Win 3 months of BetTrader with Racing Traders

Great news for Juicestorm readers, Adam Todd has kindly offered to sponsor the first Juicestorm competition.

As if you didn’t know already, BetTrader was designed and developed by one of Betfair’s most successful traders, who turned £200 into £100,000. BetTrader is widely recognised as one of Betfair’s most intuitive and most popular trading applications. And IMO it has the clearest price action charting available anywhere which makes it a pleasure to work with and will help you to trade a profit on most races. It really can give you an edge. Why not invest in yourself and watch some of Adam’s 120 videos. They’re quite entertaining with the occasional mad muttering and chuckle. Complete with a couple of “Ker chings!” The support is outstanding also. There are two options available on BetTrader.

Free Version:

BetTrader’s free Grid Interface displays live updating Betfair markets, has a high speed bet submission process requiring no mouse movement, and is completely free to use for as long as you want.

Paid Version:

BetTrader’s popular Ladder Interface has an intuitive vertical price display and an even faster one click bet submission process for the most demanding and price sensitive Betfair user.

The Prizes:

Adam Todd have given us two great prizes:

1st prize 3 months unlimited access to the Ladder Interface (worth £50).
2nd prize 2000 minutes of access of the ladder interface (worth £20).

How to Enter:

All you have to do is head over and download the free software by clicking here.
(Then Click the “Free Download”)

Once you have your copy of BetTrader (remember the free version is yours – free for life) you will need to log in with your Betfair account to activate, if you don’t have a Betfair account you can open one for free by clicking here.

Then all you have to do is pop back here and leave a comment to this post with your Betfair forum name and a quick line on why you want to win.

The Draw

The draw will be held live on air on Wednesday 3rd December 2008 on the WUBT radio show when Adam will be joining me live at 1.00pm UK time.

If you already are a BetTrader user you may still enter, just leave your Betfair forum name and tell us why BetTrader works for you.

I used Adam’s software for trading when it first launched some years ago and it is now a superb product. I still remember the early trading videos he made, complete with his commentary, including swearing. They were classics. He also shows all individual trade summaries on every race on a Saturday and talks bollocks as well. (His words!). View the Videos.

He talks about pattern recognition which he uses intuitively and that is what makes him the trader he is. In another market we’d talk about support and resistance. Call it whatever you want. It doesn’t matter. But if you’re going to really give trading a go then his videos are an invaluable resource.

I said it above. And I’ll now say it again. Invest in yourself. Watch as many videos of his trading as you can. And later use his insight to trade profitably on Betfair. It may be the best investment you’ll ever make – and he screws up as well, as you’ll see. Then beats himself up over it. But there’s still a profit on the day. Warts and all. Great videos, great trader, great guy.

Good Luck to all!

Some Rules

One entry per person/IP address. Entrants must have either downloaded the free version of BetTrader or be a current user of the BetTrader Software. The Closing date for entires is Wednesday 3rd December 2008 at 11:00 GMT.

Now Closed.


1st prize winner was Mick Skeffington and second place was Paul Teape. Congratulations guys and thanks to all the late entrants below. We’ll be in touch so you can use your prizes. And thanks to everyone who entered and the last minute rush was really surprising.

Our AI articles are NOT written by a real person and are provided for entertainment only. They may contain content which is inaccurate but we are hoping our AI bot, Rose, will become better over time. The AI category is the ONLY section of that has zero human input.

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All trades and bets were streamed live on JuiceStorm TV which was was watched by 124,209 traders in 2022.

All results for the 30,635 Betfair markets traded are here and the charts are here.

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  1. Jason Tetley says

    Good Stuff, well I wan to win so I can win on Betfair (for free!)


  2. Man of Mystery says

    Hey Jason, you’re certain to win at the moment. You’re the only one to post so far. Welcome to Juicestorm. Another?

  3. theerth says

    Hi my dear Man of Mystery, greetings.
    For a quite some time I am busy with some work, it is nice to see you new look of this blog, great man.
    Adam is a fabulous person, I had the opportunity to listen his webniar superb and his forum is superb where THE BADGER A VERY NICE TRADER HAS POSTED VERY EDUCATIVE VIDEOS HOPE SOME DAY WE LEARN IT YOUR loss recovery plan is a key to me my dear mom i wish you and adam todd million of wellness love easwaran

  4. Man of Mystery says

    Hi easwaran, good to see you again. I know of the Australian Badger videos and I share your view. A really helpful, sharing kinda guy. Are you still traveling? And I’ll pass on your good wishes to Adam when he’s my guest.

