Double Xmas Competition

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Juicestorm Mega Xmas Competition

We have a dualTripple bonanza here at Juicestorm for the Xmas holiday. And not two but three prizes are up for grabs!

Its the same as our last competition, all you have to do is add a comment for you chance to win, please read the full post as you have an opportunity for up to three entries per person and you are allowed to enter for all three prizes.

Mark Baker of Betbot Pro has kindly give us:

  • 1st prizeA full copy of BetBotpro (Complete with 6 months of updates). Worth £97

Adam Todd from Racing Traders has kindly given us 2 prizes.

  • 1st prize 3 months unlimited access to the Ladder Interface (worth £50).
    • 2nd prize 2000 minutes of access of the ladder interface (worth £20).

The Geek (hard working chap from Racing Traders) is pitching in with:


#(Prize for the comment that makes him laugh most)

Bet Bot Pro
BetBotPro is a brand new Automated Betfair API Software which will supercharge your betting activities even while you’re away at work or simply want to spend time with your family.
You can bet on UK/US/AUS/RSA Horse Racing & UK/AUS Greyhound racing, what ever takes your fancy. You can select the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th favourites, an individual/multiple horse or greyhound to win or lose in that race. If you use a tipster service simply select their selections provided and go off and do what you want for the day. This software takes the hassle out of betting. You simply need to spend a few minutes everyday to select your selections and BetBotPRO will do the rest.

Bet Trader
BetTrader was designed and developed by one of Betfair’s most successful traders, who turned £200 into £100,000. BetTrader is widely recognised as one of Betfair’s most intuitive and most popular trading applications. And IMO it has the clearest price action charting available anywhere which makes it a pleasure to work with and will help you to trade a profit on most races. It really can give you an edge. BetTrader’s free Grid Interface displays live updating Betfair markets, has a high speed bet submission process requiring no mouse movement, and is completely free to use for as long as you want. BetTrader’s popular Ladder Interface has an intuitive vertical price display and an even faster one click bet submission process for the most demanding and price sensitive Betfair user.

You may enter for all three prizes and you can have up to three entries to each draw.

How to Enter:

Firstly you will need to download a trial of either BetBotPro or Racing Traders (or Both).

Download Racing Traders Here

Download BetbotPro Here

Both require you to have an account with Betfair.

Click here for the betfair website.

Add comment to this post saying which one you would want to win (you can enter both).

Please state either BetBotPro, Bet Trader or Both

Three Entries & Some Rules

1: The email address you use when commenting must be the same as that used to download the trial for verification. And you must be willing to submit your Betfair user name if you win. (Your email and/or Betfair user name will never be published).

2: One comment per person, this enters you for all three prizes.

3: Tell us in the same comment if you are a subscriber to the Juicestorm newsletter, you will get an extra entry (same email required).

4: Post a comment to this competition from your blog/website (and let us know in the same comment) for a third entry.

5: Current Bet Trader users and BetbotPro trial user can still enter.

The Draw

The Draw will take place on January 7th at 1pm Live on our Radio show, we will use a random number generator for the draw.

The closing date for the draw is midnight 6th January

One entry per user Duplicate/Double/ Same IP entries will be void. Please only enter for the software you will actually make use of.

No cash alternatives. Adam Todd & Mark Baker reserve the right to withdraw the prizes if they start getting spammed with duplicate trial downloads.

If you have any questions use our contact page and get in touch.

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The Betfair selections we are trading above are UK time. Only filled trades or bets appear on JuiceStorm TV.

Unsure how to get involved? Take a look here.

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2022 saw TradeHost become even more profitable with 22,698 Betfair markets traded.

2023 less markets were traded – 17,459 – but a with a similar profit to 2022.

All trades and bets were streamed live on JuiceStorm TV which was was watched by 124,209 traders in 2022.

All results for the 48,094 Betfair markets traded are here and the charts are here.

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Successful Betfair Traders have the simplest Betfair Trading systems. The difference is their selection process, experience and execution level. Get that difference for yourself with automated trading by TradeHost.

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    Please can I win bet trader pro, because I want to try an experiment after christmas £10 to £1000 in 33 trading days and taking out some profit along the way at £250 and £500 marks.



  2. dick stanley says

    BetTrader Pro – those minutes I buy just fly by don’t they when you’re having fun (or losing). So it would be nice to grab a freebie

    Thanks Adam for putting up this prize once again. Marvellous

  3. Man of Mystery says

    Even money chance for you two guys at the moment. What part of France are you in Dick? I have a little place in Culan, Cher.

