A Closer Look at the Upcoming Digitex Testnet

The Digitex Futures testnet will officially open next month!

The Digitex Futures testnet will officially open next month! After a rocky road to get this far, we’ll finally be opening our doors and onboarding the first 10,000 traders on November 30. A selected group of early traders will be testing later this month to give their initial feedback–and we’re positively chomping at the bit to unveil! So, in case you’re wondering how the testnet will work, check out some of the key points below.

Testnet Not Mainnet

We’d love to be able to launch the full mainnet next month, but we’re still working to perfect the product. The purpose of launching the testnet is to make sure that we put the platform through its paces and ensure its functionality before we go live with real funds.

We need our testers to be proactive, to look for bugs, and to report anything that isn’t working right or any abnormality no matter how small. We know that as a testnet, it’s likely that some bugs will exist. That’s why the Digitex testnet will be using play money and not actual DGTX.

The Perfect Training Ground

There are more benefits to this than merely getting all the features and functions of the exchange 100% right. Having a testnet open will give new and experienced traders alike the chance to practice trading using our platform. They can get comfortable with the UI and ladder interface before using real funds.

They’ll be able to improve their strategies, take risks, and experiment with leverage without losing any real money in the perfect training ground. All the while, traders on the testnet will be helping us to improve the exchange and actively having a say in its development.

That’s not all. Since we want to generate as many successful traders as we can, we’ll be keeping the testnet open after the mainnet release. This means that anyone can learn to trade via our testnet until they’re ready to start on the live exchange. Traders can at any time try out new strategies in a safe environment without fear of getting REKT. We believe that this will help to create more and more winning traders.

No KYC Needed

Moreover, since it’s a testnet and not a mainnet and we’re not using actual money, there’s no need for KYC for people to use it. This means that anyone can sign up quickly and easily without going through verification checks regardless of their location.

We’re pained to have to leave out the world’s largest market but hopeful that later on, we’ll be able to find a way to work with U.S. traders. In the meantime at least, they can review our platform without problems, try out strategies, and fully appreciate the possibility and impact of commission-free trading. They can also get better at doing it long after our mainnet is released.

Digitex Waitlist Winners

If you’re part of the 9,980 waitlist contest winners and are wondering when you’ll get your free 1000 DGTX, we’re sorry to say, you’ll have to wait just a little longer. Your 1000 DGTX will be deposited into your account as soon as the mainnet goes live a few months later.

Let’s Do This Thing Together

We’ve mentioned this before, but we want to say it again anyway. The key part of our success in getting this far is the strength of the Digitex community. Thank you for keeping the faith and staying with us. Now, let’s work hard on the testnet as a community to put Digitex through its paces and make the exchange as phenomenal as we all know it can be.

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