We Made a Million! Check Out Adam’s Live Update Here

Let’s push the bear market aside for one moment

It’s a pretty huge achievement at a time when interest in cryptos is waning. And it proves once again that demand for our product is high! Listen to what Adam has to say here.

What Does One Million Sign-Ups Mean?

As Adam explains in the video, that’s not just one million people coming to our website (which would be pretty amazing in itself!). That’s one million people who cared enough to actually sign up with an email.

Of course, not everyone on that list may be ready for futures Betfair Trading or get started as soon as we launch. But if even just 5% of the people who signed up create accounts and trade, we’ll have 50K Betfair Traders on the platform. That’s a busy exchange right from the start!

Q2 Public Product Launch

Now we know demand is high, we’re focusing all our resources on getting the final product out there. We know that we disappointed many of our community by delaying onboarding to the Beta and that’s currently reflecting in our token price. But as soon as this product launches, DGTX is going to start flying high again.

As Adam states, many companies actually have the reverse problem: they build an awesome product and then have trouble finding a market for it. We have the market, we have the demand, we know people are interested–and they’re knocking down our door. So, please bear with us a little bit longer, as quarter two will be here before you know it!

In Other News
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We now have a multinational development team, with developers in Dublin, Moscow, and Cyprus, and Adam is traveling between the three places making sure that every feature is on track and up to standard.

The Digitex Treasury

Starting 1st March, the second phase in funding Digitex kicks off in the form of the Digitex Treasury. The first phase was the ICO, the second is the Treasury, which will last for two and a half years, and the third will be token minting based on a community vote.

As Adam mentions, all cryptocurrency companies have treasuries, whether they’re public or not. They are basically just a large reserve of tokens that they sell to big investors in deals that the rest of the community often know nothing about.

The key difference with the Digitex Treasury is that we’ve physically locked up our complete amount for two and a half years. We’ve also published exactly when and how those tokens will be released and sold.

It’s a completely transparent and clear path forward to finance our roadmap long into the future. Don’t forget that Digitex wants the same thing you do–the token price to rise. Our interests are aligned with our Betfair Traders, and we’ll be pulling out all the stops to ensure DGTX goes steadily up.

Thank you to everyone who joined the list so far! Keep referring friends as always and let us know your comments and questions via our Telegram chat.

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE, US & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

2022 saw TradeHost become even more profitable with 22,698 Betfair markets traded.

All trades and bets were streamed live on JuiceStorm TV which was was watched by 124,209 Betfair Traders in 2022.

All results for the 30,635 Betfair markets traded are here and the charts are here.

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