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The conventional Betfair menu can be extremely tedious to navigate.  This is particularly true if you have unmatched bets on several markets and need to keep checking them.  Every time you want to navigate back to where you were before you have to go through a series of clicks such as:

Football Fixtures >Fixtures 12 March >Man Utd v Arsenal >match odds.

If you want to look at matches which are on different dates and in different countries the navigation can become extremely long winded.  BetTornado has been designed to provide much faster navigation with its smart menu:

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The 10 icons at the top provide quick links to the most popular menus, and the menus can be opened up to reveal the detail without losing the links to the other items in the main menu.  This makes switching between sports or different days extremely easy.  In addition there are popups where you can see your browsing history and bookmark markets.  All you need to do is tap a market in one of these popups and it will instantly load, so you can revisit any market you have already been to very quickly indeed.

As you can see from the above screenshot, all the markets for a given match load at the same time.  These are opened with a simple tap on the market title bar, enabling you to view several markets on the same screen without having to wait several seconds for each one to load.

The menu, like the rest of BetTornado, has been designed by experienced arbers and Betfair Traders for maximum speed with minimum fuss and clutter.  The advantages of the smart menu should be very obvious for anyone who has tried to get to a market quickly on Betfair.

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  1. Mark says

    Are they not going to release apps for the iphone and android with those abilities?

  2. Corner123 says

    At the moment we have no plans to expand into the android market, which would require a complete rewrite of the software. We may consider an iphone app in the future but the priority at the moment is the iPad app.

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