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New kids on the block, Vestin Sports systems, are an online sports betting management system that provides you with everything you need to know [to make money?] to bet on sports. You don’t even need to watch sports or have any sports betting experience to use their system. Simply tell them how much of a Bank you are rolling with and the system will provide you with everything else. All you have to do is place the exact bets the system tells you at your favorite bookmakers.

Vestin Sports
There are three major elements to the Vestin Sports Systems. (From the site).

Professionally selected sports picks

The first element of our system is our professionally selected sports picks. Our team of professional sports handicappers spend their life watching and following sports games, reading sports news and analyzing sports statistical data to constantly bring you the best plays every single day.

Proven sports betting formula

Our proven sports betting formula is the next important element of the Vestin Sports system. After many years of trial and error, we have finally developed what we believe is our secret ingredient. Built right into our system is our proven sports betting formula that is used to make sure you always come out ahead.

Exclusive tracking system

The third and final element is our exclusive tracking system which is the part of the system that helps you minimize your risk while at the same time provide strong money management tools to prevent greed from destroying your bank account.


Interestingly they are giving everyone a chance to see for themselves that their system works by letting them try the system for only $9.95 the first month. Then, if you decide it is infact a good system you can continue at $49 a month after that.

Worth $9,95? (£7.20) (EUR 7,85) We will let you know soon right here:

Hava a look – Visit Vestin Sports Systems

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  2. Thomas says

    I have been using the Vestin Sports Betting System for about 3 months and I turned $500.00 into $1,492.00. I constantly recommend this system to everyone I know. You have to check these guys out for yourself. It’s a gold mine.


    Vestin Sports Betting System are being reviewed over at the Juicestorm gambling blog, get the low down on the Vestin System, the online sports betting management system that provides you with everything you need to know to bet on sports.

  4. Alic says

    How many bets do they give you per day? I hav visited their site, and it all looks very good. But there are many “looking good” systems out there. So what makes this so much better?

  5. Man of Mystery says

    I’m trying it at the moment Alic. 3 bets yesterday. 1 loser, 1 winner for a net loss of $3 – 1 not played yet. Time will tell.

  6. Alic says

    Dear MOM.
    Thanks for your answer. Guess i have to be a little more patient then:)

    Have a nice day.

  7. Man of Mystery says

    I won’t update much on this but this is where we stand at this time. Starting bank $1000.

    Balance: $1,033.63
    Profit/Loss: $33.63
    In Play: $-165.00

  8. Alic says

    Dear MOM.
    Which site do you use to play on?

  9. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Alic. As I know nothing about these sports at all I am paper trading currently.

  10. Alic says

    Hi MOM.

    Ok. I am trying the system this month to.

    By the way. Thank you for this fantastic site. you are doing a great job!

    Greetings Alic

  11. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Alic, good luck mate and thanks for dropping in. We can compare notes in a few weeks perhaps?

  12. Alic says

    Dear MOM.

    Yes. I Am trying it now for fourth day and have a little profit. But lets see how its going to be in a couple of weeks.
    Good luck to you.

  13. admin says

    As Juicestorm stands so far on the Vestin Sports Betting System:

    10 Sports Bets Completed (6 won)
    03 Sports Bets InPlay

    Current Balance $1221.80
    Current Profit $221.80
    InPlay $-135.00

    Watch this space for updates.

  14. Eric says

    I have been using this system for 7 days.
    See my results day by day here:
    Im up 29% since the start!

  15. Man of Mystery says

    And good luck to everyone.

  16. DanR says

    MoM, can you get these picks on ok with BF? There’s a few handicap picks i think, do BF carry these markets?
    Cheers, Dan

    PS – Great site – keep it up!

  17. admin says

    DanR, you might be better with a USA Sports Specialist.

    BetUS have an sign up offer for NBA & NCAA Basketball, which most of the recent bets have been with Vestin.

    Here is the link: BetUS Sports Bonus

  18. Janne says


    I’ve signed up for this service 1st of Feb. It was promising start but lately results have been quit bad… Feb was a losing month. I started with €500. After yesterday’s bets balance was approx. €350.

    During Feb my balance went up to ~€628, then down to ~€370, then up to €580 again and now back down to €350.

    Let’s see how it continues!

  19. Man of Mystery says

    We’re experiencing similar Janne. Watch this space I guess.

  20. admin says

    Janne, having the same here, we are in the dip too

    Our Paper bank of $1000 is down to 703 (with 125 in play).

    Lets see if their staking plan is worth its salt.

  21. John Smith says

    Been using this with real money for nearly a month. Started on 9th feb, first week bank of £500 was turned to £625, but now bank today is £509

  22. admin says

    Hi John, we have been paper trading this system here at Juicestorm as we know nothing about American Sports.

    The first week was great all in profit, then a dip in the second week to a loss it is now climbing back using their staking plan.

    I suppose with any system it will take time to see how well they work, our only concern is there is no history to see how they have done in the past.

    Our balance is currently $769.54 (from a $1000 starting bank). I will be writing more about how the month got on in a week when our first month is completed.

    Worth the monthly fee? Unsure, especially as we dont have any view on the American Sports they tip on. I think its down to preference.

    If the system is in profit at the end of the month we will continue into month 2

    Watch this space as they say.

  23. John Smith says

    Been trying this for a month now and its -£41.94 based on a £500 bank. I think im going to give them another month as I believe the baseball season starts soon so should have more bets.

  24. Janne says

    Hi guys,

    I asked Vestin Sports about their long term strike rate. I received below answer. February was a bad month like our results show also. Unfortunately March has also continued badly…

    “Prior to launching our online sports investment system in December 2008, we had an average strike rate of 58.5% per month betting at local Las Vegas casinos using the same system. Since we put Vestin Sports online, our strike rate in December was 56%, January was 59%, and February was 52%. We had a really bad month in February. We are hopeful that we can turn things around in March and start showing a profit for you recent customers. We hope you can find the patience to hang on with us for a while to see that our system works. Best regards,JoeVestin Sports”

  25. Man of Mystery says

    Thanks Janne.

  26. John Smith says

    Any update on this from testers, I cancelled my subscription as I was away for the last 2 weeks?

  27. Ron Raper says

    I subscribed to Vestin Sports on February 19th. I paper traded it for a week and then started with a $4K account. In one week I was down to 3.2K and started paper trading again. One March 15th I was down to 2.3K and canceled my subscription. Ended up with an $800 loss. Expensive lesson learned.

  28. John Smith says

    Can anyone who is using vestinsports shed any light on their results in the last few weeks?

  29. Man of Mystery says

    Hi guys, we gave up as well. Sorry for your loss Ron. Common consensus? Crap I’m afraid.

  30. opap bet says


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