Daily Betting Results 1 Nov 08 : -£38.48

Betting type: Laying
Market: Horse Racing and Greyhounds
Betting Exchange: Betfair
Software: Bet Bot Pro
Results: – £38.48
The full report and Notes follow:

Results 1 Nov 08

Market Info Selections Winner Lay Prices Profit/Loss
12:17 Romfd 3. Bubbly Bam Bam 2. Pharaoh Diver [email protected] £1.00
12:20 Newm Mezenah Sariska [email protected] £1.00
12:24 Crayfd 4. Tell Me Roy 5. Winner Wisdom [email protected] £1.00
12:30 Ascot Busker Royal Busker Royal [email protected] -£2.60
12:33 Romfd 3. Xaar Cheyenne 4. Ravestock Woody [email protected] £1.00
12:39 Crayfd 3. Cranham Star 1. Canary Prize [email protected] £1.00
12:47 Romfd 1. Stock Stallion 6. Gragane Kewell [email protected] £2.82
12:57 Crayfd 3. Bobbish 4. Class Rambler [email protected] £2.82
13:00 DownR Indian Spring Sarteano [email protected] £2.82
13:04 Romfd 3. Eye Onthe Glory 5. Jadies Dancer [email protected] £1.00
13:11 Crayfd 1. Gee Lizzie 2. Ceasar [email protected] £1.00
13:19 Romfd 3. Love Tango 6. Flagstaff Flame [email protected] £1.00
13:27 Crayfd 4. Crafty Cacao 5. Brick [email protected] £1.00
13:30 DownR Mister Lucky Imaalhall [email protected] £1.00
13:30 Newm Amber Queen Amber Queen [email protected] -£2.95
13:33 Romfd 4. Seacrest Run 6. Fisio Flash [email protected] £1.00
13:35 Ascot Font Sentry Duty [email protected] £1.00
13:44 Crayfd 2. Newlawn Niamh 3. Selkies Friend [email protected] £1.00
13:49 Romfd 4. Thatchers Boy 5. So Persistant [email protected] £1.00
13:50 Weth Bow School Tell Henry [email protected] £1.00
13:58 Crayfd 1. Pool Girl 6. Bonnie Ben [email protected] £1.00
14:00 DownR Arc Bleu Sole Bonne Femme [email protected] £1.00
14:00 Ayr Puy Darnac Puy Darnac [email protected] -£3.50
14:05 Ascot Air Force One Roll Along [email protected] £1.00
14:10 Newm Rosy Mantle Enticement [email protected] £3.45
14:24 Newc 2. Smudger Jane 2. Smudger Jane [email protected] -£2.95
14:40 Ascot Leos Lucky Star Leos Lucky Star [email protected] -£3.37
14:42 Newc 1. Whistling Tasha 1. Whistling Tasha [email protected] -£8.87
14:45 Newm Kirklees With Interest [email protected] £3.06
14:58 Newc 5. Mellisas Gift 4. Gedi Scarlett [email protected] £11.63
15:15 Ascot French Saulaie Psychomodo [email protected] £1.00
15:18 Newc 2. Comanchie Jack 1. Portdangan Lad [email protected] £1.00
15:20 Newm Lease Of Life Lucky Dance [email protected] £1.00
15:37 Newc 5. Tinas Katie 6. Valkevs Angel [email protected] £1.00
15:40 DownR Ross Accord Ross Accord [email protected] -£3.40
15:45 Ayr Distant Pleasure Out Of Nothing [email protected] £1.00
15:50 Ascot Riverside Theatre Riverside Theatre [email protected] -£1.24
15:53 Newc 2. Crash Muzza 5. Flying Boomboom [email protected] £1.00
15:55 Newm Bankable Virtual [email protected] £1.00
16:05 Weth Warsaw Pact Warsaw Pact [email protected] -£17.85
16:10 DownR Rhyl Accord Rhyl Accord [email protected] -£6.38
16:14 Newc 4. Farahs Paddy 4. Farahs Paddy [email protected] -£11.26
16:20 Ayr Wednesdays Boy Brandane [email protected] £24.62
16:28 Newc 6. Shearers Delight 3. Theothervieri [email protected] £29.09
16:47 Newc 5. Frankies Wish 2. Target Heather [email protected] £1.00
17:27 Newc 4. Spruce Twin 3. Mur The Blur [email protected] £1.00
17:44 Newc 4. Asbo Kid 3. Margan Honcho [email protected] £1.00
17:58 Newc 6. Crash Jack 4. Fuzzy Muzzy [email protected] £1.00
18:16 Newc 2. Swift Posh 1. Mill Ethan [email protected] £1.00
18:28 Sittb 2. Keva Blue 4. Sign Pearl [email protected] £1.00
18:38 Monm 5. Droopys Hatton 1. Monterey Jack [email protected] £1.00
18:48 Sittb 6. Nine Men Alfie Cat (Res) [email protected] £3.17
18:56 Monm 2. Classy Lucky 2. Classy Lucky [email protected] -£3.10
