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Article by Gentari. What is Rake?
Poker rooms make their money by raking off a small percentage of each pot that is won on their site. By signing up for a rakeback deal, you make sure that the room pays a set percentage of that rake back (the standard rakeback % is around 30%, but you can get much more than that).Well then, if a poker room rakes money off each pot, it means that it is the winner who pays the rake, and consequently, it is he who receives the bulk of the rakeback too, right? Not by a longshot. You see, the pot is a stand-alone entity at the table. It doesn’t belong to anyone: it is kind of like an additional player. At the end of the hand, the poker room rakes the pot when it doesn’t yet belong to the winner and only then it awards it. Before the winner adds the pot to his stack the pot basically belongs to the entire table, especially to those players who contributed money to building it. No, it is not the winner who gets all the credit for the rake contribution, and it is not him who gets all the rakeback either. The rake and the rakeback belongs to all those who contributed to the pot, in a proportional manner if you want to be entirely fair about it.

Poker rooms have methods for tracking rake contribution, and unfortunately (or fortunately for some players) not all these methods are accurate. One way that poker rooms calculate contributed rake is through the dealt rake method. In this setup, the rake which is taken off the pot at the end of a hand is equally distributed among all those players who were dealt in. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t even call the BB before folding: you will be allotted rake contribution. Only those who sit out or for whatever reason do not get cards miss the juice so to speak. This method offers clear advantages for tight passive rocks who shall be accumulating rake contribution and rakeback basically doing nothing and keeping their money out of harm’s way. They’ll be generating an income on the back of those who actually feed the pot with their contributions.

If you’re a rock, such tables are a blessing for you. If you’re a loose-aggressive maniac: not so much. Other poker rooms use the average contributed rake method. This one’s much more accurate, though it’s not quite the real deal either. In poker rooms which use this method, the rake taken off the pot is distributed equally among those who actively contributed to the pot. If you keep on folding, and avoid putting money into the pot, you will not be allotted rake contribution, and therefore you will not be eligible for much rake back either.

The third rake calculation method is the weighted-contributed rake. This one is 100% accurate as only active players are allotted rake contribution and individual contributions are determined in a direct proportion with the amount of money players have contributed to the pot. If you stuff the pot more than the next guy, you generate more rake and you make more rakeback too.

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Forum discussion from BetSeventyTwo.

by originaltim » Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:54 pm

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know – it possible to sign up for the rake back account, sign up to say ‘Full Tilt Poker’ using the rake back code, and THEN use the bonus code to match my first deposit etc?

Basically can one insert two bonus codes at ‘Full Tilt Poker’?

I was thinking it would be nice to create a poker rake back chart. Users such as myself could update the stats based on experience. I.E ‘Full Tilt Poker’ lets players create rake back account, deposit bonus, add £1.00 to every £10.00 to qualify for equal rake back percentage etc.

I hope last bit makes sense Would be good to know what the money down required is to make the rake for that game etc. I read ‘Full Tilt Poker’ as being nothing. I.E as long as you are dealt cards and then fold (after the blind) you will quality and start earning for every hand played etc.

Thank you.



by Gentari » Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:31 pm

Hi Tim,

I play at Full Tilt and I get rakeback and also the full $600 bonus (click the link above, that’s the one I used)

I can also confirm that Full Tilt reward each player who was dealt into a hand. I have been able to work through the bonus using Limit Hold’em and I would recommend this route if you are not very experienced yet. If you are then enjoy the No Limit tables, but be warned they are not the easiest to play.

I hope that helps, if not then add another question and I will be able to help

by originaltim » Tue Dec 29, 2009 5:25 pm

Nice one for the fast reply Gentari. Thanks.

I play a very conservative, slow game anyhow. And thus – if I can break even and earn from the rakeback, hopefully it will be a few extra quid in the pot each month. Like everything online, if one can get a few regular players doing this, and earn from them (as you will do from me if I play etc.) then should be a decent extra income.

I love this website. It has created so many opportunities to explore etc.

I’ll post here with anything worthwhile should I find anything out along the way.

No need to reply to this post.



by originaltim » Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:42 pm

Hi Gentari,

A happy new year to you.

For some reason it looks like I am actually losing money on the rakeback deal? The figures are in red and it states Rakeback at -$4.47

Am I doing something wrong? I have just started using the interesting “Holden Manager Software” Am I being penalized because of that I wonder? I played most of the hands last night, so surely not. And your articles seem to suggest these tools are fine to use etc.

Enjoying the poker and about $6 up. But not if I am losing rakeback

Any help would be very much appreciated. I have contacted the site who holds the rakeback deal etc. so hopefully they will reply as well.




by originaltim » Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:55 pm

I found out its the charge they charge for depositing money!

Annoying as they do not make that clear IMO.

Oh well at least its working…



by Gentari » Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:49 pm

Nice one Tim, sorry I never got back sooner but I was playing poker down the pub…and lost

yes, once you have done a set amount then the rakeback goes positive and starts being deposited in your account.

Nice to hear that you are both enjoying it and doing well

by originaltim » Thu Jan 28, 2010 1:58 pm

Hi All,

Just thought I would update seeing as it’s been a while since I posted.

I having coniued to play at very small stakes at full tilt. things are going OK – I know I have some silly bets which is why I am just about breaking even. I am improving and learning all the time, which is the most important thing.

Advice to others – Personally with the rakeback deal adding to the income, I only play the very best hands – as too many people seem to cream me when I have a medium hand such as Jack + 10

Been experiamenting with poker software that helps you see how tight over players are – and most importantly how much money they put into the pot. Loose players tend to gamble more and put more money in – hence tending to lose more over time.

Will continue for a while – going to start playing two tables as well (I have two nice monitors etc.)

BUT I find its best to play online while doing other things etc. at the low stakes that is. Because even a really good player with a lot of luck won’t make more than $5 an hour. And thats extremly good IMO. Most of the time one pound per hour is more like it. Again, I work on my websites etc. while playing or watching TV.

Anyway – Have fun guys – And remebmer – online poker is not like real poker as far as my limited experiance can tell – so I would encourage people who are serious to play in a live game with friends as well. Al experiance is ofcourse useful.

Nice one.



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