Digitex Futures Would Like to Say Thank You to Our Community

The last 10 days have been rough.

We’ve been accused of horrible acts, and we understand why so many community members are angry, hurt, and upset. We’re very sorry for this and we’d like to say a sincere thank you to the community who has stood by us through thick and thin.

Digitex Futures Community Is Like No Other

It doesn’t matter if you’re in it for the DGTX price speculation, the active Telegram chat, or because you’re truly craving commission-free futures trading. Our community is unlike any other in the cryptocurrency industry, plain and simple.

We regularly make Telegram’s top three most engaged and active community groups, beating out Binance and almost everyone else in the crypto space! You participate, interact, tell us how and when we can improve, support us when we do well, and let us know when we mess up.

The massive drop in token price was understandable as panic selling set in. We let you down and you let us know. Some of you may have left either temporarily or for good. Yet despite your anger or bewilderment, the majority of you has stayed with us.

You realize that Digitex isn’t just a faceless project working behind closed doors. In fact, you know us all by face and name. Adam, Lee, Lidia, Martin, Sona, Dmitrij, Gary, Christina… all the people available to you every day to take your questions and provide you with answers.

Adam made a choice that he thought was good at the time and like other human beings, he made a mistake. But making mistakes is not what defines us. It’s how we set about fixing them that counts. Thank you for realizing that and for hearing our side of the story. Other communities may have seen their Telegram groups abandoned. But, despite some members leaving, we’re still going strong at over 70K.

So to all our token holders, advisers, followers, and supporters, we want to say thank you. Your patience, tolerance, and words of encouragement will be rewarded. As Adam promised, we will not rest until we deliver what we said we would.

Thank You to the Media Who Stood By Us

Nothing commands negative press like bad news. When the “s” word is being thrown around and the team is being accused of exiting, it’s hard for influencers and journalists to come out in support.

So to those of you who did, we’d like to say a very big thank you. All the press who didn’t shy away from covering us and who let Adam explain our side of the story.

Crypto Beadles, Keith Wareing, The Crypto Lifestyle, BTC TV, we know that you all put your reputations on the line each time you support a project. So, thank you for asking the hard questions. Thank you for not letting Adam off the hook, and for allowing him to speak. Most of all, thank you for not shutting down your doors on us.

We also thank all the other media and community members who sent us messages of support. And to the press, CryptoDaily, BitcoinExchangeGuide, CryptoSlate, NewsBTC, Crypto Potato, and numerous others, who see the potential in our company and the strength of our new development partnership.

Thank You to Everyone Who Promoted Our Launch

Thank you to everyone who promoted the launch. Reaching 1.5 million signups on a waitlist for a project is a major achievement and we couldn’t have done it without all the people referring their friends and competing for their slot in the top 5,000.

We’ll be announcing the winners very soon and the top 10 winners who take home 100K DGTX each will be paid out starting next week. You all did an amazing job and we’re proud and extremely grateful to have you on board.

Thank You to SmartDec

Last but by no means least, we’d like to say a huge thank you to SmartDec. Thank you for always being effective, efficient, punctual, exact, and for providing us with excellent services so far.

Thank you for coming to us immediately afterward and offering your help. Thank you for believing in us enough to want to help us finish making this exchange, the Digitex Futures exchange that will be non-custodial and commission-free right from the start.

Secure, robust, and built by some of the smartest people in the Ethereum developer community. We’re so excited to be working with you and we know that we will regain the trust and respect from the rest of the industry.

Adam will be flying out to Moscow later this week to work alongside the SmartDec team. We’ll be posting regular updates and showcasing the lead developer, as well as other members of the Russia-based team, and we’ll be heeding their advice.

We won’t make you any more promises, except for one: We will deliver nothing but the best and we will update you with a time frame as soon as we can. Stick with us, and don’t be a stranger. You can join in the chat on our Telegram, manned by the Digitex team 24/7.

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