19:06 Sittb 3. Stans Legacy 4. Escape Assassin [email protected] £3.17
19:11 Monm 3. Droopys Ivanovic 6. Slobalong Dog [email protected] £3.17
19:22 Sittb 5. Lump On Linda 2. Famous Czar [email protected] £1.00
19:26 Monm 3. Lazoes Gabby 2. Yes Vieri [email protected] £1.00
19:30 Hove 3. Lookoutforsamson 6. Directors Perk [email protected] £1.00
19:30 Harl 3. Sharons Legend 5. Murphys Gar [email protected] £1.00
19:30 Romfd 6. Kalakah Sirap 3. Compliance Cool [email protected] £1.00
19:30 Wdon 4. Harpers Hawk 4. Harpers Hawk [email protected] -£2.95
19:37 Sittb 2. Liscahane Lilly 4. Bedford Leader [email protected] £1.00
19:42 Monm 1. Droopys Mikel 2. Harmony Boy [email protected] £1.00
19:45 Wdon 5. Coolagorna Singh 1. In Rainbows [email protected] £1.00
19:45 Romfd 1. Archies Vicky 5. Hollyoak Renoir [email protected] £1.00
19:52 Sittb 4. Prince Bob 1. Star Potential [email protected] £1.00
19:58 Monm 6. Killys Girl 2. Springwell Dawn [email protected] £3.06
20:00 Wdon 6. Spencer Freddie 4. Mustang Jig [email protected] £3.06
20:01 Romfd 6. Desperate Times 1. Rectify [email protected] £1.00
20:07 Sittb 5. Pennyswashington 3. Barneys Assassin [email protected] £1.00
20:13 Monm 5. Westferry Mat 2. Bourne Breezy [email protected] £1.00
20:15 Wdon 4. Chapelane Romeo 1. Pats All Black [email protected] £1.00
20:17 Romfd 3. Pats Revenge 5. Betathan Parker [email protected] £1.00
20:22 Sittb 3. Big Will 1. Pennys Chapter [email protected] £1.00
20:28 Monm 1. Swift Messenger 3. Hiho Harry [email protected] £1.00
20:30 Wdon 6. Blue Nun 4. Hit And Run [email protected] £1.00
20:36 Hove 6. Shelbourne Tiger 6. Shelbourne Tiger [email protected] -£1.68
20:37 Sittb 1. Moral Pet 2. Aim For More [email protected] £1.00
20:43 Monm 3. Dalcash Review 4. Bourne Cruiser [email protected] £1.00
20:45 Wdon 1. Droopys Superman 6. Juster Rumour [email protected] £1.00
20:48 Romfd 4. Swift Margin 2. Brother Fitz [email protected] £1.00
20:51 Sittb 6. Pennys Cleopatra 2. Only Girl [email protected] £1.00
20:53 Hove 6. Raithby Syrah 6. Raithby Syrah [email protected] -£1.14
20:58 Monm 2. Head Iton Paddy 2. Head Iton Paddy [email protected] -£1.64
21:00 Wdon 6. Crokers Eifa 6. Crokers Eifa [email protected] -£5.12
21:04 Romfd 6. Snowy Bear 6. Snowy Bear [email protected] -£2.95
21:07 Sittb 6. Droopys Micoli 5. Loganberry [email protected] £3.32
21:09 Hove 3. Hawks Dilemma 3. Hawks Dilemma [email protected] -£4.25
21:14 Monm 5. Highview Way 3. On A Wing [email protected] £1.00
21:15 Wdon 3. Droopys Mondo 1. Kerrs Comet [email protected] £1.00
21:22 Sittb 5. Lodge Magic 1. Petite Regaloe [email protected] £1.80
21:25 Hove 1. Raithby Toure 4. Conker All [email protected] £1.80
21:30 Wdon 3. Ramat Dora 3. Ramat Dora [email protected] -£2.65
21:36 Romfd 4. Rathorpe King 5. Rabbie Burns [email protected] £1.00
21:41 Hove 3. Alston Masala 5. Droopys Wells [email protected] £3.06
21:52 Romfd 2. Blackbird Oldles 2. Blackbird Oldles [email protected] -£12.99
22:00 Wdon 1. Miss Sporty 1. Miss Sporty [email protected] -£26.98
22:08 Romfd 5. High St Fortune 6. Dangerous Lady [email protected] £10.09
22:13 Hove 4. Wintons Whisper 1. Directors Choice [email protected] £10.09
22:15 Wdon 4. Zodiac Raven 4. Zodiac Raven [email protected] -£19.57
22:24 Romfd 3. Marcus Brutus 1. Countrywideflash [email protected] £28.98
22:30 Wdon 2. Ballygarron Luck 2. Ballygarron Luck [email protected] -£72.45
22:30 Hove 2. Forest Tyson 2. Forest Tyson [email protected] -£30.72
22:40 Romfd 5. Fat Man Dan 6. Cabanas [email protected] £1.00

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  1. Andy says

    Hi MoM

    Scrapped a profit yesterday but only just (£91). A very steady morning/afternoon and then the rain came in the evening!