  4. Pigskin says

    The above poster is right in one thing, the minutes just fly by ! I’ve recently purchased my second amount of minutes for Bet Trader and find it a very handy tool.

    I’ve recently taken to Match Betting and it has already got me out of a couple of significant jams where I have accidentally layed or bet too much.

    I find it pretty easy to use, and the video’s more than helpful. Be nice pick up some extra subscription in this contest, but in reality, I already owe Adam.


  5. Lliam says

    I would like to put my hand up for a crack at a free BetTrader Pro session!

    Cheers mate.

  6. Thomas Pettersson says


    i have used Bet Trader for a couple of months and would like to try the ladder interface.


  7. gaz whitworth says

    Bet trader for me please. Having a good saturday with it today, shame about Leeds tho

  8. Tim says

    BetTrader please! I watched all of Adam’s videos a long time ago, the guy had me in complete stitches. What a joker! I trade loads on the Grid and BF itself but the RSI’s starting to get to me a bit too…

    Just joined your newsletter as well 😉

  9. Ian says

    Bet Trader please, as I already have BetBotPro.

  10. Ian Devitt says

    Have been looking at both software on trail basis trying to accertain which would work best for me.
    Both seem to do what I want in Australia.
    Like your radio show and enjoying listening to successful operators.

  11. Peter Blanco says

    Racing Traders BetTrader for me please. Tried a month in Autumn, and even though I made a complete mess of things getting used to the software I still came out with a profit. Videos are brill, cheers Adam.

  12. Holty says

    Im an amateur to the bet trading world and using the betbots so would love some free time on either software please. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

  13. Jason Tetley says

    Both! why not, hope I win ….


  14. Wizardgold says

    The one that I would like to win is the BetBotPro. It is a new on on me and I really like new things.
    I have already tried the Bet Trader and liked it but would go for BetBot Pro so that I could have a long term evaluation of it.

    Bet Trader is sweet for trading with as Adam has shown on his videos where he explains his thinking behind his trading progress. Pretty entertaining too.

  15. admin says

    HEHE well done “The Geek” and our terms are..
    … you have to come on the radio show to announce your winner!

  16. The Geek says

    Adam, FFS it’s Christmas, you could at least be generous with the pressies.

    So for all of you reading this, The Geek {Yes the bald reclusive one who does all the hard work} is offering an additional bonus prize of a 1 year subscription to BetTraderPro worth £150 to the person who posts here & makes me laugh the most between now & compettition close!

    Happy new year

    The Geek!

    PS What the hell, he can’t sack me 😉

  17. The Geek says

    Ah what the hell, I’ll have a punt at the bet bot one, if I win I can see if there is anything useful there for a future version of BT. 😉 Happy new year everyone.

  18. Ned_3 says

    Geek is developing a new product to use on BT Pro.
    Here is a scoop preview to what it will do:

    I’m a little teapot
    short and stout.
    Put me on remote
    and I’ll help you out

    I will work for you
    when you are asleep
    Making little ticks
    for your account to keep.

    And whats best of all
    Is when you press lay
    I go to work and make
    A cup of Earl Grey!!

  19. dimitri says

    Happy New year ppl.
    I’d like to win BetTrader Pro.

  20. David says

    Let’s see if there is such a thing as a free leg-up with my betting!

    Happy new year all.

  21. Andy says

    I am getting into the New Year with a shot at some bet trader minutes…already own the excellent betbotpro

  22. Filipe says

    BetBotPro for me, because i have to go to work and put betbotpro working for me and make money. I already have BT

  23. aTom says


    I have used BetTrader Grid for about half a year and would also like to try the ladder interface.

    Thank you,

  24. paul says

    Just luv the webcasts that Adam gives and coupled with Darren at bet72 gives great value as I now trade with bookies money Lol!!….have a great year and heres to more of the winning ways:-)


  25. Derek Morris says

    Apologies to all good poets!!

    With the BetTrader Pro
    You can give Trading a go
    Not just a training video or two
    but advice from the Forum too!
    and with a year from the Geek
    you’ll have more than a week
    to realise you’re not on your tod
    as you climb the ladder with Adam Todd

    Good grief…..probably should be shot at dawn, I blame the Scottish water from last night myself! Successful trading to all in ’09

  26. honourseven says

    Been dabbling at Bet trader pro and although at times still sat hoping for trend reversals like an 70’s subutteo champ I am eventually following Adam on his videos and getting out quickly when it ain’t happening,just like an england opening batsman.
    Support has been first class, even receiving free minutes.Mind,still puzzled as to how the mad man on the videos can come up with a program like bet trader pro.
    Best wishes for the coming year to all, may it be happy and proserous with laughs along the way.

