Betfair Trading Is Tough!

You run the whole show and everything depends on your skills.

Trading is a tough business, one of the toughest out there.

In most businesses, you can work harder or hire other people to make up for skills that you lack, in order to become successful.

But in trading, you run the whole show and everything depends on your skills and your trading psychology.

On the one hand, that is great because you are the boss. You have nobody else to answer to and you are in complete control of your destiny.

However, what if your boss (AKA you) is painfully indecisive and an all-around crap trader? He always seems to buy right before price drops and fails to take those trades that turn out to be big winners.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault.

So don’t lose faith in yourself.

Tomorrow, live, I’m going to tell you who the real culprit is!  And what you can do about it. But space is limited. You need to register. Can’t make it? You can listen to the webinar later or wait until next week when I’ll share my thoughts in next week’s article.

It promises to be a great webinar that you really shouldn’t miss. Last week we took a look at the BetTornado interface for football. I hosted the show with Tony Hargraves and Andy Newton providing their expert view on the clashes between Ajax v Man Utd and Chelsea v Arsenal.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the tennis interface in BetTornado and see what is happening in the French Open. We will also look at the differences between the Betfair and Matchbook versions. Too good to miss? I think so. See you there.

Also we’ll mention SSC which is a Secret group on FaceBook with, currently, 161 members. They’re a closed group of friends learning how to successfully trade football matches and well worth a request to Wayne to join.

Next week we have webinars on Tuesday and Thursday. We finish the week off with the first JuiceStorm Radio podcast on Friday with more great guests. Times to mark in your diary are 2PM UK time Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Speak soon. 🙂