BOG with 4/1+ and 3/1+ free bet offers.

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Article by Howard Hutchinson
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I used this method to trade the Bet365 4/1+ offer.

Having bets already in place with other bookies may not work in this way for their Free Bet race, but it certainly did for me when Betfair Trading with Bet365 (a few years ago now).

Other bookies may simply award the free bet . . . . I have no experience of more recent bookie offers from such as Coral, Ladbrokes and Betfair Sports as I have been Red Carded.

They may work differently.

How to use Best Odds Guarantee with 4/1+ and 3/1+ horse racing free bet offers.
All we need do is bet and lay a few races to equalize, and if we hit a winner, place a small bet in the fee bet race to reduce the lay stake to the correct size :-“Bet Ahead” by betting and laying all our races earlier in the day, one or two hours before racing starts.

Bet and lay early, and there is plenty of time for the odds of our runners to drift and put us in line for a bumper BOG payout if we hit a winner with a horse whose odds have drifted.

Adjust the free bet Lay stake.

When we hit a winner and trade our runner in the next race as a free bet, we already have a bet and lay matched.

Our lay stake will need to be less than the stake that we placed earlier in the day, so to get the correct stake for our free bet lay, simply place a small bet on our runner at the current bet odds.

That will reduce the size of the lay.

Those bet odds may now be more or less favourable, but in the long term, the difference that makes to our trades will be negligible.

Once we have bet and layed all our races, we can easily work out at our leisure, the size of the small bet required for every race, just in case we hit a winner.

That will save time and avoid errors in the heat of battle later, when the races follow in quick succession, sometimes with just minutes between them if a race runs a little late.

The benefit of an occasional bumper payout due to a BOG winner will far outweigh a small odds movement up or down on our small “Lay Correction” bets.

How to bet ahead. Place all lays well before race time.

Bet and lay your runners as if you were betting and laying a deposit or Arbing, or underlay as usual if underlaying is what you normally do, each time making sure that your bet odds are 5.0 or bigger etc..

If a race doesn’t have suitable odds, move on, bet and lay your other races and then come back and try that race again, all well before racing even starts for the day.

When all bets and lays are in place, open up your Free Bet calculator.

Go back to each race in turn.

Put the bet and lay odds into the Free Bet calculator and note the size of the lay stake.

Now deduct that lay stake from the lay stake that you already have matched in Betfair.

That will give you the size of the bet stake required to reduce the lay stake to the Free Bet level if you hit a winner in the previous race.

If you hit a winner in Race 1, place that small bet on the runner in Race 2.

Your bet and lay of Race 2 will now have Free Bet stakes rather than “Deposit or Arb” stakes.

That will work even if you hit consecutive winners.

Whilst you are not hitting winners, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the racing.

If you hit a winner, step in and place your small bet in the next race to correct the lay stake size.

This old video describes how to bet ahead.

Apologies for the poor sound quality of this video. Please turn up your volume.

Good luck with hitting your BOG winners,


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