Daily Betting Results 31 Oct 08 : +£151.35

Betting type: Laying
Market: Horse Racing and Greyhounds
Betting Exchange: Betfair
Software: Bet Bot Pro
Results: + £151.35
The full report and Notes follow:

Results 31 Oct 08

Market Info Selections Winner Lay Prices Profit/Loss
11:03 HGrn 5. Acton Impeller 3. Jenson Poppy [email protected] £1.00
11:11 Hove 1. Sunshine Phoebe 5. Wellow Champ [email protected] £1.00
11:19 HGrn 6. Melody Mystery 1. Louis The Pig [email protected] £1.00
11:28 Hove 3. Colebrook Girl 2. Cushie Kay [email protected] £1.00
11:34 HGrn 4. Fossil 5. Wingsofadove [email protected] £1.00
11:42 Hove 6. Park Lady 1. Spoil Me [email protected] £1.00
11:48 HGrn 2. Miss Lottiemar 6. Detta Mac [email protected] £1.00
11:57 Hove 3. Sky Princess 4. Duhallow Classic [email protected] £1.00
12:04 HGrn 6. Willy Bon Barney 6. Willy Bon Barney [email protected] -£1.78
12:05 Newm Swiss Diva Catskill Mountain [email protected] £1.00
12:12 Hove 4. Wee Paris 2. Last Shift [email protected] £2.25
12:18 HGrn 3. Rackethall Baby 1. Waycross Bluejay [email protected] £1.00
12:27 Hove 6. Katie Two 2. Droopys Crouch [email protected] £1.00
12:32 HGrn 6. Newbridge Ruler 1. Special Aria [email protected] £1.00
12:40 Newm Emirates Roadshow Emirates Roadshow [email protected] -£1.20
12:42 Hove 2. True Cruise 3. Ballytag Miss [email protected] £1.00
12:47 HGrn 3. Blue Hawaii 5. Beathebag [email protected] £1.00
12:50 Uttox Fassaroe Hunters Ploy [email protected] £1.00
12:58 Hove 6. Blakes Nevada 1. Fortuna Gerrard [email protected] £1.84
13:00 Weth Ten Carat Kings Maiden [email protected] £1.84
13:04 HGrn 6. West View Flash 6. West View Flash [email protected] -£3.00
13:10 DownR The Fist Of God The Fist Of God [email protected] -£4.71
13:12 Hove 6. Droopys Riquelme 2. Foulden Slippy [email protected] £3.10
13:15 Newm Captain Dancer Captain Dancer [email protected] -£2.95
13:19 HGrn 1. Mongychump 6. Golf Mad [email protected] £1.00
13:20 GowP Liszt Liszt [email protected] -£3.40
13:25 Uttox Bluegun Great Endeavour [email protected] £6.36
13:27 Hove 6. Buyorhire Sid 1. Stevie Wonderboy [email protected] £6.36
13:35 Weth Prince De Bersy Ngong Hills [email protected] £4.99
13:40 DownR Paradis De Thaix Grand Charisma [email protected] £4.99
13:44 Hove 6. Zambia 6. Zambia [email protected] -£15.97
13:50 Newm Pennys Gift Pennys Gift [email protected] -£21.36
13:51 HGrn 3. Woodroad Diva 5. Zax Tosca [email protected] £12.42
14:03 Hove 4. Sunline Stan 1. Monkspath Moonie [email protected] £15.95
14:08 Swin 4. Lansdown Gold 4. Lansdown Gold [email protected] -£55.83
14:10 DownR Cabin Point Tramp Stamp [email protected] £15.95
14:18 Monm 2. Gneeves Blue 2. Gneeves Blue [email protected] -£98.05
14:20 GowP Snap Toufan Express [email protected] £44.57
14:25 Newm Island Vista Spring Dream [email protected] £102.74
14:27 Swin 3. Lively Abbey 6. Tullaroan King [email protected] £78.43
14:35 Uttox Pipers Legend Nothingbutthetruth [email protected] £1.00
14:37 Monm 1. Great Event 2. Mums Celina [email protected] £1.00
14:45 Weth Yes Sir Yes Sir [email protected] -£2.40
14:47 Swin 6. Gaara 5. Concertina [email protected] £1.00
14:55 GowP Designated Decoy Designated Decoy [email protected] -£1.36
14:57 Monm 6. Scotties Eric 2. Hotfoot Lorrimer [email protected] £1.00
15:07 Swin 1. Fieldview Casius 3. Arte Et Impetus [email protected] £3.63
15:10 Uttox Treaty Flyer Luccombe Bay [email protected] £3.63
15:10 DownR Aranleigh Drumconvis [email protected] £3.63
15:17 Monm 4. Sunshine Joshua 6. Back The Bunny [email protected] £3.63
15:20 Weth Sergheyev Border Reiver [email protected] £1.00
15:25 GowP Elbasana Redwater River [email protected] £1.00
15:28 Swin 3. Olivers Ceilidh 1. Robins Lee [email protected] £1.00
15:38 Monm 2. Tango Sarah 5. Francos Fancy [email protected] £1.00
15:40 DownR Publican Jupiter Hollow [email protected] £1.00
15:45 Uttox Go For One Artipreuil [email protected] £1.00
15:48 Swin 4. Lekker Ding 4. Lekker Ding [email protected] -£2.20
15:58 Monm 6. Dionysius 3. Lisas Invader [email protected] £2.54
16:00 GowP Vertigo On Course Delightful Way [email protected] £2.54
16:05 Newm James Pollard Casino Night [email protected] £1.00
16:08 Swin 4. Shes The Cream 1. Cefn Pest [email protected] £1.00
16:10 DownR Voler La Vedette Voler La Vedette [email protected] -£1.16
16:15 Uttox Our Bomber Harris Our Bomber Harris [email protected] -£2.80
16:18 Monm 5. Black Zafonic 1. Divas Best [email protected] £1.00
16:27 Swin 2. Carmac Kylie 5. Black Dixie [email protected] £1.81
16:30 GowP Havetoavit Gimlis Treasure [email protected] £1.00
16:37 Monm 2. Iceman Artha 2. Iceman Artha [email protected] -£2.70
16:47 Swin 1. Rhincrew Lil 2. Calling Light [email protected] £4.85
16:57 Monm 1. Shanakil Paige 3. Outlaws Luck [email protected] £4.85
17:07 Swin 1. Lewis Skywalker 3. Greyfox Franc [email protected] £1.00
17:17 Monm 5. Bourne Walk 6. Sold To Joe [email protected] £1.00
17:22 Swin 6. Worlds Apart 5. Last Show [email protected] £1.00
17:33 Monm 3. Nifty Response 6. Geordie Stunner [email protected] £1.00
17:38 Swin 4. Hammerthedevil 1. Aulton Nikita [email protected] £1.00
17:47 Monm 3. You Little Gift 3. You Little Gift [email protected] -£3.30
17:56 Swin 3. Glenbrien Glider 5. Kingoftherun [email protected] £3.31
18:04 Monm 3. Sunrise 4. Corrough Dream [email protected] £3.31
18:11 Swin 3. Feelthepassion 6. Swift Euro [email protected] £1.00

