Catch the Latest Digitex Futures Development Update Report

Adam is insistent on how he wants the exchange to look

The countdown to launch is on and the SmartDec development team isn’t messing around. They are continually recruiting more developers to the project and Adam is ever-insistent on how he wants the exchange to lookThe countdown to launch is on and the SmartDec development team isn’t messing around., feel, and, more importantly, function. But with the developers confident of the high TPS they’re hitting and continuing to smooth out the bugs, our determined CEO decided to challenge them further with his own ideas on how to improve the Digitex UI. Let’s catch the details.

Creating the Digitex User Interface

If the last development report focused more on the matching engine, the past two weeks have been all about the UI. Adam has been testing out the exchange day and night over the last four weeks since he received his demo version from the team–and he has some extremely high standards, being a long-time trader himself! As SmartDec commented in their latest report, “from the moment of the first demo, Adam effectively became our UI tester.”

He has used this testing period to improve on the functionality and add some new features to make it look really cool! He asked the SmartDec team to bring in more UI experts to ensure that the interface lives up to your expectations.

We’re doing everything we can to get the testnet up to speed and–with your collaboration–make the Digitex exchange one of the best on the market by mainnet launch. That’s why, when you gave us your feedback, we immediately set about figuring out how to incorporate the best suggestions. We’ll be doing this throughout the life of the testnet, so as to make sure we take all your feedback on board and our users feel a sense of ownership in the product.

Expanding Our Creative Team

Last week, we filled you in on the news that our design team has now expanded as well. Not only are they making some striking changes to the Digitex website but they’re going to be on hand to help out with the Digitex UI as we move to mainnet.

You met our new Creative Director Maxim Bashmakov and saw how awesome the all-new Digitex coin is–and just how talented our new designers are! The Digitex team is becoming even more multinational and decentralized, with team members almost all over the world from Australia to Europe and Asia.

Getting All the Working Parts Together

Of course, there’s little point in having an exceptional user interface if you ignore the functionality in the back end. With each new change, comes an additional complication and challenge that must be tried and tested. SmartDec has been relentless in ensuring that all the parts of the exchange work seamlessly together. As we advance on the user interface, multiple developers continue to test the back end of the exchange.

There are so many different functions that an exchange has to manage. When it comes to Digitex, just some of the requirements include the functionality of the ladder, which is super complex in itself. For example, the number of user orders in the ladder and in the “unmatched orders” panels must be the same. The ladder should always open at the last traded price, and historical detail should load with no delays.

All these things must happen in tandem with a user interface that responds immediately to user actions as well as any changes in the exchange. The UI and back end working flawlessly together is crucial to delivering an excellent user experience that keeps our traders coming back–and draws in more users every day.

This is why there are PhD mathematicians like Alexander Chernov crunching incredibly complex math problems to make sure the numbers and decimals are working properly.

What to Look for in the Weeks to Come

We’re aiming to get a demo for you soon as we know the platform is in good shape for a public preview. This way, you can see for yourself the stage of development we’re in. We’ll also be preparing for the first group of early testers and you can find out more about that on our blog soon.

SmartDec continues their excellent work and will be stress testing the exchange to make it as bullet-proof as possible before the public testnet launch. Of course, this is just the start of the public testing so we know it won’t be perfect. We’re fully expecting to uncover issues with your help and find ways of improving the user experience.

We can’t wait to share all the hard work with you and hope you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming launch. Have a great weekend and if you have any questions or comments, hit us up on Telegram–all ideas are welcome!

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