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I have now had an opportunity to review the 2000 or so selections Betbot PRO has made since October 4th 2008 based on my criteria. I have included South African and US horse racing but with the current limit to 100 winners – which Mark says will be changed in the next BetbotPRO upgrade – I am of the opinion that because most of those markets aren’t covered fully we might as well just stick with UK horse racing and UK greyhounds. Currently, many evening greyhound meetings today are missed because of the limit to 100 winners. 122 races so I anticipate we’ll have an interest in most.

This change came in to effect yesterday. I have also changed the maximum odds to 6 on both. This will impact on the number of recoveries required each day but based on the data I have now the exposure will be well within BetbotPRO’s limits. However, the first day of the settings change is also our first losing day. 🙁

It was all decided on the last at Romford – never liked that place! A difference of just over £340. Have I made the right move? Only time will tell. And remember that the recovery continues today so it will be an Initial Stake of £241.25 on the favourite at Nottingham in three hours. Wish me luck!

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Finally, I must re-iterate the Stop Loss I use is £4000 because of another comment made last week. Please, ladies and gentlemen, you will lose regularly if your Stop Loss is too tight and the profits you make on the days where your Stop Loss is not hit will NOT be sufficient to cover your losses. Simply, for a £1 initial stake you need a Stop Loss of £4000. For an initial stake of £0.10 you need a Stop Loss of £400. And your bank should be at least three times your Stop Loss. I trust everyone understands the relationship of Initial Stake, Stop Loss and Bank. And please make sure you also set maximum unsettled bets to three and a back/lay % to a maximum of 10%. These two settings are critical and cover your exposure and the ability to avoid thin markets respectively.

Ladies and gentlemen, have a great day and good luck to you, as always.

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  1. Justin says

    Typical! The fave goes in in the Nottingham opener… How’s it looking now John?

  2. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Justin, great to see you again mate.

    My sentiments entirely on Drops of Jupiter at 2.36 for a loss of £328. Fortunately, we got back £438 on each of the next 2 and tried for another £438 on Swift Fire – beaten by Whistling Tail – at Nottingham but only got matched for a little over £100. Shame. 🙁

    Have a good day mate.

  3. johan says

    Hi, interesting blog 🙂

    I have a question about your settings, is it the 1st favorite you lay in every race or just odds selections with all dogs/horses ín every race?

    Best regards and good luck.

  4. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Johan, thanks for posting. It’s generally the first favourite. If I’m around and I fancy some of the favourites in the horses – I know nothing about dogs – then I’ll switch to 2nd favourite for everything manually when the first horse is running that I don’t want to oppose.

    Good luck.

  5. johan says

    Ok, thank you for your fast reply.

    One more question, if i think i have found a “system” that works for how long do you think i should papertrade before betting with real money?


  6. Man of Mystery says

    You’re welcome. I get a pop up telling me when there’s a post and I always like to reply straight away if I can.

    I don’t actually like paper trading. My main income comes from trading forex and demo accounts simply don’t perform like the real thing. Would you really follow your trading plan with real money? That’s what’s important. Can you get matched? Another factor. Will the programme really perform exactly the same way as you do when paper trading? I’ve found not – especially when there are other factors too.

    There are many other considerations too. I’ll do a post on the full subject next week. But, as always, do whatever you feel comfortable with. We’ll all have to paddle our own canoe.

    Hope this snippet helps

  7. johan says

    I dont actually mean paper trading, im using betbotpro in simulation mode. But maybe thats different then real money anyway.

    I have some thoughts about the recovery option. If i bet on fewer races/day say about 30 do i still need the that big bank? I bet on dogs and chose them by a system. And i have 25% on 4 bets recovery. Since 6th of october i have had one losing day. It seems to work, but guess its too short time to answer that yet. I thought i should do simulation mode for a month, then go for it. Im just unsure about how big my bank should be.

  8. Man of Mystery says

    HI Johan, IMO you need a bank that size for 8+ races if your settings are the same as mine. It’s too late for me to look at a recovery over 4 races. That’s off the top of my head.

    I’ll check my first impression in the morning over a coffee rather than a bottle of wine like now. And if I don’t go to bed now I’ll start writing gibberish.

    Good night, God bless.

  9. johan says

    Ok thank you. Nice going yesterday, but i think you have wrote – instead of + in daily results 😉

  10. Man of Mystery says

    Well spotted sir. Amended and thanks. I’m glad someone pays attention. 🙂

  11. Adrian says

    Hallo John.
    First off all thank you for a great website.
    I am using Betbotpro but I am having some problems with the recovery stake. I am trying the same settings as you are, but with low amounts to start with. The problem is that some times the program plays a recovery bet 1 time, 2 times and some times 3 times after a loss. My setting is the same as yours with 60 % off the loss over 2 bets. How come it plays 1 and 3 even though my settings are fixe on 2 bets? I hope you understand my question and that you have at suggestion to a solution.

  12. Man of Mystery says

    This is quite a complicated issue Adrian. When it recovers more than twice it is to do with bet settlement. If BetbotPRO doesn’t know the result and if your unsettled bets is set at 3 and there are 3 unsettled bets it will wait until at least one bet is settled before continuing. I’m considering increasing my unsettled bets to 4 because some races are missed due to the delay.

    Future recoveries appear also to be partly dependent on bet settlement. Let’s say 3 recovery bets of the same amount are made then the middle timed one is settled and you’ve won then the recover ends. Then the first recovery is settled and that’s a loser then the recovery will start again. But then the 3rd bet is settled as a winner and it will end because the results were the made on the recovery of a previous recovery sequence.

    As you know I’m not the application vendor but I’m always happy to help and this is my interpretation of why this occurs and I may be totally wrong.

    I’ve tried to explain it clearly but as it’s so complex please don’t hesitate to contact me again if you wish to.

  13. Tobias from Germany says

    Hello John,

    i was Tobias from Germany and my english is not so good.
    But I hope you can me unterstand.

    I have now buy Betbotpro and i have read you blogg and have seen you have very good results with betbotpro and dog races.

    But i have not found you settings for the bot.

    I have a bank from 500 Pounds, can you give me your settings does i can play with this on my Bank.

    I hope you can me help.

    Best Regards from Germany

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