CMO Lidia Yadlos Shares Her Crazy Ride Over the Last 9 Months

Digitex Head of Marketing Lidia Yadlos joined the company in July 2018.

Not only has Lidia presided over the “80% tank” in the crypto market, but she’s also watched the DGTX price soar and raised massive awareness of our project. In this interview, she explains in her own words what it’s like leading our marketing efforts–and why she’s such a firm believer in Digitex Futures. Check it out!

CC: It’s been nine months since you came on as CMO. That’s not very long and yet at the same time, I bet it feels like longer! Tell us about the journey…

LY: Nine months in crypto-land can definitely feel like a lifetime, especially when you come on as the Head of Marketing at a time when the entire market is crashing…

I joined Digitex in July of last year. Crypto was already in the grips of a bear market and the beginning of the 80% tank that we later saw happen in the year.

Fortunately, our project has so much potential, that even from the very beginning I felt how BIG this would be. This motivated me to stay positive and to push our story despite the market conditions.

Rather than focusing on what’s happening around us, we stayed focused on who we are and what makes us unique, so that the rest of the community can also feel the magnitude of this project.

I also recall when I started, our token price was just under 1c. In three months, we hit our ATH of 16c. This achievement really opened my eyes and allowed me to see that what I felt was indeed true, and we just had to keep pushing our marketing efforts, coming up with creative angles which would meet the market conditions.

CC: What made you take on the role in the first place? What made you want to work in blockchain and with Digitex in particular?

LY: To be quite honest, I had considered getting into Crypto back in Oct/Nov of 2017 when the hype was in full mode, but I never saw myself getting serious with it. The industry is in its infancy, so I think a lot of people are still trying to figure it out.

As people often like to tell me it’s the Wild Wild West… and I think that’s what attracts me to it.

Knowing that 10 years from now it’ll have the effect of social media, but greater… It’ll be so intertwined with our everyday lives that we won’t even ask questions like “what is blockchain?” but rather refer to it as “a MUST of everyday modern living.”

So, to answer your question, I like knowing that I’m at the very forefront of it and that I have some sort of influence to its mass adoption.

Why Digitex? A friend of a friend was looking for marketing help, and the opportunity presented itself to me. I explained to Adam what I intended to do and he gave me a shot. And the rest is history.

CC: Were you worried about not coming from a cryptocurrency background? How steep has the learning curve been?

LY: Oh yes, at first I was very intimidated but also extremely excited because I love to challenge myself. I’ve ran a marketing business before. I had experience promoting campaigns, and I like to analyze businesses from a high-level perspective.

I think sometimes that’s what gives me my edge… having run a business before, having faced those challenges. It allows me to look at it as if it were my own business and that pushes me to want to bring the best possible results for Digitex.

On the other hand, being that crypto and futures are relatively new to me, it can be intimidating coming across new terminology!

So, I ask a lot of questions… and fortunately, Adam has been absolutely wonderful to work with because he has all the patience in the world to explain industry terminology.

At the end of the day, I don’t see the learning curve as any sort of set back, rather we often come up with new opportunities for our product because we analyze it and break it down. In many ways, I bring a new set of eyes for our team, which is equally important.


CC: How have you enjoyed the ride so far?

LY: OMG, I love our team! This has been the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on… And we haven’t even launched yet!

We’re also a bit unorthodox… most projects begin promoting after they launch, and we kind of did it the opposite way. Our development and launch process has been in the public eye from the very beginning of our ICO.

And to add, Adam Todd is an incredible leader. Just to work alongside him, and just to see how he communicates with everyone, and how he comes up with these incredible new, abstract ideas… I get the sense that what we’re building will be epic.

Not anyone can do something like this, and I know we have it because we have such a talented team.

CC: What are your greatest achievements, what are you most proud of since joining the team?

LY: Well, when I first came on, I proposed to kick-off a viral marketing campaign. I knew how effective it can be by studying a few other projects. So I worked with Adam to come up with the exact details, and a month in we kicked it off!