    Sir, good luck as always and have a great weekend.

  5. Brian says

    MOM Hi ya, have approved your comments on my blog. Also have download the latest version of this software to give it go. Always looking for new angles even though Wilkinson and my autobet continue to make me laugh and smile as I smash the bookies. Had another great day today on both the horse racing and the football.


  6. Man of Mystery says

    Hey Brian, thanks a lot mate. Good luck with your trial. Le me know how you get on.

    And cracking results you’re getting with your own stuff. Well done mate. Fancy combining Wilkinson and AutoBet in to a JuiceBot? Put a wrapper around it and we’ll roll it out here commercially. Pop me an email if there may be anything we could do together on it.

  7. neggard says

    This is a perfect program and they have really good support.

  8. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Neggard, thanks for your feedback.

  9. james says


    Have been trading on and off for about a year, i suffer discipline problems and have decided to go back to basics and take very small consistent profits. Out of all the software this is the one i think is best and great forum on the site.

    Anyway hope i win!!!!


  10. JP says

    Hi mate,

    Just to let you know I’ve mentioned this comp in the latest post on my blog.

    Look forward to Leon’s appearance on Wednesday – been a long time reader and chat to him from time to time.

    As far as me goin Gon the show, to be honest mate I’m not the best talker in the world and I can articulate my thoughts better in my blog than I can “on air”.

    Will keep listening though, maybe you might be able to twist my arm sometime !!


  11. Man of Mystery says

    Hi JP, thanks a lot mate and I understand. But never say never, eh?

    And thanks for commenting James. Good luck in the competition. Not many entrants yet but there’s still nine days to go.

    Just a reminder, all readers have to do who haven’t commented here yet is to download the free software.

    Once you have your copy of BetTrader (remember the free version is yours – free for life) you will need to log in with your Betfair account to activate.

    Then all you have to do is pop back here and leave a comment to this post with your Betfair forum name and a quick line on why you want to win. Anyone else?

  12. Brian says

    Happy to discuss ideas with you. I am looking at getting my autobet software working on betdaq asap. Having a few issues as the example code is not as good as the betfair stuff. Does anyone have any c# or java code for betdaq. Basically need to be able to get market data and place bets/lays persistently.

    With betfair I use the C# to get the market data and the java code to place the bets.

  13. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Brian, I have asked the question of a couple of guys in Paris who are working on something right now. They both graduated in computer science and finance and currently work in the financial markets.

    They’re doing an app for Betdaq and Betfair right now so if they come back with something positive I’ll put you in touch directly if they agree.

  14. c0digo says

    Hey, been using bettrader for a while, so i don´t know if i qualify for this, but nevertheless, i would like to comment it´s great software and wont miss a chance to get some free time. Thanks!

  15. admin says

    Everybody is welcome, new users and those that already are using the software. Tell your friends — if this competition is popular we will make this a regular feature.

  16. free bet says

    Im using the free version and I have to say it has been quite effective for some time now 🙂

  17. Brian says

    Any assistance on the betdaq api will be well received. It’s a shame they don’t offer support like betfair. I would be more than happy to pay a monthly subscription just to get a few simple questions answers. My bots for betfair is very simple and it would be great to have a betdaq one too. I probably run them in parallel first just to verify the liquidity of my algorithms but on the surface the betdaq version would looks like it would be more profitable.

  18. borgboy says

    I’d love to enter the competition. I’ve never won anything before in my life, so this would be a dream come true! Many thanks, and keep up the good work. Cheers,

  19. michaelshezi says

    had racingtrader for a year now and always need more min ,
    PLease plase please ……

  20. Neru says

    Well… I do not speak English but it is a trifling chance anyway.
    My best wishes to everyone

  21. gazza1 says

    Greetings from gipton. Still trying to make it pay, hope springs eternal. Both the free application and the ladder are top notch. Good luck all

  22. dick stanley says

    Great product but it’s the support which really stands out imo.
    Always relies to e-mails & has even lobbed me free minutes in response to a trading video I made about how to cock it up using BTPro!
    Look forward to your interview with Mr Todd

    Bingo Little

  23. Chris says

    Cant think of another product I’ve looked at in this field where, so much back-up information at a practical level has been provided to support it!!

