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Casibot is the most popular collection of bonus bagging bots for online casinos. Maybe you have never heard of bonus bagging before, or perhaps you are an experienced bagger. In either case Casibot is designed for you.

Casino games are created with a house advantage and no betting strategy will overcome this. However, you can make money by bagging the free cash handed out by online casinos to new players. Casinos entice players by offering bonuses which come with attached “wagering requirements”. Provided your expected loss to the casino due to the house advantage is less than the total free money offered by the casino, you can make a profit.

A real example

Party Casino offered a £200 bonus with a £8000 wagering requirement. Their “Single Player Blackjack” game has a house edge (the amount of each bet you lose to the house) of about 0.5% if you play perfectly. If you were to place £1 bets on 8000 hands until you clear the bonus you would expect to lose £8000*0.5/100 = £40 of your original deposit. After being credited with a £200 bonus you will expect to net on average a £160 profit.

The Casibot blackjack bot is ideally suited to both new bonus hunters and experienced pros. New bonus hunters should check the How It Works section before starting to play. You can easily turn £100 into £500 with only a few mouse clicks and minimal risk. Setting up the bot is simple, in many cases you just need to press “Play”. In the long run Casibot will save you hundreds of hours of time.

Casibot offers a Free Trial to get you started. There’s no need to provide any details. Try it out now and discover why Casibot is the most popular bonus hunting bot!

Visit: The Casibot site and claim your free trial

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