Daily Betting Results 27 Oct 08 : +£626.11

Betting type: Laying
Market: Horse Racing and Greyhounds
Betting Exchange: Betfair
Software: Excel Triggers
Results: + £626.11

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The full report and Notes follow:

Results 27 Oct 08

Market Info Selections Winner Lay Prices Profit/Loss
11:03 Oxfd 6. Start Again 2. Pennys Missing [email protected] £133.37
11:11 Sheff 5. Marinas Return 2. Ross Donn [email protected] £1.00
11:19 Oxfd 3. Allen Mile 3. Allen Mile [email protected] -£3.50
11:28 Sheff 6. Swiss Romanov 4. Sing Tothe Stars [email protected] £3.45
11:34 Oxfd 5. Citizen Misty 4. Knockanae Slippy [email protected] £3.45
11:42 Sheff 4. Foggy Boy 3. Lanesdown Mile [email protected] £1.00
11:48 Oxfd 3. Sailors Monk 6. Wood Whisper [email protected] £1.00
11:57 Sheff 5. Redhot Hondo 2. Northgate Champ [email protected] £1.00
12:04 Oxfd 6. Ballymac Field 6. Ballymac Field [email protected] -£1.98
12:12 Sheff 2. Emly Frolic 4. Melted Doll [email protected] £2.39
12:18 Oxfd 4. Marthas Pet 1. Tourna Hill [email protected] £2.39
12:27 Sheff 5. Brocagh Crazy 2. Look Alive Pixie [email protected] £1.00
12:32 Oxfd 2. Friendship Rose 3. Zamora New [email protected] £1.00
12:42 Sheff 6. Go Wild Terry 2. Rollers Blue [email protected] £1.00
12:47 Oxfd 3. Iver Mick 5. Kingsbrook Ciara [email protected] £1.00
12:55 Leop Sioduil Casual [email protected] £1.00
12:58 Sheff 3. Poleman 3. Poleman [email protected] -£3.10
13:04 Oxfd 6. Pluckanes Ace 3. Derryhogan Rafa [email protected] £3.17
13:12 Sheff 1. My Electro 3. Stepaside Doll [email protected] £1.00
13:19 Oxfd 6. Farloe Culmore 6. Farloe Culmore [email protected] -£3.20
13:25 Leop Vitruvian Man Rayeni [email protected] £3.24
13:27 Sheff 4. Earls Ransom 3. Lowgate Mensa [email protected] £3.24
13:30 Leic Bounty Box Bounty Box [email protected] -£9.40
13:33 Oxfd 4. Kilmore Radar 5. Blue Mineola [email protected] £3.24
13:44 Sheff 6. Knoppogue Master 6. Knoppogue Master [email protected] -£26.53
13:51 Oxfd 6. Corbally Vienna 3. Scootalong Holly [email protected] £26.15
13:55 Leop Crowfoot Space Telescope [email protected] £26.15
14:03 Sheff 5. Deanos Zidane 5. Deanos Zidane [email protected] -£67.99
14:08 Monm 1. Supa Goal 6. Moyar Spark [email protected] £1.00
14:10 Kemp Remember Ramon Ryedale Ovation [email protected] £48.59
14:18 Swin 5. Tullaroan King 6. Laurens Ryan [email protected] £48.59
14:20 Ling Its A Mans World Spiritual Treasure [email protected] £48.59
14:25 Leop Aine Beag Rantavan Wood [email protected] £1.00
14:27 Monm 5. Dash For Fortune 3. Berehaven Max [email protected] £1.00
14:35 Gal Rocheford Bridge Glenquin Castle [email protected] £1.00
14:37 Swin 1. Birds Nest 2. Mount Drew [email protected] £1.00
14:40 Kemp Star Choice Epsom Salts [email protected] £1.00
14:47 Monm 4. Scarriff Gypsy 5. Hi There Freddie [email protected] £1.00
14:55 Leop Redwater River Espartano [email protected] £1.00
14:57 Swin 3. Explosive Atom 5. Dreamers Pet [email protected] £1.00
15:00 Leic Stand In Flames Dancing Maite [email protected] £1.00
15:05 Gal Silver Jaro Career Move [email protected] £1.00
15:07 Monm 4. World Park 4. World Park [email protected] -£3.30
15:17 Swin 6. Stratford Tiler 6. Stratford Tiler [email protected] -£8.44
15:20 Ling Falcativ Falcativ [email protected] -£4.97
15:28 Monm 3. Oakwood Panther 1. Zigzag Kim [email protected] £9.22
15:30 Leic Axiom Axiom [email protected] -£38.10
15:35 Gal Conem Operation Houdini [email protected] £12.70
15:38 Swin 2. Barraduff Gina 2. Barraduff Gina [email protected] -£40.64
15:40 Kemp Musical Script Musical Script [email protected] -£161.33
15:48 Monm 3. Nareik 3. Nareik [email protected] -£121.64
15:50 Ling Party Frock Pivka [email protected] £166.80
15:58 Swin 3. Arte Et Decor 6. Tullovin Blossom [email protected] £251.95
