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by Betformulas » Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:19 am

Download a spreadsheet for Betfair Trading Betfair’s horse racing treble that must include their nominated runner here: Refund_on_Treble.

Bet your treble with Betfair’s nominated runner as the first selection, then lay each runner in turn using the spreadsheet to show the staking.

If we hit a loser, that is end of trade.

If all our 3 horses win, there can be good profits as hopefully we will have underlayed each runner.

This spreadsheet shows the stakes required to recover your liabilities from laying winners, and hopefully trade to profit.

If you are able to lay your runners below Betfair Starting Price, profits can be quite good from these trades, especially if all 3 of your selections win and you have managed to lay the 3rd horse at odds below Betfair’s Starting Price.

If you are able to do that, bet winnings will be bigger than lay liabilities.

Instructions for the spreadsheet inputs are on the 3 sheets.


Place your treble bet making sure that your first selection is Betafir’s nominated horse.

Choose races with plenty of time between runners.

It may be best to select low priced horses to keep accumulating liabilities down.

Open 2 Internet windows whilst placing your lays, one showing the Multiples bet odds, and the Win market for placing your lay.

Compare the 2 screens and update the spreadsheet with bet odds from the Multiples web page and lay odds from the Win market.

In Other News
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Lay each runner of your treble until you hit a loser.

Once you hit a loser, that is the end of the trade.

If Betfair’s nominated horse wins, you will need to input your lay liabilities and the Betfair Starting Price of that runner into the 2nd spreadsheet.

If the 2nd runner wins, you will need to input liabilities of your first 2 runners and their S.P.’s into the 3rd spreadsheet.

Betfair Starting Prices are shown on the Betfair Multiples web page shortly after each race.

Make sure you enter liabilities as a NEGATIVE figure.

Note that to equalize your staking, you will need to use the Adjust feature on the sheet as I have been unable to come up with the correct formula for equalizing the staking.

Use a positive or negative Adjust figure to balance your trade.

I have had some success laying at odds lower than S.P by offering to lay at quite optimistically low odds 20 or 30 minutes before Race Time.

I set my bet odds smaller than my lay odds on the spreadsheet to get that lay stake.

If that lay doesn’t get matched, I lay just before the start of the race in order to get lay odds as close as possible to the Betfair Starting Price bet odds.

Your lay odds will probably be bigger than your bet odds if you have to do that.

For my first runner, I usually lay £6.35 to give me about £6 profit after commission, and acceptable liabilities if that horse wins.

I don’t usually use the staking shown on the first spreadsheet.

Good luck with laying your 3 horses below S.P, especially the last one if you hit 3 winners.

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