    Adams video’s are just what you need, walts and all!! (his voice is a ringer for Chris Moyles). He clearly knows when to take it seriously and when to have a laugh.

    The forum is superb and the community of contribution to it shows you other people doing it for real!

    Well done !

  24. Mick Skeffington says

    I have been using Bettrader for over a year now and it is brilliant. I have never dealt with anyone like Adam for promt responses and he pulls out all the stops to help if there are any problems. To me this is a rare but most important feature for any product nowadays.

  25. Albion says

    Have been using the Grid Interface alot, Brilliant!
    Would like to try the Ladder Interface without costing me anything so the Prize Draw is the ideal oppotunatey 😀

  26. Martin says

    Hi, i would like to enter the competition also. I have been gambling for 6 years and only in the last 6 months have i started to trade using the knowledge i already have on horse racing. I don’t make the amounts of money that some full time professionals do, however i do make enough for me to live and pay the bills. I currently use the free grid interface on Bet Trader Pro, however i really would like the opportunity to have free access of the ladder interface for 3 months so that i can get a real understanding of how to scalp the market. By using only the grid interface i believe i am not getting the most out of my ability to trade, and as i have very very deep pockets lol, im hoping that by winning this competition and after using the ladder interface, it will then force me to purchase the full software for the ful 12 months every year. Cheers and good luck guys!

  27. Man of Mystery says

    Great response guys. Thanks to everyone. If anybody new wants to add their Betfair forum name the draw is still open until Adam appears live on WUBT Betting Exchange Radio one week today.

  28. mary says

    still on a learning curve, but with help from the webinar i will hopefully learn the ropes.

  29. Ted says

    Just trying to add some balance in here.

    Never seen the appeal in anything to do with Adam. He traded using screen refresher back in 2003 onwards and used just the Betfair interface to go from 200-100k, but since then, especially since the software came along, his trading imploded and he stopped trading.

    Till recently the software was twice as expensive and lacked half the features of it’s competitors. The advice and software on the site is not up to modern trading standards IMHO, especially given the software lacks a lot of required features.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s ok if you are using the free version but there is better stuff out there and positioning Adam as an expert in the modern markets is a bit off the mark IMHO.

  30. tracey794 says

    I too still on a learning curve with trading and this software is helping me to improve. The vids are great to get you started, just wish i would stop going in play lol.

  31. Brian Coplin says

    Interesting comments Ted, would be good to know what software you currently use and how your trading is going.

  32. busman says

    i like to play the bettrader as much as i can i donot win much but i like the program

  33. jimmyjonny says

    now i star to make money with this software
    thanks adam

  34. Ned says

    Adam is as mad as a cut snake. Fortunately his product is what he says it is and it does do the job admireably and fortunately for us traders the men in white coats still havent managed to catch up with him!!

  35. Man of Mystery says

    Wow, thanks to all the new entrants to the competition. Will we hit 100? At the top of every comments section there is the ability to share a post throughout this blog. As this post is now rather long you would need to scroll to above the first comment.

    If you want to email a link, add a link to your blog or post it to one of the many networking sites please feel free to do so. It’s nice to share.

  36. Mark T says

    If you let me have ladders for just 2000 minutes I promise to solve the credit crunch by xmas.


  37. Man of Mystery says

    LOL. Well you gotta win then!

  38. Kez says


    I am a student. And the thought of living off tax payers’ money doesn’t satisfy me enough so I need to add scalping into the mix! But I need minutes on the ladder interface to do that!

  39. Andy Fuller says

    Last minute entry if allowed – andyfuller

    Very funny and interesting show!

  40. Andy Fuller says

    Forgot to say why I want to win – because I am tight and don’t want to have to pay 😉

  41. Tom says

    Can u ask Adam about trading inrunning horse racing ..what are his views.



  42. D Splash says

    AAArgh last minute in a hurry

  43. Paul Teape says

    User name Follingow

    I would like to win because I need a break!!

  44. jonno63 says

    i want to win it cos its brilliant software and would save me a few quid on minutes

  45. mwaite says

    Hi guys, interesting show, would be great to give the ladder a go. Regards from the icy north! WaywardLad.

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