I remember Adam told me in a very direct tone: “I want a million users by the time we launch.” And I remember thinking to myself, “Alright then, a million it is… not sure how we’ll do it, but we will.” Nine months in, we did it.

I think it’s also exciting to see the DGTX token value rise over time. People sometimes forget that it’s a utility token and its true value will take effect once the exchange is live. All those traders will eventually use our exchange simply because we’re the best–and they will all have to utilize DGTX to trade.

The fact that our concept has invited so many people to buy DGTX ahead of our exchange launch goes to show that people believe in its value. As a marketer, that’s probably one of the most rewarding things to see happen.

CC: What’s been the hardest thing for you to deal with so far and what challenges still lie ahead?

LY: Development is incredibly challenging, and market conditions equally love to throw curve balls at you. Also, battling regulation issues and winning over influencers’ interest to work with you.

Unfortunately, there’s been a handful of projects which have put a sour taste into people’s mouths about this industry, so it takes a lot of work and effort to prove that we are legitimate. We do offer a unique product and that we have every reason to become a top 10 exchange.

CC: Talking of the future, what’s next on the roadmap for you apart from the imminent launch of course?

LY: This launch has been like a nine-month-long pregnancy, seriously! And as any parent would understand, that’s when the fun really begins. I see this project as my own child.

I learned from Adam from the very beginning that one of the most important features of an exchange is liquidity. And for that, you need tons of traders. So my job over the next year or so will be to continually come up with new, creative marketing concepts which will push tons of traffic and build our user base.

When I look at Binance and see that there are 300K BNB wallet holders, and I see that we currently have just over 10K, I understand that I have my work cut out for me… It’ll be a challenge but I eagerly accept it.

I think the second most important thing is building and expanding our team. I would like to see Digitex triple in size over the next year and attract the best talent in the industry. I believe that great working minds and team synergy is the best work asset.

So once we’re live in action, expect to see continual excitement and buzz about Digitex!

CC: Just how big do you think Digitex is going to be? Where do you see this all going in the next year? Three years?

LY: Well, I’ve definitely been the cheerleader of the team, and my motto is to always stay positive… So to answer your question, it’s going to be EPIC. I think futures, to begin with, are going to become even more popular…

I will invest a lot of our resources into putting out free educational material for people to teach themselves how to trade futures.

I also strongly believe that the market will slowly, slowly start taking on the next bull run. And I foresee this happening near the second half of the year going into 2020. Our timing couldn’t be more perfect… launching futures, offering other assets like stocks, Forex, and commodities, and then introducing spot markets in the Fall. Traders will naturally flock to us because we’re a free exchange. It’s a no-brainer!

So again, by offering a unique product in the right market conditions with creative marketing efforts and a talented team will allow us to turn this into a beast.

In the next three years, I foresee Digitex expanding its business ventures by making many wise business investments. This ties into building strong partnerships and alliances, acquiring new businesses relevant to our industry, most importantly, being at the forefront of developing new technology.

Digitex is a brand, and we intend to continue to build its power and relevance in this industry.

Lidia Yadlos - Digitex CMO

CC: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned along your journey in crypto so far and what advice would you have for anyone who wanted to start out in this industry?

LY: That’s a tough one. But my personal experience is this, no matter what it is you do you have to love it. So if you’re passionate about this industry then stick with it… I strongly believe in the next few years whatever it is that you do with it, it will be very rewarding.

CC: Anything else that you would like to add?

LY: Well, knowing what I know, I can tell you this… You will never see DGTX this low again. So if you’re willing to follow your gut, as well as do your own research, it’s a no-brainer. You know exactly what it is you need to do. Cheers!

Wrapping It Up

Lidia is probably the most positive and creative person I know, as well as the most hardworking. It’s thanks to stars like her in the Digitex team that we’ve been able to hold our own and even excel in a bear market. We can’t wait to bring commission-free futures trading to the world and are looking forward to things only getting better from here. Join us on Telegram or sign up to our waitlist until 20th April.

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