Little Known Ways To Make Money On Betfair

Make Money On Betfair With These Little Known Angles

I always like getting things done early. Many money making opportunities hit me first thing in the morning. That’s why I would like to share a profitable strategy that has worked for many years if you want to put the work in.

Back short priced favourites the night before the race. Not much liquidity but for some you may get a little money matched without moving the price too far.

The price will go down as more people will do their research the next morning and bet using tipsters’ recommendations. Since we have, hopefully, got in at a higher price we can then trade out for a guaranteed profit. The bigger money comes later.

The first stage is to find the horses to trade. More than 80% of punters base their bets on tipsters. The aim here is to exploit this knowledge

You’ll have to go through all the races for the following day and find horses which have 5 or more tipsters tipping them AND there are no more than 3 other horses being tipped in the same race. You may find 4 or 5 horses which meet these criteria each night.

After you have placed a back bet on Betfair, place an unmatched lay bet lower than your back bet which will guarantee a profit if both bets are matched.

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In many cases, you will wake up the next morning to find that both bets have been matched and you have guaranteed a profit. If a bet has not been matched or moves the wrong way, trade out to guarantee a small loss or a smaller profit.

When your profits are hedged you might choose to hang around a little longer because for some the Betfair Trading day is starting now. Yes, really.

Betfair Trading in the morning! Hours before each race!

Liquidity during the mornings of the races is not quite as good as it used to be. But some Betfair Traders still start Betfair Trading several hours before a race each day. They usually look at some prices in the morning and where the money has been traded overnight. By profiling the correct races they are able to spot horses which have potential to be steamers or drifters throughout the day. Pretty cool, huh?

I’m pretty sure if you put the effort in you may find an angle that is profitable for you.

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

In Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2022 TradeHost is busier than ever and even more profitable with a whopping 16,960 Betfair markets traded.

All results for the 24,897 Betfair markets traded are here.

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