Daily Betting Results 26 Oct 08 : -£94.34

Betting type: Laying
Market: Horse Racing and Greyhounds
Betting Exchange: Betfair
Software: Bet Bot Pro
Results: – £94.34
The full report and Notes follow:

Results 26 Oct 08

Market Info Selections Winner Lay Prices Profit/Loss
11:19 PBarr 6. Give Me Wings 1. Clarkley [email protected] £1.00
11:28 Hove 1. Naty Jon 6. Arun Skylark [email protected] £1.00
11:34 PBarr 5. Charter Wispa 4. Trejon Fantasy [email protected] £1.00
11:43 Hove 2. Sky Princess 5. Flying Lynn [email protected] £1.00
11:48 PBarr 3. Highfire Flight 3. Highfire Flight [email protected] -£3.40
11:58 Hove 3. Bell Rocket 4. Ballybrazil Gino [email protected] £3.38
12:04 PBarr 6. Highfire Katie 4. Charter Rolo [email protected] £3.38
12:13 Hove 1. Milldean Flash 5. Noirs Ted [email protected] £1.00
12:18 PBarr 1. Three Cliffs 3. Ellaha Guest [email protected] £1.00
12:27 Hove 6. Ardbeg Joey 1. Replacement [email protected] £1.00
12:32 PBarr 3. Malbay Keano 5. Charter Smartie [email protected] £1.00
12:42 Hove 6. Barnfield Slippy 1. Nutty Nod [email protected] £1.00
12:47 PBarr 6. Stonewall Two 4. Six Gold Bars [email protected] £1.00
12:50 Towc Another Brother Woodlands Gem [email protected] £1.00
13:00 Aint On Raglan Road Massasoit [email protected] £1.00
13:04 PBarr 1. Brooklawn Girl 3. Optimum Lady [email protected] £1.00
13:12 Hove 3. Governator 1. Directors Choice [email protected] £1.00
13:15 Winc Midnight Sail Barnhill Brownie [email protected] £1.00
13:19 PBarr 2. Sun Stroke 4. Help [email protected] £1.00
13:20 Gal Majestic Fraam Tatacoa [email protected] £1.00
13:33 PBarr 3. Hey Lintola 1. Slaneyside Iris [email protected] £1.00
13:35 Aint Orion Doudairies Lysander [email protected] £1.00
13:44 Hove 3. Naughty Nod 1. Shelbourne Rich [email protected] £1.00
13:50 Winc Fourpointone Fourpointone [email protected] -£1.76
13:51 PBarr 6. Islandea Hero 6. Islandea Hero [email protected] -£2.80
13:55 Gal Vertigo On Course Senators Alibi [email protected] £1.00
13:58 Hove 6. Foulden Special 3. Bea And Bea [email protected] £2.96
14:00 Towc Elsies Pride Randolph Obrien [email protected] £2.96
14:06 PBarr 3. Cushie Royal 4. Ians Queen [email protected] £1.00
14:12 Hove 1. Parkwest Glider 1. Parkwest Glider [email protected] -£2.50
14:20 Winc Oldrik Oldrik [email protected] -£8.87
14:21 Oxfd 6. Farloe Delight 6. Farloe Delight [email protected] -£7.83
14:28 Kinsl 5. Toms Ace 2. Wee Poker Face [email protected] £8.09
14:30 Towc Calusa Crystal Charmaine Wood [email protected] £8.09
14:38 Oxfd 3. Lahana Jewel 4. Hewitt Rose [email protected] £8.09
14:44 Kinsl 4. Danger Man 4. Danger Man [email protected] -£3.30
14:52 Oxfd 5. Shout Of Order 2. Elegant Mist [email protected] £3.31
14:55 Winc Charles Street Bally Conn [email protected] £3.31
14:58 Kinsl 3. Generous Earl 1. Auld Charmer [email protected] £3.31
15:00 Gal Enter The Indian Evening Rushour [email protected] £3.31
15:05 Towc Zacharova Auditor [email protected] £1.00
15:06 Oxfd 4. Special Nyx 2. Sonic Breeze [email protected] £1.00
15:13 Kinsl 6. Perrys Cable 3. Athlacca Eagle [email protected] £1.00
15:15 Aint Oslot Knowhere [email protected] £1.00
