Announcing the Creation of the Digitex Task Force – Are You In?

We’re extremely proud of our growing community!

To prevent impersonators and bad actors looking to dupe community members, we’re creating a Digitex Futures Task Force. Anyone who wants to join us in removing these harmful actors from the space will be rewarded in DGTX.

How the Digitex Futures Task Force Works

As one of the most active Telegram groups in the world, Digitex has created a lot of noise. The majority of the chat is healthy and positive. You ask and answer questions, call us out on certain issues, read our content, and share our news. But some of the people using the Digitex Futures name are doing so with criminal malice.

This may be in the form of Facebook, Twitter or Telegram impersonators. These are often people who are trying to pretend to represent the interests of the company and gather a following to spread false rumors, untruths, and FUD.

Sometimes, it’s simply lone actors and YouTubers trying to piggyback off of Digitex’s brand. They may be creating trading videos, holding interviews, or simply trying to build up their own names taking advantage of the community we’ve built.

Worse still are those who set up schemes to get the private keys of users and then empty their wallets of ETH and tokens. To be clear, no one at Digitex will ever ask you to send any tokens or for your private keys. These people are con artists and scammers, engaging in criminal activity, and need to be taken down as soon as possible. But we need your help.

Getting Facebook pages and YouTube videos taken down can be a time-consuming process. It’s also like a constant game of whack-a-mole. As we get rid of one, another one springs up behind it. That’s why we need the Digitex Futures Task Force to help us all stay safe online and look after our DGTX. The more people who report a problem to Facebook or Twitter, the faster it gets resolved.

Your Community Needs You – Are You In?

The Digitex Task Force will start with around 20 members and we will create a separate Telegram group for it. Entry will be by invitation only. Groups members will be under the direction of our admins and bounties and requests will be posted as they come in.

We are also willing to hear from members who discover impersonator pages and scams and will authorize the takedown if they infringe the Digitex brand. There will be a small reward for each task, which should take no more than one to two minutes of someone’s time. It’s important to note that this Task Force will only be concerned with brand protection. Members will not be asked to promote Digitex.

We look forward to working with members of the task force in making the Digitex community safer for everyone interested–and improving the integrity of the crypto space in general.

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