Here’s The Modern Solution For Energy And Cost Efficient Crypto Mining

Bitcoin has brought attention back to the crypto space but has now become so expensive and its network so overly congested with participants that mining it is no longer as lucrative as it used to be. Only the largest companies with access to cheap energy prices can find success mining BTC.

But that doesn’t make cryptocurrency mining entirely unprofitable. In fact, a new custom VIM3-ME based miner board designed for cost efficiency could optimize revenue streams for those interested in crypto mining. Especially those who don’t want to resort to high hardware costs or bear the operational expenditure of a massive facility.

Cryptocurrency Mining Amplified: Boost Profits With XBTX and Teloscoin Mining

The VIM3-ME based crypto miner board lowers energy costs when mining is ramped up to full capacity. This in turn allows for savings on up to three times the cost compared to the Odroid XU4. Considering the cost savings and increased hash rate, the upfront investment is worth the price tag.

The board can mine a variety of cryptocurrency tokens but performs optimally while mining XBTX. XBTX and the Telostoken are the two coins through which the mining board can provide the best bang for your buck. The boards can also be combined in clusters to improve efficiency and cost reduction benefits drastically. XBTX and Teloscoin (TELOS) can be stored in the PolisPay app.

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Depending on the payment method, you can purchase different versions of the miner board, ranging from the early bird, miner edition, NHS edition, Cluster Edition, XBTX, and Teloscoin editors. XBTX and Teloscoin are exclusive depending on which coin is used for payment, while other versions are also available to those who pay with something outside of these two top tokens. Users who opt for payments with these two coins also get an exclusive T-shirt to show off to the crypto community.

Eventually, there will be a new wallet with a built-in marketplace that will debut the world’s first proof of gain network in December 2020. Proof of gain can be described as a decentralized autonomous Betfair Trading network solution that pays tokens to those who provide a home to AI, getting rewarded with a share of revenues generated in the market.

To learn more about the VIM3-ME based miner board and how it is ten to twenty times better than a Raspberry Pi, visit the website.

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