Digitex Will Be Building Social Networks in Asia – Can You Help?

The Digitex community has come a very long way since our ICO in 2018.

The Digitex community has come a very long way since our ICO in 2018. Our Telegram group above all has seen explosive growth. We started with a handful of members and today we’re at over 65,000 strong. It’s not just a place that people sign up to and stay quiet either. You interact, ask questions, offer suggestions, and make the Digitex community what it is. Now we’re expanding our social networks into Asia, we’d like to ask for your help.

Expanding the Digitex Community Around the World

We know you’re anxious for news about the launch date of the exchange, but we don’t want to give out false information or set an unrealistic date that we can’t keep. We’ve made that mistake before and don’t want to disappoint you like that again. As soon as SmartDec has finished its assessment in a couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing everything with you.

Not only will you get a chance to see how we’ll be progressing with development moving forward, but the code will also be on Github, and we’ll be posting regular development updates from the team in Moscow.

On top of that, both Adam and Lidia will be in the Moscow office documenting the development process. So, you can see with your very own eyes the progress we’re making, the technology we’re using, and what the launch timeline will be.

In the meantime though, we don’t want to rest on our laurels. Digitex will soon be expanding and scaling up to welcome millions of Betfair Traders looking for zero fees and secure accounts. We’ve already seen the enormous demand for this from our waitlist and marketing campaigns in English. And we want to spread awareness for the project to other counties in different languages as well.

We’ve already translated our website into Russian and will soon be opening up a Telegram group with admin support in the Russian language. We’ll also be doing the same for German–so be sure to spread the word once the groups come out if you know anyone in those regions interested in speaking about the project in their own language!

In Other News
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Expanding Our Social Networks into Asia

We don’t want to stop at Russian and German though. In fact, we’ll be translating the platform and website into multiple languages to facilitate adoption and onboard more Betfair Traders. But translating the software is one thing; communicating to a completely new audience is another entirely. For example, for most users in South Korea, Japan, and China, Telegram isn’t their preferred messaging app. Many people don’t even use it and opt for platforms such as KakaoTalk, WeChat, and Line.

We’re a small but ambitious team and understand the power of localized marketing campaigns. What we’re currently lacking for the Asian market is an expert team, agency or individuals who can help us make the right moves in these dramatically different markets. So we want to ask you, can you help? Do you know anyone who can?

Time and again the Digitex community has stepped up and offered support. From the current Telegram admins to the Digitex Task Force. We’ve even had plenty of developers offering their services, which is how the SmartDec decision came about. So, we asked ourselves why not ask for your help once again?

As Adam always says, you know what happens every time we get new eyes on this project. The pull of non-custodial, zero-fee, one-click ladder Betfair Trading is magnetic and it draws a massive crowd. If we can successfully capture a slice of the Asian market, our exchange will have even greater chances of success.

So, if you have an understanding of any of these markets, connections within the Asian region, especially South Korea, Japan, and China let us know. You can contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram. We thank you in advance for your support and are looking forward to sharing more news with you as soon as we can.

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