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Introductory Note by Corner

This article kindly provided by Howard Hutchinson explains how to lock in a profit with the accumulator offers which are currently fairly common on Betfair. 2 spreadsheets are included, and you will need an account with Betdaq.Please note that if you choose to place your accumulator before the match and lay off in play for shorter odds, this strategy is not risk free. Even for very short odds there is a possibility that the other team will score first and you will not be able to lay. The strategy advised is to back the accumulator and then lay immediately.

Betfair Free Bet Multiples by Howard Hutchinson.

There have been regular offers over the past few weeks from Betfair of bet 5 x £10 get a £10 free 5 fold Fixed Odds accumulator.

I have had some success from trading these offers by betting the qualifying bets in Betfair and laying those in Betdaq and then trading the free accumulator.

If there is time between the games in our accumulator we can lay them one at a time in Betdaq and hopefully trade to profit.

If the games of our accumulator all kick off at a similar time, we may be able to place insurance lays in Betdaq to make sure we have profit.

Alternatively, you may choose to trade the qualifying bets very cheaply and just bet the free accumulator, without laying anything.

These qualifying bets can be traded very cheaply between Betfair and Betdaq. . . . . much cheaper than between a bookie and an exchange.

Note that to avoid any problems with Betfair, it may be best to place all lays for these trades in Betdaq.

Also, there is zero commission to pay on the bet side of the free accumulator in Betfair Fixed Odds of course, the Betfair Sportsbook web site.


If you have looked at these Betfair Free Accumulator offers, don’t be put off by the 4 or 5 qualifying bets.

The qualifying bets can be done very cheaply by betting in Betfair and laying the same selection in Betdaq at the same odds or maybe just one or 2 ticks higher.

Also, Betfair usually allow “In Play” qualifying bets which allow us to bet and lay very short odds which can be done very cheaply if a goal or goals have been scored.

That can make our qualifying bets and lays even cheaper than Pre Kick-off bets and lays.

Half Time is a very good time for In Play lays.

Betting and laying £50 worth of qualifying bets for a loss of only £1 or so is very achievable, and much cheaper than trading £50 would be if we were betting and laying £50 between a bookie and Betfair using bookie football bet odds.

After we have traded the qualifying bets, we then get the free accumulator.

Download a spreadsheet here for betting and laying between exchanges that includes commission deductions :-


That spreadsheet file contains a “Bet First” sheet for trading qualifying bets between Betfair and Betdaq, and a 2nd sheet for trading free bets.

The commission rates in the sheets can be reversed if you ever need to bet in Betdaq and lay in Betfair.


This Accumulator Free Bet spreadsheet contains a link to a video demo on the NOTES tab.

The strategy described in the video is :-

  • Bet accumulator selections with time between games so that we can lay each game one at a time.
  • Trade the first selection as a normal free bet and try to hit a loser with that first selection.
  • Bias the staking slightly to favour a win outcome.

    If we are unlucky and hit a winner with our first selection, our lay liabilities will be less than our bet winnings carried forward.

    That will make things easier if we need to carry on laying.

  • For the 2nd selection onwards, select teams with short odds.

    That will help to keep liabilities down as the accumulator progresses, and the difference between Betfair Fixed bet odds and Betfair exchange lay odds may be smaller if we trade shorter odds.

  • Enter bet and lay accumulator odds into the spreadsheet.
  • Before placing our free accumulator bet, set the spreadsheet to hit winners with every selection.

    Adjust the first bet stake and subsequent stakes and try to make sure that bet winnings are bigger than lay liabilities if we hit a winning accumulator.

  • Once satisfied with that, place the free bet accumulator and the first lay.

    When placing the free bet accumulator, make a note of the potential Total Winnings.

  • Lay the accumulator until it hits a loser, or the accumulator completes with every bet and lay hitting a winner.

What if the games for our free accumulator all kick off at a similar time ?

If we are not able to bet our accumulator with time between each selection that allows us to lay them one at a time, a good strategy is to bet the accumulator, trying to hit all winners.

If we can get all our teams at least one goal in front in their games, we can then place “Insurance Lays” on one or more of our teams at very short odds.

For example, if we are trading a free 5 timer and we have 4 teams winning by 2 or more goals, but one team only winning by one goal, we can lay that “One Goal” team at very short odds.

We know what our Total Bet Winnings will be if we hit a winning accumulator, so we can afford to lay a team for liabilities that are perhaps half of that, or a little less.

Then, if the other team score an equalizing goal we have a successful lay of our team.

If our team hold out and win by one goal or score again and win by more goals, our bet winnings are bigger than our lay liabilities, so we have winnings whatever the result.

I had a free accumulator recently that had 4 teams with 2 or more goals and one team leading 1-0.

I could have layed that team, but unfortunately, I was away for that weekend, with no computer.

An equalizing goal robbed me of a nice winning accumulator.

My next free accumulator had all teams playing at the same time.

