The SmartDec Team Is Working Hard on Digitex Development

SmartDec is busy building the Digitex Futures exchange .

The SmartDec development team is busy working to get the Digitex Futures exchange up and running! With several ETH hackathon wins under their belt and widely considered one of the best development and security firms in the Ethereum ecosystem, we couldn’t be in better hands. After a few short weeks, they have already achieved so much. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been working on so far and introduce you to some members of the team.

The First SmartDec Report

Yesterday, SmartDec posted their first update on the Digitex Futures project on their blog. As promised, these updates will now be coming bi-weekly, direct from the development team. They will detail what the programmers have been working on and what’s next on the to-do list.

In the first report, which you can see in full detail on the company’s blog, they talk about the work achieved so far. This includes building the Dublin team’s code, auditing its security, fixing some critical vulnerabilities, and resolving the issues that prevented our Beta launch.

As they remind readers, the code received by SmartDec was from our Dublin team. It can be extremely difficult to successfully build somebody else’s code. But they now have the code up and running, and will be adopting the database structure and code architecture as the initial version and basis of the exchange. Both the front end and back end database are now working.

This is a huge step forward since it means that the code is solid and we are not going back to a blank page. The SmartDec team can advance more quickly with all this work already in place. As we continue to open up the development process, and Adam moves back to Moscow, these regular reports will become more detailed. You will also learn what they have been working on in for the non-custodial side in terms of Plasma and ZK-proofs.

The Team Working on the Research Stage

SmartDec Digitex Futures

We will be introducing you to our developer team members individually over the next few weeks. But for now, the team that carried out the research and code refactoring include Ph.D. Aleksandr Chernov, Ph.D. Katerina Troshina, Ph.D. Sergei Levin, mathematicians Yevgeny Marchenko, Sergei Bugaev, Pavel Yushchenko, and Petr Korolev, the Head of the SmartMatter team.

You’ve met Petr briefly before, as he was at ETH NY with Lidia last month. He will be one of the collaborators on the project and has won six ETH hackathons, as well as being the owner of Matter Labs, the company working on Ethereum scaling solutions including Plasma, and ZK-snarks.

As you can see from the above, there couldn’t be a more experienced or qualified team to finalize the build of the exchange and allow us to provide our community with the bullet-proof, lightning-fast commission-free exchange they want and deserve!

In fact, Ph.Ds aside, Sergei is the founder of SmartDec, Katerina is the CEO, Aleksandr is the Chief Research Officer, and Pavel is SmartDec’s CTO. We have been fortunate enough to have leading management assess our project and we’re extremely thankful to them for dedicating the time.

SmartDec Chief Research Officer

Now that this initial process has been completed, we will introduce you to the core team working on our project moving forward.

The Digitex Futures Launch Date

We understand that you’re still anxiously waiting on a launch date. And we’re confident that we’ll be able to announce a roadmap and tentative timeframe very soon. But at the same time, we want to give this amazing team the time they need to get the exchange right without shooting for unrealistic targets or making more promises to the community that we can’t keep.

Will this be the only news coming out of Digitex this month? Of course not! Don’t forget this is one company that loves to throw you curveballs. So stay in touch for some major announcements coming soon now that we’ve got the development process firmly under control. Thanks for all your continued support! We’re so excited for the months ahead!

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