Digitex Has Been Making the Headlines – Check Out the Highlights

We can hardly wait for our public launch on 30th April!

It seems like everyone is eager to get the inside scoop on our zero-fee, Plasma-enabled futures trading platform.

Let’s Check Out the Highlights

We’re happy to be featured in every single one of these media outlets and also thankful for our supportive crypto community. So, for the benefit of any readers who may have missed out on recent crypto news, we’d like to showcase a few of our selected highlights from 2019 so far.


CoinTelegraph is one of the premier go-to news sources for the crypto community. It was started in 2013 and is one of the respected seniors among crypto publications. CoinTelegraph has team members in 11 countries and is published in eight languages to over 4.5 million visitors each month.

So of course, being featured by CoinTelegraph is a big deal, and Digitex is proud to say we made the cut! CoinTelegraph published a piece featuring our one million waitlist subscribers milestone in the headline.

The article highlighted how Digitex will launch trading on both traditional and crypto futures exchanges right from public launch. It also featured details of how decentralized account balances will work once the Plasma protocol goes live later this year. Check out the article here.

Crypto Beadles

Robert Beadles wears many hats. He’s the founder of Monarch Token. He’s a consultant and adviser for blockchain projects. And he’s the man behind the hugely popular YouTube channel Crypto Beadles. Each episode, Crypto Beadles invites people working on different blockchain and crypto projects to come and share their creations in a Q&A with him.

Crypto Beadles invited Digitex CEO Adam Todd onto the show to speak about Digitex and what traders can expect from the launch. Adam explained how his own trading experience (and aversion to trading fees) led him to the idea for our zero-fee trading model.

He also elaborated on his vision for Digitex to become a haven for short-term traders who can profit from zero fees while providing ongoing liquidity to the exchange. You can watch the video here.


Seattle-based Cryptoslate’s stated mission is to “deliver transparent and accurate coverage of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption.” The web publication has a highly active news outlet, a blockchain product directory, and company database, alongside live tracking of 2103 tokens and 487 blockchain events around the world.

Cryptoslate’s Digitex feature is hot off the press and takes an in-depth look at our sustainable financing model based on the Digitex Treasury. The piece notes how investors are buying DGTX tokens from the Treasury sale even at the slight premium price point, helping to appreciate the token’s market value.

Furthermore, it highlights that the Treasury token sales are transparent and designed to actively deter whales, which helps protect the token value for the benefit of the entire Digitex community. You can read the full piece here.

Keith Wareing

Keith has been a longtime supporter of Digitex, so of course, we couldn’t do a post like this without giving his feature a shoutout! Keith is a former property developer, entrepreneur, investor, and crypto project consultant. Alongside all this, he’s also managed to find the time to build a following of nearly 50K on his YouTube channel.

Keith invited Adam onto the show to give him a grilling about the Digitex public launch date. Just because Keith is a supporter, don’t assume Adam got off lightly during this discussion! Keith grilled Adam about our partnership with Spotware, the types of markets Digitex will be offering, and the Plasma implementation to boot. Listening to these guys talk crypto is a blast and you can watch the video here.

Coin Rivet

Coin Rivet is a crypto publication with the stated mission to “start a revolution in this space by bringing insights, analysis and news from industry experts, breaking down the barriers to entry for us all and empowering all digital citizens.”

The site has published over 3,000 articles and had stories featured in a number of high-profile publications. In fact, our latest CoinRivet feature was picked up by Yahoo Finance! This goes to show that Digitex’s unique zero-fee model is gaining traction, even among a non-crypto audience.

The piece highlighted how a zero-fee trading model is going to increase competition among exchanges, as others contend for the short-term trader market that Digitex will inevitably lure in with the opportunity of increased returns.

Final Thoughts

We’re fortunate enough to have been featured in many other outlets so far in 2019, including AMBCrypto, CryptoPotato, and TechBullion.

The hype around Digitex lately has been unbelievable, and it’s helping everyone on our end keep focused on getting ready for launch day.

Join our million-strong waitlist or catch us on Telegram to make sure you don’t miss out on any important updates for the Digitex community!

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