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Where bookie signup offers are concerned, we like to bring you the best offer available whenever possible. I also strongly believe in being as transparent as possible about what we do. One thing which often causes a conflict of interest on a site like this is affiliate links. These are available from most bookmakers, but the size of the free bet offered sometimes varies depending on the amount of exposure the offer is going to get, and as such a site like this cannot compete with high exposure platforms like the Racing Post. In this post I explain what our policy on affiliate links and cashback sites is, and why.

Like most sites advertising free bets, BetClub has affiliate links. Some of the links to the sites in the bookie pages are our affiliate links, but I have only used these if they match the best offers around. If I’ve found a better affiliate link than the one we have, I have posted it. This applies to the Racing Post/At The Races/RacingUK offers particularly, which tend to be the best for UK bookies offering odds on horse racing. We cannot match these free bets with our links and we feel it is unfair to trap customers into taking a poor offer when a better one is available.

There are a multitude of cashback sites which offer a proportion of their referral money to people who sign up via their affiliate links. Most require you to open an account and earn a specific amount of cashback before you can cash out, which is usually well more than the amount you are offered from one or two bookie signups, and you can end up not being able to get at it. I once lost over £20 of cashback because the cashback site required £25 to cash out and they had nothing else I wanted, and then they closed.

Many of the offers on these sites do not give you the largest free bet, so you are Betfair Trading free bet money for cashback. You should also be aware that cashback does not always track (and if it doesn’t you won’t get paid). You should clean cookies before signing up through one of these, then not clean again and continue to use the cashback site link for that bookie until your cashback has tracked. You must be logged in to your account on the cashback site to get the cashback (except at Betrescue, where you fill in a form and get sent a cheque.)

In my opinion, unless you are a regular user of a particular site, there are only 3 worth bothering with. These are:

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QUIDCO £5 annual admin fee, account required for cashback.

TOPCASHBACK Free, account required for cashback.

BETRESCUE Free, very few cashback offers, but some good free bets, which I’ve flagged in the bookie pages. No account required.

The first 2 are good because they give back 100% of the cashback to the customer (most cashback sites retain a large chunk for themselves), and the 3rd is good for the occasional cashback offer and for decent sized free bets via their affiliate links. None of them have large lower limits for cashout. If you are interested in cashback I recommend that you check these 3 sites – offers change frequently. There may be cashback offers available elsewhere, but they are probably not really worth having.

Bear in mind that you can use cashback sites for ordinary shopping as well as betting – they have offers from many big, well-known firms. But if you find bookie cashback on any cashback site, be careful to check that you are not missing out on a bigger free bet instead.

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