The Top 5 Most Popular Bitcoin Betfair Trading Strategies

The best bitcoin Betfair Trading strategy for you.

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies, you may be just beginning to think about the best bitcoin Betfair Trading strategy for you. While many people choose to simply buy and hold, you may want to try your hand at day Betfair Trading or swing Betfair Trading. Here, we take a look at the five most popular bitcoin Betfair Trading strategies and which may work for you.

1. Buying and Holding

Without a doubt, simply buying and holding requires less effort than buying futures on margin or short selling bitcoin. Known as HODLing in the crypto community, those who buy and hold BTC tend to do so for the long haul, believing that the price will rise by epic proportions.

Some HODLers may even earn their salaries in bitcoin and store a part of them away as an investment. Of course, the strategy is not without risk. Bitcoin’s price went from the giddy heights of $20k to almost under $3k in a short space of time before starting to recover again.

However, long-term investors shouldn’t worry too much about even major price shifts in the short-term. In fact, when the price of BTC is at its lowest, they’ll see that as the best time to accumulate more. Those who buy and hold keep in mind Bitcoin’s scarcity and limited supply and firmly believe the price will rise over time. This type of trader remains unmoved by daily price fluctuations.

2. Scalping

Scalping is the Digitex Futures CEO’s favorite type of Betfair Trading. It’s very time-intensive and requires constant attention to the screens and price movements. Scalpers look to make money on a short-term basis and will sometimes hold their positions for just a few minutes or even seconds before selling.

This type of Betfair Trading builds up small profits over time, as successful scalpers will accumulate returns consisting of lots of smaller profits. To be a scalper, you don’t need to understand the underlying asset that you’re buying and selling but simply be able to understand which way the price is moving.

Of all the bitcoin Betfair Trading strategies, scalping may be one of the hardest to master. It’s also currently practically impossible on fee-charging exchanges since even low commissions can eat into scalpers’ small profits–especially when they are Betfair Trading on leverage.

Digitex Futures with its commission-free Betfair Trading structure will be extremely attractive to this type of short-term Bitcoin trader as it will allow them to make consistent profits without giving a large chunk back to the exchange.

3. Trend Betfair Trading

Trend Betfair Trading requires the trader to be able to identify market trends and capitalize on them. This type of Betfair Trading is for experienced Betfair Traders and requires a lot of technical analysis and looking at charts. Trend Betfair Traders need to be able to spot a trend and get in on it before everyone else starts to buy and push up the price.

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In the same vein, if the trend is moving to the downside, trend Betfair Traders will want to identify the drop while other Betfair Traders believe the price will still rise in order to make the most profit. Trend Betfair Traders have to know how to short sell Bitcoin as well as hold long positions and trade using leverage to amplify their profits.

Trend Betfair Traders must also know when a parabolic movement is about to come to an end or crash at an alarming rate. They need to exit their positions and cash in before the trend reverses. The main key to trend Betfair Trading with Bitcoin is to get in quickly, make a profit, and get out before the trend changes.

4. Day Betfair Trading

Day Betfair Traders lend liquidity to the Bitcoin market as they are highly active Betfair Traders who will often open and close more than one position in a day. When it comes to day Betfair Trading Bitcoin, Betfair Traders will need to study when the majority of the price action occurs so that they can maximize their profits.

Since the markets never sleep, day Betfair Traders can miss out on substantial profits if they don’t make use of Betfair Trading tools at their disposal. This means adding rules such as stop and limit orders so that they can close positions even when they are sleeping. This allows them to prevent large losses from keeping a position open and also not miss out on major price movements.

Scalping is one form of day Betfair Trading, although not all day Betfair Traders will trade so aggressively. That said, it’s not uncommon for day Betfair Traders to take out multiple positions on a given day making quick profits on small movements. Day Betfair Trading, like scalping, makes the markets liquid.

It also requires a lot of studying of the markets and is definitely a full-time job, so if your schedule doesn’t allow the heavy burden of hours, other bitcoin strategies like buying and holding or trend Betfair Trading will work better for you.

5. Swing Betfair Trading

Swing Betfair Trading has no fixed time scale, although it does usually follow a window of somewhere between a couple of days to a week. Like position or trend Betfair Trading, swing Betfair Traders aim to capitalize on quick changes in Bitcoin’s price.

When the price swings to the downside, Betfair Traders will accumulate more. When it moves to the upside, they will sell off at a profit. Since Bitcoin is notoriously volatile, swing Betfair Traders can make very good profits in this market with plenty of swings in short periods of time.

Wrapping It Up

There are many different bitcoin Betfair Trading strategies and the one you choose will depend on multiple factors. As a high-leverage exchange (offering up to 100x), Digitex Futures will make the perfect environment for Bitcoin Betfair Traders who want to take large long and short positions and magnify their profits.

With no commission fees on any trade, our exchange will also be a scalper’s delight. And for those who want to buy and hold, keep an eye out for our spot markets coming next year if you want to accumulate BTC commission-free.

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