16:00 Leic Swiss Diva Master Rooney [email protected] £251.95
16:05 Gal Clarnazar Chiraaz [email protected] £1.00
16:08 Monm 5. Bell Sensational 3. Look No Further [email protected] £1.00
16:10 Kemp Mutamared Mutamared [email protected] -£1.22
16:18 Swin 4. Kingoftherun 1. Time Is Ticking [email protected] £1.00
16:27 Monm 3. Greenfield Moon 1. Koko Pop [email protected] £1.85
16:30 Leic Kens Girl Smarty Socks [email protected] £1.85
16:35 Gal Western Charmer Luska Lad [email protected] £1.00
16:37 Swin 5. Boherash Tapaidh 3. Blueeyes Darcy [email protected] £1.00
16:40 Kemp Hallingdal Prince Of Thebes [email protected] £1.00
16:47 Monm 2. Baggies Rose 1. Lakers Casper [email protected] £1.00
16:57 Swin 4. Honey Penny 3. Day Six [email protected] £1.00
17:07 Monm 4. Maltese Jim 5. Ardkill Sean [email protected] £1.00
17:17 Swin 5. Rozelle 6. Black Dixie [email protected] £1.00
17:22 Monm 5. Killys Girl 2. Mos Elf [email protected] £1.00
17:33 Swin 4. Ballybrazil Puma 6. Yeneed Charm [email protected] £1.00
17:38 Monm 6. Elderberry Tokyo 2. You Little Bek [email protected] £1.00
17:47 Swin 3. Falkners Swallow 3. Falkners Swallow [email protected] -£2.95
17:56 Monm 3. Droopys New York 1. Coshlea Star [email protected] £3.06
18:04 Swin 2. Boot 6. Molineux Moon [email protected] £3.06
18:11 Monm 3. Icemaid Flojo 3. Icemaid Flojo [email protected] -£2.50
18:18 Swin 5. Honey Pearl 4. Chipped Arrow [email protected] £2.75
18:28 Nott 3. Beechwood Squire 4. Roscoes Loobyloo [email protected] £2.75
18:33 Yarm 4. Tasmanian Lucie 3. Dead Cert [email protected] £1.00
18:39 Romfd 1. Clune Catunda 6. Full Jet [email protected] £1.00
18:44 Nott 3. Naughty Jessie 6. North Major [email protected] £1.00
18:49 Yarm 2. Crakat Jasper 4. Battlewarrior [email protected] £1.00
18:56 Romfd 4. Nickys Blackie 1. Hare St Treacle [email protected] £1.00
19:01 Nott 6. Dysert Malkia 4. Moyar Panda [email protected] £1.00
19:06 Yarm 5. Sophie Corleone 4. Tasmanian Storm [email protected] £1.00
19:11 Romfd 1. Riptide Jack 5. Mams Lady [email protected] £1.00
19:16 Nott 3. Swift N Slick 1. Doyenne [email protected] £1.00
19:22 Yarm 3. Hartwood Raven 3. Hartwood Raven [email protected] -£2.80
19:27 Romfd 6. Freedom Man 1. Dukeries Marko [email protected] £2.96
19:32 Nott 3. Illusionist 6. Swift James [email protected] £2.96
19:37 Yarm 1. Westend Careless 2. Crakat Heavenly [email protected] £1.00
19:43 Romfd 2. Downunda Bee Tee 6. Petite Millie [email protected] £1.00
19:48 Nott 2. Droopys Mikel 1. Giddyup Boy [email protected] £1.00
19:53 Yarm 5. Killeacle Jacob 5. Killeacle Jacob [email protected] -£2.95
19:58 Romfd 2. Milldean Buster 5. Next Lunch [email protected] £3.06
20:09 Yarm 1. Cloncunny Okee 2. Rackethall Mal [email protected] £3.06
20:14 Romfd 6. Airtech Lucan 6. Airtech Lucan [email protected] -£3.00
20:19 Nott 1. Miss Lee 3. Emmas Prince [email protected] £3.10
20:24 Yarm 3. Blue Tahiti 5. Attaboy Alfie [email protected] £3.10
20:31 Romfd 6. Secretariat 2. Bonville Stan [email protected] £1.00
20:41 Yarm 2. Oh So Cool 2. Oh So Cool [email protected] -£2.45
20:47 Romfd 1. Stoneys Big Boy 3. Newyork Maeve [email protected] £2.72
20:57 Yarm 2. Tasmanian Summer 2. Tasmanian Summer [email protected] -£3.48
21:02 Romfd 4. Pittsburgh Blitz 6. Flagstaff Flame [email protected] £2.72
21:12 Yarm 2. Scarty Miss 1. Court Of Law [email protected] £3.95
21:17 Romfd 5. High St Fortune 4. Helenas Ted [email protected] £1.00
21:22 Nott 2. Frisby Foxwatch 1. Westmead Zest [email protected] £1.00
21:30 Romfd 2. Witches Petal 1. Lazy Lob [email protected] £1.00

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  1. Justin Palmer says

    Hi Jon. So what made you switch from a lay of Master Rooney (beaten fave last time) to Swiss Diva in the 4.00 at Leicester?

