Digitex Is Live from Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Today’s post is coming at you live from Paris.

Adam has had interviews with the press, been speaking about Digitex and the upcoming launch, and generally spreading the word about commission-free futures trading! Check it out.

The Paris Blockchain Week Summit

The event is taking place in one of Paris’ most fashionable buildings. As well as a large main stage, there is a separate French Tech stage for the panels, an ample speakers and media room, and plenty of exhibitors including Ledger, Capital, and Tezos. And, as you might expect from Paris, you can pick up a coffee and croissant at all points across the venue!


The striking building at Station F combines glass, steel, and concrete, with comfortable interview booths and raised work pods. It provides just the right amount of space for the large crowd of delegates, with plenty of quiet corners for one-on-one meetings.

It’s modern, yet comfortable, bright, yet far from being cold. In fact, it’s the perfect place for a blockchain conference to stimulate key conversations and discuss interesting ideas.

Adam kicked off day one with a series of interviews which you can catch very soon on video and in print. The Digitex CEO was clearly in his stride. Candid and bright-eyed, he spoke about his excitement and anticipation of finally delivering his project to the world.

One of the interviewees at EAK Digital said, “the hype over the launch is massive, right? You have 1.2 million on the waitlist,” to which Adam promptly cut in “1.4 million!” He also took the opportunity to thank all of Digitex’s loyal supporters and community members, saying:

“Thanks for all your support, thanks for sticking with us, it’s only going to get better from here.”

As well as interviews, networking, and meeting and greeting, Adam participated in a key debate over the need for traditional market makers and brokers and gave his infamous opinion on the bright future of Ethereum! He also took the stage with the charismatic Bad Crypto duo in front of an engaged audience.

AMA Panel on Exchanges and Brokers

Being on at 1 PM, some delegates were gathering to get lunch. At first, there were few people in the audience and we wondered how much interest there was in this discussion… Then the participants took the stage and the room began to fill up until there was a standing-room-only crowd.

With representatives and founders from Huobi, Woorton, and SeedCX, the future of market makers, liquidity providers, brokers, and exchanges was discussed and debated. As an AMA panel, there were a ton of questions from the audience and the very first directed at Adam. They wanted to know how Digitex was going to become non-custodial.

He explained about the integration of Plasma protocol and how we’re working with Ethereum-approved Matter Inc. to enable a truly hybrid model where users don’t have to trust us with their funds.

All three of his panel participants represent the interests of institutional traders. So, naturally, many questions arose around when crypto will reach the pivotal number of institutional investors to become truly massive.


Adam cut in (in his typical, no-nonsense style) posing the question of why we want institutional traders anyway! They control the market, they create an unequal playing field, and they take away liquidity from the pool. At Digitex, we’re only interested in retail traders where we can really help make a difference to their lives and let them make a living with no mechanical edge against them.

He also explained how Digitex will use automated market makers to ensure liquidity but without the need for giving anyone preferential treatment, payment, or earlier access to trades. You could tell that his participants weren’t all in agreement, after all, their companies are the antithesis of what Digitex is not. However, we recognize that we need institutional funds in crypto–just not on our trading platform!

The Interview on the Main Stage with Bad Crypto

You would think that Adam would have been tired out by all that speaking and action throughout the day. But he took another interview, had a small bite to eat, and prepared himself to speak live on stage. He’s a natural with the microphone and, while he showed a few nerves at the beginning (who wouldn’t in such a setting?!) he soon got into his stride.


The interview was streamed on Facebook Live, so the quality was as good as we could get it. But you can also catch it again on a Bad Crypto podcast airing later this month. (Adam comes in at about 20 minutes.)

Adam spoke about the need for zero commissions, how it will help high-frequency small-time traders to make profits, without always losing out to the house. He spoke of his excitement for the launch, the development process, and of course, our plans for the future.

Among them, he mentioned commission-free spot trading, the addition of traditional futures markets, 100x leverage, and more. He even hinted at the possibility of “getting into the IEO business”… so watch this space, people, because we always love to step things up a level!

The conference started with a bang–and we still had more interviews and networking to do on day two! Adam spread the word about Digitex to publications from around the world, from the U.S. to the Netherlands! So watch this space for all the coverage.

We’ll be leaving Paris feeling excited about the launch and ready to give all our supporters the liquid, commission-free platform they’ve been waiting for.

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