3 teams were winning by 2 or more goals and 2 teams wee leading by just a single goal.

When I traded this free accumulator, I had chosen 5 teams at short odds for a potential total payout of just short of £30.

I layed those 2 teams that were only leading by one goal, for £50 worth of liabilities each.

That cost me £16 in lay liabilities, so if one of those 2 teams lost I had £50 profit, less the £1.61 that it cost me to trade the qualifying bets.

If both had lost, I had £100 profit, less £1.61.

Unfortunately, no more goals were scored in those 2 games, but my 2 insurance lays made sure that I came out in profit whatever happened.

So, to sum up, we can trade the qualifying bets very cheaply by betting with Betfair and laying in Betdaq.

For best results, trade qualifying bets “In Play” if the T&C’s allow that.

If there is time between the games of our accumulator, we can bet our accumulator and then look to lay each game one at a time.

Trade the first game as a normal free bet.

Bias the staking slightly to favour a win, and we can make an ok profit if we hit a loser.

If we are unlucky and hit a winner with that first team, the bias of our staking to favour a win gives us some slack to play with if we need to continue to lay our other teams.

If our games all kick off at a similar time, the best strategy may be to select teams that we expect will win.

Then, if we can get them all in a winning position, with some teams 2 or more goals in front, we can lay the teams that are only 1 goal in front, at very short odds, as insurance against an equalizing goal.

I hope that all makes sense.

I have been trading these Betfair free accumulator bets for the past few weeks with some success using these strategies.

Good luck if you have a go at these free accumulators,


Below is a worked example – this article was written before the result of the match was known.

Using my free bet from Betfair today, I have put an example together to show how we may be able to lock in a nice profit from these 5 timer accumulators.

The first screenshot below shows my Betfair free 5 timer from Tues – Wed 29th-30th Oct.

I have bet 3 teams on Tuesday, Stoke, West Ham, & Man Utd.

I then have 2 teams at short odds on Wednesday, Man City and Tottenham.

That order of play isn’t obvious from the screenshot of my bet.







If I am lucky and hit 3 winners on Tuesday, the short odds of the 2 teams on Wednesday will allow me to lay both of those teams before kick-off and lock in some profit.

The 2nd screenshot below shows the spreadsheet for laying accumulators.

I have entered Betfair Fixed Odds bet odds on the right in column K, and exchange lay odds on the left in column B.

I have left the Matched Stakes and Result cells in columns C & D blank for the first 3 games, but entered a lay stake of £40 and a “One” to indicate a win for both Man City and Tottenham on Wednesday.






Assuming that lay odds on Wednesday will be something close to the current Tuesday odds :-

If I hit 3 winners with my first 3 games, I will have an £80.16 Carried Forward amount at cell M5 going onto the games on Wednesday.

Deduct the £10 free bet from that and I have £70 of winnings to play with in those 2 Wednesday games.

If I hit those first 3 winners on Tuesday, I can afford to lay some of that £70 in Wednesday’s games, and I will come out with guaranteed profit.

I have shown 2 lays of £40 in the spreadsheet for a total liability of £36 at cell G7.

If I hit 3 winners on Tuesday, there are 3 possible outcomes for my accumulator on Wednesday :-

  • Both teams win on Wednesday. I win £157.77 at cell H7, less -£36.40 lay liabilities, less -£1.73 that it cost me to trade the 5 qualifying bets.

    Profit = plus £119.64.

  • One team loses on Wednesday. I have a successful lay of £40 less commission = £38, minus either -£24.40 or -£12.00, minus the -£1.73 that it cost me to trade the 5 qualifying bets.

    Profit = Plus £13.87, or £26.27.

  • Both teams lose on Wednesday. I have 2 successful lays, total £80 less commission = £76, minus the -£1.73 that it cost me to trade the 5 qualifying bets.

    Profit = Plus £74.27.

Note that Betfair payout is always slightly more than is in shown in this spreadsheet at column H.

I always note the Betfair potential payout and enter it slightly below the display, this time the £169.10 shown at H10.

Have a go at these Betfair free accumulator refunds and sooner or later I am sure that one or more of us will land a very nice payout.

So far, I’ve made smaller amounts without any problems, and just missed a bigger profit from a lay such as these, 2 Saturdays ago, whilst on holiday.

Good luck with your free accumulators,




On Tuesday, Man Utd and West Ham won their games.

Stoke were leading 3-1 against 10 men of Birmingham, well into the 2nd half, but managed to let 2 goals in for a 3-3 draw.

That last goal went in at 94 minutes to scupper my trade.

On Wednesday, the Tottenham and Man City games both ended as a draw.

If Stoke had hung on a minute or 2 more, that would have been an excellent result for me.

I could have layed Tottenham and Man City for 2 sucessful lays and a very nice payout.

That was close, very close.

I looked at laying Stoke very late in the game, but with 93 minutes on the clock, I wrongly assumed that my trade was ok.

That’s football !!


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