Betfair Trading On Thin AU Markets Profitably

Betfair Trading the Betfair Australia markets can be a challenge!

A member asked me why we don’t always trade out on the Australian horse racing markets and I said I’d make a video so here it is.

You will note in the video in the BACK column that when the race finishes there are only two selections that end at 1000.

Other than those from the top we have prices at 2.4, 2.0, 12, 1.15, 3.1, 6.6 and 2.32.

The winner ended at 1.03.

When we lay a selection that is beaten it would be odd if we asked for a price worse than our entry – we would be making a losing market.

So, due to Betfair markets being so thin in Australia we have little choice but to keep the LAY open and not close the position with a BACK.

In Other News
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On a general note we will ALWAYS close the position if there is money available at the price we want.

An example of a market we had an interest in is Ipswich (AUS) 19th Jan InPlay in the AU R8 1350m Hcap which was due away at 07:10 UK.

6. River Rocket was a LAY and we hedged for a green book around 22 as we mentioned to JuiceStorm Betfair Trading members on Telegram

The trade was also seen on JuiceStorm TV because we broadcast live 24/7/365 and here is the video clip from that market below.

You will note that 1. Camp Rifle and 7. In Great Nic were also both LAYS in the same market but were not exited because there was simply no money available to BACK either better than 20 and 30 respectively at any time during the race. They both lost.

There is an opportunity here for, I would suggest, anyone in Australia that is watching the horse racing to provide more liquidity InPlay to grab the free money that my exits represent and lay them. But the Betfair InPlay horse racing markets are unlikely to change so we just work with what we have and make a profit most days.

In 2021 TradeHost traded 7,937 Betfair UK, IE, US & AU horse racing and greyhound markets.

2022 saw TradeHost become even more profitable with 22,698 Betfair markets traded.

All trades and bets were streamed live on JuiceStorm TV which was was watched by 124,209 Betfair Traders in 2022.

All results for the 30,635 Betfair markets traded are here and the charts are here.

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  1. RedRum says

    Good to see the AU markets are back. Doing well too!

  2. Harry says

    John’s opening the doors again for new TradeHost members on 31st March 2022. I hope the prices don’t get smashed too much.

  3. BetfairTipster says

    Don’t worry H. It took JP 2 years to open up again. The way it’s done existing TradeHost members won’t be affected.

  4. Terry says

    I am using TradeHost Lite. I put a bit extra on Win My Wings and One Night Stand. Thanks John. My first day automated. Sick!!

  5. Xiuying says

    Doing well with TradeHost Lite. 4th day starting soon. 3 days of small profits. Shame Darasso got withdrawn an hour ago. I got filled at 5.1 with Tissue and LPM was 3.5.

  6. Rahmat says

    I have been doing the same as you Terry. I added on Win My Wings but missed One Night Stand. Wife called me to do the shopping. Doh!

  7. JuiceTrader says

    Strategies are important, but even the best ones have a very tiny 55/45 edge which can quickly evaporate in the changing environment of market volatility. I’m glad that JuiceStorm has stood the test of time since 2007. No one else has for Betfair Trading and tipping.

  8. TradeHost - says

    Thanks for the great feedback guys.

  9. Bosh says

    Still loving the multi-entry approach and target lads. I hope the new lads don’t get greedy.

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