Betfair Trading Seminar 2nd March 2019

2019 Betfair Seminar on Automated Trading

We will return again to Langshott Manor near Gatwick on Saturday 2nd March 2019 for the 2019 Betfair Seminar on Automated Trading.

This will be the only JuiceStorm Trading Seminar for 2019. There will be no more in 2019. Why? Well, simply, next year I will be too busy as I will be teaching traders how to use the new Digitex Futures trading platform in a different country around the globe every month. Regular readers know that I have other interests and you can find out more here.

The 2019 JuiceStorm Automated Trading Seminar will be £1,490 but you can grab a £500 discount for all 2018 paid bookings below.

Check out a random selection of screenshots sent to JuiceStorm by traders using tiny stakes and larger stakes in Bf Bot Manager with the automated trading portfolio you will receive at the 2019 seminar.

If you wish to read about the Betfair Charity Challenge and understand why the seminars are so successful then the history of one year of publishing daily results is here. Also why not check out early feedback from 2018 delegates here.


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