WUBT Betting Radio – Dave Peile

It’s a trip down memory lane for me tomorrow and the man you all have to thank for me waffling about all things Betfair. In fact, he’s the reason I opened my Betfair account back on 22nd April 2003.

His name is Dave Peile and he’s joining me live on WUBT Betting Radio tomorrow at the usual time of 1.00pm UK. Dave owned 4 bookmakers in south London in the late 70s and we met in 1984. We’ve remained close friends ever since. He lives in Brighton and currently makes his living by arbing between bookmakers and Betfair. And, he says, it’s simple to do.

So tune in tomorrow and find out how to make “risk free” profits and what he does to mitigate the closing of bookmaker accounts.

I dare say we’ll also be talking about greyhound racing as well because he’s owned many champion greyhounds in his time and he used to stand up at Hove dogs for many years.

We used to have a half share each on the number one pitch at the south east Point to Points for several years where we made a few quid together. It was a great day out with quite a few queues for payout where a race didn’t quite go according to plan. PAY! PAY!


This show has finished and will be in the archives shortly

Tips from the show

14:25 Punch | Realt Dubh | WIN [CORRECT]
14:45 Doncaster | Noticeable WIN [CORRECT]
15:00 Ludl | Threatening to Pay E/W [CORRECT]
15:30 Punch | Sports Line WIN [CORRECT]
19:50 Kemp | Kings Hedge WIN [INCORRECT]

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  1. Brian Coplin says

    Great show once again. I really enjoyed listening to Dave. As regular listeners will know I do something very similar to what Dave is doing although I found it more profitable not to trade off in betfair but just lets all the bets stand. I have have updated the http://ukracinginfo.com/scalpbetfair.htm to make it easier to make money using this technique. If any wants anymore features then I am only to happy to help.

    In addition the ABC Automatic Bet Controller has been launched and whats more right now its free. See http://tinyurl.com/dzsfzw for more details.

  2. Man of Mystery says

    Thanks Brian. And I’ve been following your scalping with interest.

    Do you fancy coming on the show again? A lot of time has passed and as you’re now a Bet Plan affiliate we’ll have a lot to talk about. Not to mention the success of your own systems.

    I’ll ask Lee to get in touch just in case you miss my reply here.

  3. John Smith says

    Hi Brian,

    I have visited the links , and teh scalping page has autobet in the last column, does the bot back at a bookmaker and then lay betfair by itself?


  4. Phil says

    Just finished listening to the archive of that show. Did Dave say that when he places his arb bets that he would go into a bookies shop to place the back bet and would then contact someone on his cell who was monitoring the prices on Betfair to lay it off. So I assume that he does not use online bookmakers for backing at all?

  5. Brian Coplin says

    I happy to come back on the radio show just let me know when. You are right I do have a lot to talk about.

    To answer John Smith question. The last column referring to autobet means that a bet was placed on betfair using autobet Wilkinson. Currently I run 2 modes in parallel for Wilkinson. Semi automated which is using the page you looked at. This is where I place bets mainly online with the bookmakers using one of the many accounts I have. As you win more it gets harder and harder to keep online accounts open. I am constantly changing MAC addresses and IPs and using other people’s accounts. I have added a mobile page for each bookmaker as I place 20% of my bets in the shop now as I find it easier to get the money on.

    The autobet Wilkinson places the bet on betfair and an associated trade out position as well. I am still fine tuning this as I have not managed to reach the levels of profit that the semi automated systems achieves. Note on the semi automated system I do not trade out I just leave the bets to run you will make a lot more money if you do this. Needs a bit more discpline but after a week you notice the difference. There is a 3 days cycle at worst to profit Promised Land with this technique.

  6. Man of Mystery says

    You’re correct Phil. Dave has an open mobile connection to his partner who is feeding him information necessary to make the correct bets and giving him the latest Betfair market trends live.

    Hi Brian, great stuff mate. I understand Lee has been in touch with you now and I’m looking forward to you being next week’s WUBT guest live at the usual time.

    And anyone who wants a preview of Brian take a look in the History on the player top right. He was my guest over a year ago.

  7. Man of Mystery says

    Blimey Brian, you’re right, this is your third time on! Memory’s not what it was you know. Too much abuse when I was younger I guess.

    I’ll ask Dave the question when I speak to him. I might do it today at the end of the show live if I can get him. Congratulation on Janal, terrific result.

  8. Brian Coplin says

    MOM excellent look forward too it as usual and it was less than a year ago that I was last on obviously did not make a lasting impression that time. 🙂

    I would be interested to know from Dave what sort of feed he gets I provided feeds on web pages for mobile customers that bets in shops.

    e.g. Ladbrokes mobile

    Find these really useful and happy to add more info/less info for anyone who has specific needs.

    I forgot to add on my other post my bot selected Janal at 100/1 with Boyles and 59/1 on the exchanges yesterday. 🙂

  9. John Smith says

    Brian, can you give more deatails on autobet wilkinson?


  10. Brian Coplin says

    Autobet wilkinson is my fully automated system which places bets on the exchanges and places automatic trade out positions. I am still fine tuning it but basically it is a beautiful thing. It will be given free to all Wilkinson members when I have proved it has scaled. Currently I am running it on 4 accounts.

  11. John Smith says

    Sounds great Brian. Is there a way for non-wilkinsn members to have access to it? also do you have a link for Wilkinson so I can read up on what it is as a google search produced no results? cheers

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