Day Trading Futures – All You Need to Know

Commission-free futures trading is closer to becoming a reality.

With the development of the Digitex Futures exchange stepping up the pace, commission-free futures trading is closer to becoming a reality. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time that you decided on the right trading strategy for you. Many people opt for day trading futures as it can yield a solid and sustainable living. However, it’s a full-time job requiring plenty of discipline and market study. Let’s take a closer look at what day trading futures involves and whether it’s right for you.

Day Trading Futures

They may have written a book about it, but there really is no such thing as trading futures for dummies. Futures trading is anything but easy. Many traders have backgrounds in economics, math, accounting, or a similar form of higher education. However, that doesn’t mean it’s essential. Far from it, in fact.

At Digitex Futures, we believe in lowering the barrier to futures trading to make all types of trading easier. There are plenty of trading strategies to make a living trading futures, however, day trading futures is one of the most popular. It involves the buying and selling of futures contracts, as the name suggests, within the same day.

This means that day traders don’t hold their positions open overnight. However, in the cryptocurrency market futures investing and trading is different from traditional futures markets like stocks and commodities. Cryptocurrencies never sleep. This means that day traders need to study the market and check out when the trading volume is typically higher for their chosen tokens or coins.

If you’re a day trader in Europe but there’s more price action when the west coast of the U.S. is waking up, you may find it more lucrative to make a living trading futures during your night-time hours. If that’s the case, you’ll need to learn how to use trading bots to work for you and be sure to have the correct stop and limit orders in place to close your position at your acceptable price to insulate against losses or maximize gains.

Manual vs Bot Futures Trading

Not every trader likes to use bots to enhance their trading strategy. That’s because bots still need continued monitoring, and it may take a while to master using them to ensure you don’t get poor results. While bots give you more flexibility about how and when you trade and minimalize human emotions at the same time, mechanical failures can still happen.

If you prefer to trade manually and make profits from even the smallest of fluctuations in price, your trades will vary in duration. They can be very short-term (known as scalping) at just seconds or minutes at a time, or last for several hours. Day traders need to build up experience, knowledge, and discipline to be successful and make a living trading futures.

Advantages of Day Trading Futures

Take a bird’s eye view of the cryptocurrency market and futures investing and trading can seem incredibly daunting. That’s because this market is more volatile than other assets. There is the potential to make enormous gains, but also major losses as well.

Just as there’s no such thing as trading futures for dummies, there’s nothing simple about making the right calls in the cryptocurrency market. All the analysis may tell you the trend is going down, but you can still get caught out on a short position if the market swings up unexpectedly (and vice versa).

That said, there are plenty of advantages to day trading futures. One of which is that, once you master the technique, you can make a living trading futures without having to work for anyone else. Moreover, if you like to trade manually, once your positions are closed for the day, you’re free to head out for dinner, relax, and take a break from the markets without worrying about open positions and the markets going the wrong way.

Day trading is usually less risky than position trading or trend trading since day traders don’t have the same lengthy open positions and aren’t exposed to as much price volatility. Traders entering long-duration short or long positions can expose themselves to extreme risk which can lead to them having their positions liquidated.

Another plus from day trading is that it keeps you active! Day traders often make multiple trades in any given day, so there’s never a dull moment! If you want to get into day trading, you’ll learn the ins and outs of it much faster and gain knowledge quicker because you’ll be placing so many more trades.

Disadvantages of Day Trading Futures

Day trading futures is a full-time job, so you can’t expect to be successful at day trading if you have another job already or other time commitments. You also need to have a specific type of personality to be good at it. This includes strong discipline and the ability to control your emotions. There will always be the temptation to make marginal trades and to overtrade when you’re in a market of futures investing and trading crypto assets.

Another huge drawback right now when it comes to day trading (especially very short-term trading like scalping) is that commission fees can add up very quickly and eat into your profits. What may have been a winning day can often end up with you breaking even–or even making a loss. This means that many people who want to make a living day trading futures are unable to right now.

Day Trading Futures on the Digitex Exchange

Those of you familiar with our CEO Adam Todd’s story will know that, as a pit trader in London, commission fees were the bane of his life. He traded futures as a short-term scalper, looking to build up small profits over time from very fast, aggressive trading. He often found that profitable days were ruined by hefty commissions.

Adam dreamed of being able to create a trading environment in which commission fees were no longer an issue; hence the birth of Digitex Futures. We’ll be taking the cryptocurrency futures market by storm upon launch by removing the commissions and allowing short-term active traders to finally make a living trading futures sustainably.

By using a very different model from other exchanges in the market of futures investing and trading, all traders will trade on Digitex using our native DGTX token. This increases the demand for DGTX and has a direct correlation on its value.

Instead of charging commissions on trades, our revenue model of token issuance means that we will fund the operational costs of running an exchange in a different way– in three stages.

The first stage of funding was our sell-out ICO in 2018, that closed in just 17 minutes raising around $5.3 million of ETH. The second stage is our ongoing token sale, the Digitex Treasury, which will run for two and a half years. We locked up 10% of our initial supply of DGTX (100 million) and assigned it to a smart contract to release 10 million tokens every quarter during this time.

The third stage of funding is token minting. This will be decided upon by the Digitex trading community and voted on from 2022 onwards.

Make a Living Trading Futures

While many traders point out that token minting will have an inflationary effect on the token price, we’re confident that it’s a better way of funding the exchange than charging commission fees. Moreover, the potential slight drop in token price will be offset by new traders attracted to liquid markets with tight bid/ask spreads.

For the first time in history, short-term scalpers and day traders will be able to make a living trading futures without worrying about losing profits to commissions. They can build up small winnings over time.

Moreover, with our market makers actually programmed to lose money, traders of all stripes will be attracted to the high liquidity of the exchange. They can target these market maker losses and create strategies aimed at them.

Finally, retail traders can trade futures and actually make money on an exchange whose interests are aligned with its traders. We want to see more and more successful traders in our exchange. We won’t trade against them for profit like BitMEX. We won’t siphon liquidity out of the pool in the form of commissions, and we won’t be incentivized to liquidate positions to grow our insurance fund.

Digitex Futures is also committed to creating new traders and helping them to win. As soon as the exchange launches, we will be putting out plenty of educational material and videos showing people how to trade futures on our exchange to improve their knowledge, skills, and chances of success.

Wrapping It Up

The futures industry is on a tear right now. Global contracts traded smashed all records last year. BitMEX and CME both hit new all-time highs recently, and now even Binance is coming into the space. However, every one of our competitors uses the same fee-charging model that doesn’t allow for short-term scalping.

Digitex will be a breath of fresh air for traders both novice and experienced because we will allow for all types of trading on a highly liquid exchange. While we’re not offering trading futures for dummies, we’re opening up this industry and allowing new types of people to come in. Get ready for zero-fee trading, we’re on the verge of starting a revolution.

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