  27. Mark says

    Well I bought some minutes and then bought an annual subscription of Bet Trader and have yet to recover my money. No fault of the software just my greed and lack of self control. Nearly at evens in December only to get really ill, lose my patience and lose my money. Have recovered the stake money I have put in Betfair and if I don’t get greedy should break even during February. You never know if I get a free 12 months I might even turn a profit. No matter though as it is great fun, if you treat it as a game it works out cheaper than WOW…

  28. georgios says

    I wish the new year brinks to each of us peace and health as well as
    prosperous betting using both BetTraderPro and BetBotPro. Each one
    assures a wealth winning.

    1 january 2009 at12:12pm

  29. jimmyb1 says

    Please can I have 1 or both bots for free,i cant afford to pay for them as i have lost in my last 12 thousand consecutive trades.

  30. tracey794 says

    Hey The Geek, thats very nice of you to offer that.
    Did you know Trees are the main cause of Forest Fires..


  31. morton says

    I use btpro,I read all the letters I listen to all of the webonars I re-listen to all the videos I have bought a years minutes (last up to 09 nov.) Thnx for that Adam. But I am still not in profit.
    In fact I am doing my dosh in, regularly.
    I dont know what I am doing wrong or not doing right.
    Watching the video’s make it look like childsplay.
    May-be I shoild try doing it when I am sloshed instead of when I am sober.
    Winning anything would be iceing on the cake.
    Do you think I woulb be better using the bot.

  32. Bobi says

    I want betbot pro becouse i have bettrader 4.4.Thanks and Happy New Year.

  33. Norwegian Would says

    Jeg vil ha BetTrader – Plaese.

    Then Norwegian Would if he could.

  34. MADMUS says

    would love to win both prizes as i do use bettrader and have tryed betbot.
    bet trader is great for trading on the market very fast.
    betbot is good for people who dont want to spend all day on the computer, but 1 set back is if you are laying you will need a big bank role.
    Adam Todd and Mark Baker are always ready to support you if you need help.
    Thanks guys have a prosperous new year.were going to need one.LOL.

  35. Man of Mystery says

    Happy new year everyone. Great to see all the entries. And thanks to Adam, Mark and the Geek for the prizes.

    Good luck to you all as always.

    PS. Wizard, fancy being a guest on WUBT sometime? Good luck with the TV stuff mate. That’s something I’d like to do here live but I can only just manage to get the radio shows out at the moment. LOL.

  36. Kevin Dunkley says

    I would like to win Bet Trader. Trialled it for 3 months last year and very impressed, should have more time on my hands this year to make full use of it.

    All the best for a prosperous new year.

  37. slartibartfast says

    Along time ago in a Galaxy far far away its Christmas time.

    Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are having a lightsaber battle.

    Darth Vader says to Luke ” I know what your getting for Christmas”

    Luke says “eh?”

    Darth Vader says again to Luke ” I know what your getting for Christmas”

    Luke says ” how would you know that?”

    Darth Vader says ” I felt your presence”

  38. Andi says

    Happy New Year to everyone.

    I’d love to win Bettrader Pro because as my luck goes, from my location, Betfair timed out for quite a while a few times in 2008 and three times I was cought in the middle and bank was gone….

    For a better 2009

  39. Pedro Anjos says

    Happy New year for everyone!

    I use BetTrader Pro and for me is the best.


  40. tony says

    Bettraders for me!! I am future trader so this will be a good start..
    Happy New Year for all!!!

  41. dariusz says

    woud be nice to test driwe thenks

  42. rob francis-not franis says

    i keep missing, due to various reasons, the blummin seminars telling me how i’m gonna get stinkin rich doing this lark so of course i need to win this flamin prize.


  43. Stromsaas says

    I would like to win Bet Trader. Tried it last year, and would like to start using it again.


  44. yster1 says

    BetBotPro is one of the best betting software that I have tested so far. It works very well for the system I am using and it is automated. I have tested it for a few days even without risking any money. My bankroll is growing higher and higher without doing anything which is great. The software has a very user friendly interface for everyone. Only a few basic settings and you are done for the day. I would really want to get a copy of this awesome software.

  45. molics says

    Happy New Year to all punters and traders.