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  2. Man of Mystery says

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    Wiki says spam in blogs is a form of spamdexing. It is done by automatically posting random comments. I’m sorry you consider my posts random but I can assure you they are not done automatically.

    I am promoting commercial services on this blogs but IMO for that to be considered spam I’d also have to own the websites that are being promoted. I don’t.

    Yes, there are nominal affiliate commissions that are paid if people click on a link here and buy a product but why shouldn’t that be the case? I am still completely unbiased in everything that I write. I am not influenced whatsoever by the tiny amounts that are paid and that side is looked after by the Blog Management, LEE, AKA Storm. I just simply write. I don’t even know what we get. And the funds won’t come to me anyway. I haven’t received a penny and I’ll decide what I’ll ask Lee to do with it at a later date.

    Finally, can you spam your own site? I think not.

    Sir, you’re welcome to your own opinion but I doubt very much if many others share it. I could be wrong though. I very often am. Let’s see if anyone else has an opinion. Good luck to you, as always , and have a great day.

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    (I will make a page for this soon)

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    And this doesnt Include the new PC John has purchased to handle the bot and radio show.

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    Paid & Affilaite Links $104

    As you can see the affiliation keeps the costs of the runing the blog at Zero – we might break a profit some months but I will spend it on new toys for the blog 🙂

    I can assure you this blog is not here to make a profit or to spam and I am sorry if you feel that way. I will change the way the ougoing links (to affiliates) are handled so it is more obvious.


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    Please accept my apologies, I was having a bad day.

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