Digitex Has Been Two Years in the Making

Our Alpha testing period is officially ending tonight.

Our Alpha testing period is officially ending tonight at midnight Moscow time. At that time the developers will be closing it down to prepare everything for the official launch of the Beta platform which takes place at 5pm Moscow time on Saturday, November 30th. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our Alpha testers for the time they put into testing everything and I thought now would be a good time for me to reflect on the journey so far and what lies ahead.

I can’t quite believe there are only three days to go before we officially launch the beta version of the Digitex Futures exchange! The struggle to get here has been intense, to say the least. We’ve dealt with all kinds of curveballs along the way. But quitting was never an option, so despite all the ups and downs, it was only ever a matter of time before we finally made it to this point.

And now that we’re here, it’s an incredibly exciting position to be in.

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Digitex is stronger now than we’ve ever been before. We’ve made it this far, so you can be certain that nothing can stop us now.

The initial feedback from the group of 100 closed testers who started trading on the platform two weeks ago has been unbelievably positive. Even having spent months working with the developers on the platform, I’m blown away by the number of reviews and YouTube videos we’ve seen over the last few weeks. All of them are excited about the UI’s ease of use and how addictive they’re finding it.

Bear in mind – this is just the bare bones of a first version that still has bugs and limited functionality. By the time we’ve finished developing (although I don’t think it will ever be finished!), I’m fully confident that we will have created an amazing product with a massive community of loyal and engaged supporters who truly love the platform and the life-changing trading opportunities that it has given them.

Total Market Domination

Emboldened by this incredible feedback – and by the now-proven ability of a trusted development team – my vision for the Digitex Futures exchange continues to evolve and take on new dimensions. All my previously conceived and self-imposed limits are melting away and I can clearly see the immense success and limitless growth that’s in store for Digitex over the coming years.

My imagination is now working overtime as I constantly dream up new features and ideas to get Digitex in front of the masses. The sense of anticipation that I feel right now is indescribable. We’re on the verge of creating a truly disruptive product that will create millions of new traders. Even better, with no house edge working against anyone, Digitex is going to give every single trader a very real chance of becoming winners on whatever scale they dare to imagine.

Digitex will be the place where dreamers come to realize their goals of financial freedom and independence. With zero trading commissions and no house edge of any kind, the only thing standing between you and trading success is how badly you want it.

Fueling a New Generation of Traders

We have so many opportunities in front of us to create an entirely new market of crypto futures traders. Effective viral marketing campaigns that will be driven by user-generated content. An active social platform built into our exchange that allows traders to connect and engage with each other…

We don’t need to fight over the scraps of the current market of cryptocurrency futures traders. Our users will be a massive new population of active traders that currently doesn’t even exist. The future growth of the retail crypto derivatives markets will be dominated by the mighty Digitex Futures exchange and fueled by the DGTX - Digitex Futures | Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC | Ongoing investigation reported here | token. Millions of smart, hard-working individuals with no prior experience or interest in trading don’t even know it yet, but soon they’re going to discover the potential of what Digitex can offer.

Never Stop Believing

Up until now, I’ve been almost entirely preoccupied with the exhausting, time-consuming, and expensive mechanics of creating a complex platform that’s capable of handling millions of active users. And my struggles with achieving that have been well-documented and well-publicized. I’m the first one to admit that I’ve made mistakes along the way.

But the road to success is rarely a straight one. I ask to be judged not by my failures, but by how I reacted to them – by picking myself up and continuing to work as hard as I could in pursuit of the vision of zero-fee futures trading.

It is determination to succeed that I’m now applying to make Digitex a massive success. I firmly believe that you can have anything you want if you’re able to imagine it vividly enough and if you trust that it’s possible. And I never stopped believing that I would succeed in building the exchange I had envisioned, and that Digitex will become the biggest and most successful cryptocurrency futures exchange in the world. Today, that belief is stronger than ever, and I will not stop until Digitex is the powerhouse that I know it will become.

Total Economic Transformation

With this belief in the art of the possible in mind, I find it funny to see people arguing about whether the DGTX - Digitex Futures | Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC | Ongoing investigation reported here | token will reach $0.10, or $0.25, or $1.00. They’re not even close to the mark. The DGTX - Digitex Futures | Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC | Ongoing investigation reported here | token will become one of the first tokens to achieve mass adoption by millions of people. I can’t even imagine what price it will reach when that happens.

In the world of money, there’s a seismic shift on the way. The major cryptocurrencies with real-world use cases will achieve market caps that may sound ridiculous in today’s blinkered climate. But there will be a massive transfer of wealth into these top cryptocurrencies.

The dreamers who dare to imagine today how this new world will look tomorrow will reap enormous rewards. I am one of those dreamers and so are many among the Digitex community. Anyone who cares to join us for the ride is more than welcome to come along.

And so with the upcoming launch of the Digitex Futures exchange beta, I’d just like to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me and supported me so far through this difficult journey. We’re getting closer every day. I expect that with the official launch of the beta this weekend, the world will soon wake up to the unicorn potential of the Digitex Futures exchange.

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