    The cat is sitting next to me and I get the silent thought from him to be grateful, careful and trusting.

    Please put me in for both BetTrader Pro and BetBot Pro.

  46. Marco says

    Only few words, to wish you a Great New Year and a profitable 2009 for your company.

    Best regard

  47. Felix says

    Has to be bet trader for me. Chat forum, the best going. Well done to Adam and the team.

  48. richpeers says

    Il go for both please,use betrader grid interface but fancy trying a bot

  49. tony says

    just read about betbotpro…i want it too…

  50. Goran says

    If you throw in the models for the poster at the haed of this page, I’ll take all three plus the two in the draw and I won’t give a damn if I die poor or rich; but I’ll be happy for sure!

    Happy new year one and all.

  51. Lliam says

    Hey Geek,

    Dunno if this is what you are after, but I found this great picture that made me literally laugh out loud!


  52. The Geek says

    Well, Lliam is the current front runner for my prize, but it was only a mild giggle, so keep them coming!

  53. steve hookway says

    If I win bettrader pro annual subscription from the geek I will show my arse in woolies window…. oh no its shut

  54. DON says

    i’d like to win i said with a grin, a year of bet trader from the geek. then i’ll try my best not to loose my vest as i lost both my shirts last week.

  55. Badger says

    So geek, making you laugh will win me a prize. Too Easy.

    I am quitting using betTrader and becoming a road rep for pee wee. I will endorsing his course as the ONLY possible way to make money on betfair as it is such a work of genius that anybody doing the course cannot possibly lose money.

    I will also be taking over his vast array of forum alias’ as he has far too many to handle himself.

    I will also be paying him 50% of my profit for the priviledge of being allowed to grace the presence of such an awesome authority of extracting cash from pigeons.

    So there…. gimme gimme gimme….

  56. Ray says

    Downloaded the free trial version of BetBotPro this morning and let it run with £1 lays. In two hours I’m £10 up so I decided to enter the draw to win a free copy whilst my luck is holding!

  57. […] We also have the Juicestorm Xmas draw, Adam Todd and Mark Baker will be making a short appearance to announce the winners for each prize, there is still time to enter, click here for entries. […]

  58. Marco says

    Greetings from Italy! Today for us is the Befana day, an old woman who carries candies and gifts inside a sock for good childs (and, who knows, maybe BetTrader and BetBot Pro both for me too)

    Have joined the newsletter too.

    So that’s all, good epiphany to all

  59. The Geek says


    I don’t think it fair that you win my prize. I already believe that Adam has already bunged you enough free minutes to last a life time for all your great contributions on the forums. {If he hasn’t he is a bigger tight arse than I thought, so if you ever run out, private message me on our forums with your BF username.}

    That said, I don’t want to dent your ego, but Lliam is still the front runner!

  60. The Geek says

    BTW If Man of mystery posts on our forums today, he’s gonna kill me.


  61. Man of Mystery says

    Well done Marco and everyone who’s entered. I’m looking forward to the show tomorrow. 3 guests in 1 day! Tune in for the cock ups live.

    And Lee’s working on something for you Geek. LOL.

  62. Chris O says

    As a Bet trader pro user I would love to win some more minutes for the ladder interface.

    If it’s a laugh you want, check this out-


  63. AlDorado says

    A prize to win?

    That win should go to a person who understands binary code…

    Did you know, that are only 10 persons who understands binary code? Those who do and those who don’t 😉

    Just think about it…

  64. Miker says

    Spock walks into the bookies as says can I put £10 to win on Captain Kirk in the 1.30 @ Chepstow. Bookie says why did you pick that? Spock replies dunno…

  65. Max webster[maccamax] says

    He’s a True Blue Aussie Woombat[ BADGER}

  66. dimitri says

    that’s something that will make you laugh but
    if you could read greek,you would definetely
    piss the screen.

  67. David Redfearn says

    Both for me please … had a good run trading over Christmas, got me wife a lovely christmas present with all my money …. A Wooden Leg ,,, that wasnt her main present that was just a stocking filler!!

  68. Kevin Garside says

    Please can I win BetBot Pro.
    Because I can Bet you all that my Bot is certainly NO PRO!!!!!

  69. admin says

    Gonna close the comments at 12:15….

    Any Takers for the last few slots…..

  70. Sam says

    Why do computer geeks confuse Halloween and Christmas?
    Because DEC 25=OCT 31

  71. The Geek says

    And as we come to the last hour, Chris O is out in front by a mile.


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