Texas Hold’em

Note that this is not the same game as “Casino Hold’em”.

Risk Category D/E, medium risk

House edge 0.53 variance 1.47. (These figures are per unit wagered – the average bet over each hand will be more).

This is the casino version of the Poker game, which you can play in most casinos. There is a video of this game being played to earn a bonus below. The video shows the use of the strategy calculator for Texas Hold’em which is from the Beatingbonuses site – click on this link to use it.

All you need to do is to select £1 chips and start the game, then fill in the cards you get in the appropriate spaces on the calculator. This will then tell you whether to raise, fold or check (“do not raise”) and you simply click the appropriate button at the casino.

There is an explanation of the game and a brief summary of the strategy (which is complicated) here.

Texas Holdem Strategy video by Darren Hall.

Quick video showing the Ladbrokes 100% Mega Bonus offer using Texas Holdem. The strategy utilises the table from the excellent BeatingBonuses website.

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