Who Else Wants A Winning Strategy For Betfair?

A winning strategy for Betfair? Yes really. And it's free here.

A winning strategy on Betfair? Everyone wants one. A winning trading strategy. A winning betting strategy. Anything. The challenge is though that if you give someone a winning strategy it will certainly fail for them. Why? They won’t follow the instructions to the letter. They will add a filter. Remove a filter. In an attempt to “improve” it. This is human nature.

On the other hand an automated winning strategy should be easier to replicate, shouldn’t it? Just save the file and pass it on to the one or two people you have chosen to share it with. Easy, huh? As long as they follow the rules and import the strategy in the same software, it should be pretty straightforward. And yet, things can still go wrong.

The most common challenges for many automated strategies is liquidity. Using a bot which only wants to match a few pounds early doors is fine. But move up a gear and getting a few hundred pounds matched at the price the bot needs very often fails. So most early doors strategies that show potential will ultimately fail trading at any scale.

This then means that most trading bot strategies need to run around 10 minutes before the off. They may also need to go inplay.

Here is a simple automated lay strategy that has stood the test of time. Over 8 years of profit but still with a losing month or two each year.

The rules are simple – above and below – and with the help of a bot it is set and forget.

The system has a low monthly volatility with slow steady profits that in the long run, with the help of compounding, can have a great impact on your betting bank.

You will note that the maximum lay price is evens at 2. Nice, huh? This a low-liability laying formula that uses low stakes to grow your bank and soon you may be in the comfortable position of increasing your stakes as your bank increases.

As this system focuses on short priced odds on favourites liquidity is NEVER a problem. Just don’t change it. It works!