    With the timings all out at Sitt unsettled bets were rife and the recovery system was thrown out. In the end I manually intervened and unticked Sitt.

    Delighted to see that no big loses were sustained.

  2. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Andy, yes, it was clearly a tough day looking at the number of races that BBP chose not to get involved with. I’m glad you got a profit though! Have a good day.

  3. Martin says

    hi just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading it. Can i just ask what recovery system you use when you are laying favs?

  4. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Martin. Glad to have you with us. It’s all here.

  5. sickboy says

    Hi MoM, are you still using this method with bet bot pro? how have been the results for november?



  6. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Sickboy, I’m still using the strategy with similar results to last month. One day of concern where the exposure if everything had gone tits up was nearly £5k. Fortunately, even if that loss had materialised it would still have been a profitable month to date.

  7. sickboy says

    How can you stay so calm when you earn £7k a month while doing nothing?? 🙂


  8. Man of Mystery says

    I aim for a daily return of 1% on capital invested. Right now we’re doing a bit better than that. But don’t forget that I will have losing days which may be substantial and the return could be, over the year, end up being 0.1% daily or less even!

    It’s only money and it ain’t mine until I leave the table. And I’m not gonna leave just yet. The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money. And I’ve been there Sickboy. In 1989 I owned a few estate agents and I had a few properties. I was a typical 80s yuppy. A right wanker at times. Too full of myself by far.

    Then we had the property crash which lasted five years from 1989 to 1994 and prices fell about 15% in cash terms and about 35% when you add back in inflation. And interest rates went to 15% and I was over leveraged. I lost the lot. And I had a few other challenges as well which some of my readers know about. The houses went, the estate agents went, the cars went, the lot, the wine cellar, etc, etc.

    I had a trust fund offshore that couldn’t be touched though. That was my get out of jail card and I started trading forex full time. Long before the internet. My telephone bill was staggering. I came back. And today I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

    Why? Because I spend more time on things that really matter. I can’t afford to waste my time making money. While I used to be a day trader in forex I’m now a position trader. That takes up a few hours each day so I do this blog for fun.

    I’m sorry this answer was so long winded but I just wanted to explain clearly what made me the person I am because that goes to the core of answering your question. Sir, good luck to you, as always. And make time for the things that matter. Whatever they might be at that moment.

  9. Spuddricco says

    Hi MoM

    Thanks for this very interesting and excellent Bet Bot Pro test and thank you very much for sharing your results and strategy. I just have 2 quick questions if you would be willing to answer.

    The first question is have you continued to use Bet Bot Pro since these results were published and if so were the november results similar to those recorded in October.

    And the second question is around the required bank and stop loss amount. After looking at your results and strategy I totally agree that the required bank and stop loss amount of 4k is required for the £1 stakes. If I am starting with a £500 bank is there any advice you could give as from your strategy the lowest bank you can begin with is £1000 as Bet Bot Pro lowest stake is 10p. Am I correct in thinking that a 5p stake (if it was allowed) would be correct for a £500 bank.

    Thanks again and thanks for the good work

  10. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Spud, the strategy remains the same and I had a similar question above which I answered on 27 November 2008 at 8:17 pm.

    The required bank for an initial stake of £1 is £10,000. But with a £4000 stop loss. If you are starting with a £500 bank then my advice would be not to use my strategy. You’ll get stuffed even with an initial stake of 10 pence. Sorry, but that’s what the numbers say. Don’t shoot the messenger. 🙂

    Thanks for your kind words and have a great weekend.

  11. Spuddricco says

    Hi again MoM, and thanks for the swift response. just thought I’d ask the question so thanks for your honest answer because if thats what the numbers say thats what the numbers say. Also just read your 27th Nov 9.54pm post and I’d like to say respect to the comments – that gives me inspiration m8 and I’m sure it gives others inspiration too so thanks.

    Also just wondering if you have continued to use Bet Bot Pro in November and if the results are similar to October.

    Thanks MoM

  12. Man of Mystery says

    Sorry Spud, I can see the answer wasn’t there fully. I wrote “…still using the strategy with similar results to last month.” The strategy has been managed by RonBot which is an Excel triggered betting sheet that works with Gary and Mark’s Betting Assistant.

    Lee took away the search from the top of every page – we ran out of space, back soon – but if you search google for RonBot you’ll find out how that came to be in this blog and the remnants of my deceased LastMinuteLiving blog at http://www.manofmystery.lastminuteliving.com.

    There’s also a show with RonBot’s dad in the radio archive top right if you want to listen to it?

    Good luck to you sir, as always.

  13. Spuddricco says

    Thanks MoM, Much appreciated

  14. Peter says

    What do you think about this change:

    Recovery stake
    %40 of loss
    over 3 bets
    15 cycles

    And my qestion is – How much money i must have to play stake 0.10 on your settings. 1000 is enough? If you played 10000 bankroll and stake 1.00 i think 1000 is sufficient… Please answer and have a nice day.

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