & Settings > Market Monitoring Settings and set “Time to start monitoring markets” to 5 hours. In that panel please ensure no other boxes are ticked.

Please start BfBotManager at 9am each day or just leave it to run 24/7.

Please do NOT run this Strategy with any other Strategy including Front Runner Focus due to global hedging.

Feedback is important for the ongoing use of JuiceStorm Trading Strategies so please drop by here regularly to let us know how you are getting on.

BfBotManager New Members

More and more Betfair traders invest in BfBotManager via JuiceStorm.com every month. If you’d like to join them from next month then click here and take it for a spin. To see that you are comfortable with it try loading the Front Runner Focus Strategy and join the Skype JuiceStorm Trading room with more members joining weekly.

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