Digitex Futures Is Back on Track and Making Headlines 

At Digitex Futures, we listen to our community.

At Digitex Futures, we listen to our community. We know that we’ve set your expectations high and you expect nothing but the best. We over-promised and failed to deliver in the past and that’s why we’re doing things differently this time around. Instead of a full bells-and-whistles launch, we’re going to take the time we need to deliver the beast of a zero-fee futures exchange you deserve. And it seems that our more pragmatic and product-lead approach is paying off judging by the response in the press. Check out the headlines we’ve been making since the news came out.

Digitex Futures Launch Date News in the Press

OK, so we’ll admit it, we thought our community would be more excited about the launch news, but on reflection, we know that trust has to be earned. So, while it’s true that this is a public testnet and not a full-on mainnet launch just yet, we’re still extremely happy to be reaching this point with SmartDec so quickly.

No great platform or game-changing software has ever been launched without a substantial period of testing prior and just as Adam said in his video on Friday, “the huge thing is for the public to be getting on there, for people to see that it’s real… with the delays that we’ve had in the past, a lot of people doubt that.”

So, while we’ll be opening with one market and in test mode while we continue to fortify the engines, you can be 100 percent sure that when we reach mainnet and add the additional markets and features, this will be a killer of an exchange.


While the crypto press was the first to pick up on the news, Digitex has been reaching wider audiences, too. London-based general news publication CityAM featured a “Spotlight” article covering our launch. The piece tells the story of Adam’s career starting as a London pit trader. It goes on to explain how his experiences in the betting markets led him to develop a ladder trading interface called BetTrader, and ultimately funnel everything he’d learned into the development of Digitex.

CityAM is London’s most-read financial and business newspaper, and its website has two million unique visitors per month. Our feature is on page 18 of today’s edition.

Crypto Briefing

Crypto Briefing was among the first to pick up the launch news with their article Digitex Announces Testnet Launch Date For Bitcoin Futures Exchange. This writeup mentions that the testnet will be “the first step to creating” the world’s first zero-commission cryptocurrency futures trading platform. It also talks a little about DGTX tokenomics and how we can offer zero-fee trading, concluding with the fact that development is now firmly on track with SmartDec leading the charge.


CryptoSlate also ran with the news shortly afterward, posting an article entitled Futures trading platform Digitex prepares for public testnet, announces release date. The text is very matter-of-fact and simply states that we will be launching the public testnet with one market, starting with BTC/USD perpetual swap contracts. The writer also mentions the impact that zero fees and non-custodial accounts will have on the cryptocurrency futures market, which is expanding all the time as Bakkt is slated for launch next month with its physically settled Bitcoin futures contracts.


Also noticing the launch announcement was UK-based CryptoDaily in their article Digitex Announces Testnet Launch Date. The writer talks about commission-free trading and how Digitex will remove the fees from all transactions. He also mentions that this is different from all other exchanges on the market:

“Digitex is different in that it will require users to trade exclusively with Digitex Futures (DGTX) tokens”

He also goes into some depth about the Digitex one-click trading ladder interface that will also shake up the way that people trade for good–as well as the fact that we are working with the prime researchers for Ethereum’s scalability solutions to bring traders non-custodial accounts as soon as the technology is ready.


We also picked up a mention in Bitcoin.com’s piece about “The Changing Face of Cryptocurrency Trading in 2019.” The article discusses how the cryptocurrency markets are maturing, and starting to resemble the traditional financial markets in the breadth of different products.

It goes on to talk about some of the major players in the crypto derivatives space, such as Bybit, Huobi, and of course, Digitex. Describing Digitex as “highly anticipated” the piece mentions our zero-fee model and innovative funding mechanism using the DGTX token.

Coverage in International Press 

We’re also really excited that our efforts to reach out to foreign markets are starting to pay off. Not only did Digitex make the English-speaking press, but we also got dedicated write-ups in major international publications as well.

Some of the key ones were China’s Jinse and Bihu, the number-one Japanese crypto publication Naver, South Korea’s ETNews, CEO Magazine, and Morning News, and Mexico-based AMBCrypto Spanish.

Wrapping It Up

We’re extremely grateful to all the press who covered the launch date news and we’ll be sharing all articles with you as they come in.

What’s the key takeaway from all of this? As Adam stated simply in the video:

“The Digitex Futures exchange is launching!” We finally have a date to work toward and all the components of our team are coming together. We’re getting closer to making commission-free trading a reality and, no matter the current reaction, that’s epic in itself.

Got questions? Adam will be hosting a live AMA at 11 am EST (4 pm CET) on Wednesday to answer any doubts or concerns. Be sure to tune in and let him hear your thoughts about the latest news and respond to your comments. Thank you for all your continued support!

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