15:30 Winc I Hear Thunder Tana River [email protected] £1.00
15:30 Gal Dancing Tornado Kahuna [email protected] £1.00
15:40 Towc High Jack High Jack [email protected] -£1.68
15:53 Oxfd 4. Bing Delta 4. Bing Delta [email protected] -£2.95
15:59 Kinsl 3. Flushed Away 2. Dinn Re Typhoon [email protected] £2.18
16:00 Gal All About Timing Zarkozy [email protected] £2.18
16:05 Winc Darstardly Dick Darstardly Dick [email protected] -£7.04
16:08 Oxfd 2. Miss Wigg 1. Pennys Broadway [email protected] £4.24
16:14 Kinsl 4. Malden Bond 4. Malden Bond [email protected] -£3.60
16:15 Towc Nemetan Picky [email protected] £1.00
16:22 Oxfd 3. Cauldron Spells 6. Auld Pound [email protected] £3.52
16:25 Aint Cloudy Times Cloudy Times [email protected] -£19.86
16:28 Kinsl 1. Carneys Lady 2. Connors Aughrim [email protected] £8.45
16:30 Gal Checkpointcharlie The Midnight Club [email protected] £8.45
16:35 Winc Conflictofinterest Keki Buku [email protected] £1.00
16:37 Oxfd 3. Cumnor Lass 5. Marinas Peach [email protected] £1.00
16:46 Kinsl 6. Moaning Bluegirl 6. Moaning Bluegirl [email protected] -£3.60
16:54 Oxfd 2. Unique Package 2. Unique Package [email protected] -£10.21
17:04 Kinsl 1. Bluestone Raider 5. Paddys Ferrari [email protected] £10.67
17:11 Oxfd 4. Chasing Cars 4. Chasing Cars [email protected] -£38.41
17:18 Kinsl 4. Westbank Khan 6. Buntys Ceilidh [email protected] £30.78
17:27 Oxfd 6. Ethans Choice 6. Ethans Choice [email protected] -£90.80
17:33 Kinsl 2. Kevitt Maldini 4. Genuine Pilot [email protected] £73.50
17:44 Oxfd 6. Broadacres Mo 6. Broadacres Mo [email protected] -£158.03
17:49 Kinsl 3. Dundrum Time 6. Araearly [email protected] £47.14

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  1. Andy says

    Hi there

    Fascinating blog. I have BetBotPro also and have been pretty impressed. I also took onboard your very wise words on the staking plan. It is counter intuiative to talk about £1 stakes (as it seems so low) but of course totally correct.

    My results seem similar to yours, similar setup, different strategy.

    How long do you think you need to run the same strategy to become confident that it is a solid money making one!?

  2. Man of Mystery says

    Hi Andy, I have another bot which was in an Excel sheet and ran through Betting Assistant. It had similar staking and recovery and it has a yield of 82% over the last 12 months with some notable losses. £1700 was the worst but several over a £1000. But the ROI says it all really.

    Is 12 months long enough? No. But this strategy is based on 16 years of back testing for me. Is that a good indicator of future success? Well, it’s better than having a losing back test!

    Where BetbotPRO has the advantage is in the stop loss and recovery based on bet settlement. And it’s more stable than RonBot’s Excel triggered betting.

    If you fancy being a guest author here at Juicestorm please let me know. Maybe a summary of your results once a month and pointers that you think might be useful? Just an idea.

    And thanks for posting. Have a great evening. It’s gonna be a good day for me today because of the carry over recovery from yesterday.

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