The Top 10 Things Not to Do in a Casino

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Are you a first time visitor to a casino terrified of committing a gambling faux pas? Or perhaps you’re an old hand at gaming who just wants to brush up on what not do while playing? Well, worry no longer as Holly Emblem from has compiled a handy top ten list of what not to do in a casino.

1. Gamble more than you can afford…
Arguably the most important thing to remember when gambling at a casino is to do so responsibly. Never play with more than you can afford and promise yourself that you can win it back later, it is always best to set yourself a limit and once you reach that limit don’t play beyond it.

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!
2. Constantly shout “Baby needs a new pair of shoes!” or “Show me the money!”…
The first phrase goes hand in hand with gambling, the second one, not so much. Although Jerry Maguire impressions when cashing in your winnings may seem like truly unique banter, put yourself in the shoes of the poor cashier, who has already heard the very same Tom Cruise impression dozens of times. Instead, save the caricatures for later and remember to shout about your shoe needs just at the roulette table, as if you voice it anywhere else on the casino floor you’ll end up looking a little bit silly.

3. Blame bad luck on the dealer….
Contrary to popular belief, most dealers, like players, are completely in the hands of lady luck. Even if you are experiencing a losing streak, don’t take it out on the croupier, as to put it simply, it really isn’t their fault. Although some casino games may have an element of skill, you will invariably be at the mercy of Lady Luck.

4. Get drunk…
Sounds like an obvious one right? I can guarantee that when you visit a casino, no matter how grand the décor is, or how gorgeous the croupier is, you will meet at least one person who instead prefers to gorge on long island iced teas. When combined with the usual symptoms of drunkenness (an overwhelming urge to talk about yourself, feeling super-human and, well, nausea) gambling is an element too potent for the mix. You will lose track of time, money and, in some cases, your dignity. Sure, have a drink or two, but remember where you are and what you are doing, as the last thing you want is to wake up with a terrible hangover and a serious dent in your wallet.

5. Try to cheat…
While we all might fancy ourselves as a bit of a card-shark when playing with friends, it is incredibly, incredibly unlikely that an experienced dealer will fall for your tricks, nor will they find fifty-two card pick up particularly amusing either. Even though John Soares and co. who were arguably the finest casino cheats of the 20th century may have made a living fooling players, dealers and casino owners alike, CCTV and stricter gaming regulations now means that trying to recreate some of their stunts at the table may leave you out in the cold. Still, if you do try your luck at conning a casino, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

6. Play without knowing the rules…
Again, sounds obvious, but if you’re a seasoned player you’ll know how annoying it is to be sharing a table with someone who hasn’t got a clue, or you might be a casino veteran who now cringes at the mistakes you once made as a novice. With the variety of gaming guides now available at just a touch of a button you’d be foolish not to swot up before your first visit to a casino. Alternatively, why not test the water in an online casino before you take the plunge?

7. Be a “lurker”…
If Friends has taught us anything, it’s that nobody likes a lurker. Who can watch Phoebe’s outburst at the elderly “lurker”, so called because she waits until slot machine players give up on their game and wander off, without thinking that she does have a point. When playing the slots, observe this one rule; if someone decides to end their unlucky run and you just can’t help but feel that as soon as you settle down on their still warm seat then luck will change, at least wait until they are out of sight.

8. Turn up looking like you have just crawled out of bed…
I’m not suggesting you head to the casino dressed up to the nines, that is of course unless you want to, but most casinos worth their salt have a dress code and it’s usually smart-casual. While the term is in itself an oxymoron, here’s a quick guide to what it usually means, for men; nice shirt, nice trousers, nice shoes, for women; well, you will have more of an idea anyway, but remember to keep it classy.

9. Feel that you have to tip the dealer…
Gambling guides are a mine field for amateurs who want to know the etiquette for tipping dealers. Well forget the confusing conundrum of give x amount for every x you win, just take note of this simple rule; if you’re winning, why not share the wealth? And if you’re losing, don’t for a moment think that slipping the croupier some cash will instantly mean the game swings in your favour.

10. Forget that you are there to have fun…
Casinos are all about building a sense of anticipation and tension for when the dice rolls or the cards are dealt, but remember that you are there primarily for relaxation and fun. It isn’t the end of the world if you have a few bad runs and, as long as you gamble responsibly, you really haven’t got anything to worry about. Have a good time and enjoy.

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    That’s some tips one should consider especially if the person is just a newbie… #5’s Not to Cheat, who would dare to cheat on a casino? Well, you can just see it in some movies but I doubt if it happens in real life. Nice tips by the way.

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