Brian Coplin on WUBT Betting Radio tomorrow

Well guys, tomorrow (4th March 20009 13:00 UKTime)  we have Brian Coplin on again as our guest on WUBT Betting Radio.

Regular listeners will know that I love all things botty — steady now — because there’s nothing worse than missing a winner due to work commitments, holidays or just forgetting to place the bet.

Catch us live or hear the repeat in our WUBT Radio Archive

WUBT Betting Radio

Great news. Brian’s now got a bot for his BetPlan. It’s the new AUTOMATED BET CONTROLLER which makes it all as easy as ABC. And he’ll be telling us live at 1.00pm tomorrow how you can get it for free.

We’ll also find out his view on tipsters and all the various systems he now uses.

The Bet Plan

Also, I’ll be talking to him about a proven system that is low risk with very high return that could immediately get you to win consistently and has bullet-proof reliability, short and long term.

What’s more, I’ve followed his journey long before he made these systems available to the public – he first came on to WUBT Betting Radio 16 months ago, two previous shows are in the player – so I have no hesitation in stating that, IMO, he has created one of the most consistent and profitable horse racing systems available today.

And with a no questions asked 100% unconditional 30 day money back guarantee The BetPlan system is certainly worth a look. And, what’s more, that means exactly that. Unlike many others out there too numerous to mention.

Story so far

So how’s he done? In 2007 and 2008 if you started with a bank of only £500 (betting £25 per selection) using his betting plan you would now be in profit of well over £150,000 EACH YEAR. 2009 results have been no exception and they are well on target for the same.

On other systems from the Coplin family Wilkinson AutoBet smashed in its biggest profit since its creation on the 28th February 2009 and Wilkinson Manual chipped in with healthy profit as well.

So it promises to be a great show and I hope you’ll join me live at the usual time.

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Visit The BetPlan (with 30 day unconditional guarantee)

Visit Brian’s Blog — Best of Betfair

Visit Brian’s Racing Info Site

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  1. John Smith says


    on your scalping website do you back and lay for the same price so you have a risk free bet, or do you trade so you make a small profit every time?


  2. Martin says

    oh come these systems have got to make you laugh!! seriously who buys these things?? So it makes £150k per year and the guy sells it for a very very modest £38 per month?? geez come on you have to be brainless to buy into these so called systems, the only person making money from this is the owner, i feel sorry for the poor mugs who buy into it.

  3. Brian Coplin says


    With the bookmaker I just back the horse. With autobet I back with betfair and trade out in running.


  4. Brian Coplin says


    I can fully appreciate what you are saying as I not selling my autobet because it too good to sell. For whatever reason though Harry Fox is selling The BetPlan and so far so good for me. I have placed large bets in the past so when I get 2k a horse I think I will be comfortable too.

    At £38 month with a money back guarantee it has to be worth a try surely. Remember it is just simple compound interest as you bank increase so does your stake and therefore your bank. It’s the 60% strike ratio or confidence factor that allows you to get to large profits before you decide to cash out. You could alternatively just make an average of 12-15 points a month using a fixed stake.


  5. admin says

    Hi Martin,

    We have been given access to the BetPlan here at Juicestorm and I (Lee) am going to run with it for 2 months (with a £500 bank). I will find a section to place it here on the site and keep it updated.

    I agree there are 1000’s of systems out there, most not worth a thing, but the only way to find out is to try them, which i will do for the next two months.

    Warm regards, Lee

  6. Harry Fox says

    Martin is of course right there are thousands of systems out there than don’t work, or only work for a very short time. They are designed to take your money on a one off sale, sending you an ebook of the instructions.

    I looked at quite a few over the years and have yet to find one that is profitable and workable.

    This is why I did my own. I don’t won’t ever sell the system you get the selections from the system daily.

    Why do I do a membership if it’s that good?
    Well the wife thinks I’m mad, but she has started to understand over the years. I could sit down and just continually increase my stake and make more and more money.

    Where’s the recognition in that? So you’ve invented this brilliant system that works and no one knows about it. Everyone wants recognition, a pat on the back, whatever you do in life/work.
    If you build a house it’s great when people say, ‘blimey, love the house that’s great, you did a good job there’.

    I think this is why Brian, shows people his system (ok he does it for free-I’m more commercial, I earn a little as well) but it’s great when people say, good job Brian WELL DONE.

    I have found it the past that William Hills or the layers on betfair don’t phone you up or email you say well done! Also I have met and made some great friends, running a service. Sitting at a computer and keeping it to yourself, I became to insulated with no challenges.

    I hope that explains why I do what I do, as for it working, try it. If it doesn’t and I don’t give you your money back, shout it about it on here. Or you can have a look around the better known proofing sites and watch the steady climb in performance.

    Regards the accumulation of stake inset of level stakes, I had trouble finding a reputable website to do this, but now do this on (Tipzone Pro) under ‘Pro League’. I started proofing properly on the 4th January.

    Ok so I forgot to place a couple of winning bets at first, but now I’ve go the hang of it.
    Results so at the moment 43.29% growth £1431.13 profit s/r 57.58% (over the last Month)

    Over time it will give you an idea of what is achievable, from very small beginnings
    Best Wishes

  7. Man of Mystery says

    Hey, Harry, thanks for your detailed post. I guess watch this space, Martin? Good luck guys.

  8. Nick cegar says

    Hi MOM,

    Have you found a place to put up the BetPlan results yet?

  9. admin says

    Hi Nick, I am just formatting a post now with the results for the first month we have been following the betplan.

    It should be published this evening.

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