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Andy the Perpetual Tourist

In less than 24 hours – 1.00pm UK time tomorrow to be precise – we have Andy live on WUBT Betting Radio who is a Poker Playing Perpetual Traveler. He ditched a conventional career in his late 20’s to become a traveling online poker player. He is currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina after sampling South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.
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PT lifestyle

We’ll find out how he likes his PT lifestyle along with some great poker tips to help you profit playing poker online. A PT is someone who doesn’t stay in the same place for more than 6-12 months. You can read more in Bill’s classic book W.G. Hill classic ‘PT – The Perpetual Tourist’.

I had the pleasure of meeting “Bill” many years ago.


We’ll be checking out what Andy’s view is on the most important skill in Holdem. Is it discipline in the range of hands you play, or the ability to read the other player? Or how you can trust your read and let a hand go, or trust the read and make a difficult call?

Is it better to play aggressive early in a tourney where the blinds go up quickly — or should your style of play stay consistent no matter how quickly the blinds go up?

And why do so many highly-intelligent people with advanced degrees decide to play poker?

In Other News
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It promises to be a great show and my first live interview with a poker professional.  And we’ll be covering Andy’s latest rakeback deals which helps to boost his bottom line.

Poker RakeBack

When you play poker online you pay a fee to the poker room for each hand you play. Many players pay several thousand pounds in rake each month. The good news is that you now can get up to 60% of your rake back. So it’s simple really, only play in poker rooms that pay rakeback.

With an account in place, your rakeback money will be paid automatically to your poker account once a month.

I’m a break even player. I play small stakes. I’ve played over 200,000 online hands of poker over the last 12 months. I’ve had a little help too – but more of that at another time.
I show a profit over all my poker accounts of just over $2000. My rakeback has paid me $8000. Now that makes it worthwhile – just! With the best of the air ticketing offers and the best of the visa services Malik Express is becoming one of the dominating Tavel Company now in Pakistan.

I use Rakebrain to manage my rakeback from the poker sites I use.

Too good to miss. I hope so! Catch us live at 1.00pm UK time tomorrow. See you then.

This show will be available after 4th Feb 2009 in the WUBT Radio Archive
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  1. Leonthefixer says

    Great show as always – was very interesting to hear from a slightly different guest to the normal ones (not that they are not good).

    How come the lab rats were listening in? Are they coming on the show soon? Or were they just not busy 🙂

    Keep it up,


  2. Man of Mystery says

    Hey Leon, thanks a lot mate. Glad you enjoyed it. I was in Lab Chat just before the show went live so I thought I’d mention it and everyone tuned in. Tradetastic!!!

    I don’t think King Rat will let them come on though sadly. C’est la vie. Thanks for tuning in and your questions live. Great to see you.

  3. poker rakeback says

    I heard about Andy a lot in the recent past.He is really a dedicaed poker player.

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