  2. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Justin, I was busy with other stuff yesterday so I just let the bot run with the first favourite throughout the day. Swiss Diva went off favourite. Good to see you again and thanks for taking the time to post. Have a great day.

  3. easwaran says

    my dear Man of Mastery
    it is 2 days i missed your blog, as i was out of town, back home, i am blessed with your blog,
    the following bet was made
    11:03 Oxfd 6. Start Again 2. Pennys Missing [email protected] £133.37
    is much collection is happening for the grey hound races. as i am keying in i just see the wimbdon 20.00 Kilelten rose
    which is at 3.00 3.05 , the total money is 48450 euro, except this centre rest are only to the tune of 10k
    is betting this money getting matched
    i think your betting strategy is doing well
    keep it up buddy

  4. Man of Mystery says

    That’s a very good point easwaran. In all greyhound races the total matched is very low. There are examples throughout the results where it’s clear that there was a significant unmatched element of the stake on several recovery bets. I don’t comment on those. But without exception if every bet made had been fully matched the profit would have been higher.

    On greyhounds there is virtually nothing matched until 5 minutes before the off. That is the only time to look at any greyhound race. Suffice it to say that as BetbotPRO is laying the favourite mostly that dog accounts for half the volume matched. There are exceptions of course.

  5. easwaran says

    my dear Man of Mastery
    indeed i am thankful to you
    it is the truth i accept , i love you for telling me all in simple way.
    thank you my friend
    may eternity bless you further
    i wish you millions of wellness

  6. Andy says

    Evening MOM

    When reading all the ‘old’ betfair forum discussions on laying favs or second favs etc it is always shot down. General opinion seems to be that it is a quick way to go bust. Do you think that the recovery system on BetBotPRO changes that equation?

  7. Man of Mystery says

    Good evening gents. You’re welcome easwaran.

    And good to see you Andy. Over the last 16 years a sample of 106,693 (clear) favourites were analysed. If you had bet the same amount on all 106,693 horses (at SP), your return would have been 92% of your stakes. So, for every 100 units staked, 92 would have been returned (a loss of 8).

    There is similar data for (clear) second and (clear) third favourites.

    Favourite 2nd Favourite 3rd Favourite
    Outcome Return Outcome Return Outcome Return
    Bets Win Win Bets Win Win Bets Win Win
    All Races 106693 35% 92% 92759 20% 89% 86446 14% 85%

    With the recovery staking plan used here and based on this there is the possibility of a profit Andy. However, this is gambling and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. But it’s going okay at the moment and has done for over 14 months now. Time will tell. Gents, good luck to you both.

  8. easwaran says

    i think the statistics is from http://www.adrianmassey.com/fav/index.php,
    yes year after year and day after day, it is proved beyond point that the fav i st win around 1/3 time and if one has keen interest to analyze the past which may not change since it has happened and it will happen.if the first fav can win then it can also lose, only by recovery system with increase in stakes as suggested by this blog or any other recovery method will surely bring the desired result. Man of mastery has suggested that to have a capital of 14000 times of betting unit of 1 pound betting stake, i am positive that it will reward, even in case the entire 14000 pound capital is lost one can take one more 14k pound and start it again
    yes it is possible now \
    with strict discipline adhering to rules of laying

    to win

  9. Andy says

    Excellent help, many thanks. I suppose the other variable (amongst others)is the settings particularly the max and min odds buttons. So the above would be all horses regardless of odds but you can filter those further.

    It is all very intriguing and challenging but great fun!

  10. Man of Mystery says

    Good morning gents. Yes, you’re correct easwaran. What a fantastic site Adrian has to help you plan a strategy.

    You’re welcome Andy. Yes, I enjoy doing the blog and I’ll let you both in to a secret! I’m hoping to do a live WUBT broadcast on this site next week.

    121 races for BBP today. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget the recoveries again! Stay tuned and have a great day.

  11. Andy says

    121 races lovely lovely. Now you have completed your review on BBP will you still be updating us on your progress with it?

  12. Man of Mystery says

    Yes Andy. Results will continue to be published daily. And there will be another Bot trial starting next week. IMO it could prove equally interesting.

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