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Nudger Daz 07 Nov 17:01
Notice the tommo crusade is being taken up once more on the horse forum.Have you given up on the case?

Gerry Attric 07 Nov 22:34
Hi there Naz.
I remember you from the good old days! Howz you doin’ Boyo!

Yeaaahhhh! Them were great days them were Naz. Canny and me exposed the geezer for the trickster he truly is. Lost count of the times me threads got pulled. Got a final warning that I was on me last chance – or else. I’m currently hanging on by a thread Naz!! It got to a stage where I could not mention his name in a post. If I did me post got froze. And after all the exposure and proof that Canny and I managed to get onto the forum in thousands of posts, the good guys lost and the bad guy is still laughing all the way to the bank! At the expense of his innocent victims!

10 years ago he was running the same scam adverts (and it is a scam!) in the Sporting life. He pays nout for the adverts coz the sporting papers take a cut of the mug money. Its called an advertorial. They almost certainly still do! AND IT IS VERY LUCRATIVE! . The geezer tricks and misleads by manipulating and juggling bad results to make them look great. His adverts trick, deceive and manipulate the unwary into believing he is something which he is not. In other words his adverts trick and deceive people into believing he is a good tipster when in reality he is probably the worst tipster on the planet. It costs his victims plenty before they realise they have been ‘conned’ by ultra impressive but misleading adverts. AND THAT IS IMMORAL AND UNETHICAL. And the Racing Press know it, Channel 4 know it, Elite Racing know it, Talk Sport know it and The Fat Man knows it (the geezer that picks his nose and eats what he finds!) (as seen on TV!) AND ABOVE ALL, THE WHOLE RACING WORLD KNOW IT. AND THEY ALL SAY NOUT !! Instead of condemning they patronise. Such people know what I say is the absolute truth, but it is in their interests to say nothing! Now take a look at the real world i.e.Birkdales thread. That my friend is the real world! All them hundreds of geezers on there know it’s the truth but nobody listens to them do they? Can they all be wrong? It speaks, no not speaks, SHOUTS! for itself don’t it..

At the height of me campaign I approached Watchdog. Got no reply. I approached Advertising Standards and others. Not interested! What else can be done to stop the fraudulent, misleading, misrepresentative, deceiving, and immoral stinking advert that pollutes the racing Press day after day, year after year, decade after decade! The innocent racing punter is being ripped off rotten and nobody gives a damn! And the geezer continues to offload heavy ill-gotten dosh into the money houses!

He also contradicts himself .He advises “never backs odds on” Yet nearly every other selection is either odds on or close to it! .

One day when Canny and I were monitoring his selections he gave 7 tips.. 5 lost and 2 won. The two that won were odds on!! The next day he had the front to tell his victims “I hope you were on those two winners I gave you yesterday!” I would ask Channel 4 their views as to one of their own making such misleading comment! But they won’t!

And finally as to how good the geezer is at tipping over a three month period.

Canny offered to pay the premium rate bills and I agreed to do the mouthing off and make a daily list of results.(as many will remember!)

After the 3months was up his victims (and they are victims!) made a £6000 loss to a level £50 stake. AND THAT IS 100% THE TRUTH! It is also true that nearly every day during the loss of that £6000 the geezers adverts appeared glorifying his tipping line.
Think about it! His victims are £6000 out of pocket over three months!!! And every day when they see his advert in the Racing Press he is promoting his success! And that has been going on for over 10 years Now I ask the question ……..IS THAT ACCEPTABLE?

I aint got much fire left in me belly Naz to pursue the case like I did in the past, but Birkdales approach is professional and correct and extremely well presented. He needs all the support he can get and maybe have another crack at the advertising Standards on the grounds of misrepresentation. They may be more receptive than when I tried. He certainly has presented his case well and on the strength of his cracking post could be the man to lead the crusade to clean out the garbage adverts that polute the Racing Press and trick innocent people into wasting their hard earned!

That’s it my friend. Take care.

I’m gone

Gerry Attric 07 Nov 23:06
Apologies for gerrin’ yer ‘andle wrong Nudger. Must be gerrin’ old!

Catch you az and wen!

I’m gone!

know all 07 Nov 23:37
birkdale is gerry

cannyman 07 Nov 23:39
Hello Gerry, good to see you again.

cannyman 07 Nov 23:41
Great opening post by Birkdale on horse racing.

birkdale 03 Nov 14:03

I have just returned from a 1 month Betfair ban.
My crime was to post Tommo’s daily tips on here for all to see with a recommendation to lay them all. Betfair didn’t like this and wrote to me saying that “the posting of copyright information such as those from commercial tipping services is not acceptable”. They went on to tell me that the purpose of the forum was to “communicate with each other, exchange ideas and to discuss topical issues”. Fair enough then, I had breached the rules and got the red card for a month. This was unfortunate because I had only recently discovered Tommo’s Tips and quickly appreciated the poor quality of them. They were ideal laying material and had become a source of considerable profit to me over the short time I had been involved with them. All I had wanted to do was share my new found source of riches with others on here.

During my month away I decided to look at Tommo’s service in more detail. Not only did he have 2 premium rate numbers to call, I discovered that he also had a text service as well. He even turned up on Talksport every day. He may even have more outlets that I’m not aware of. I don’t know whether any of the “tips” he was charging for were ever given out for free on Talksport as I don’t listen to that station.

I focused my attention on his 2 premium rate lines. One of the lines charges callers £1 per minute whilst the other one promises that the call would be brief but nevertheless charges £1.50 per minute and is known as a “buzz” line. Perhaps Tommo believes that the quality of the “tips” on the “buzz” line are better and that he deserves more for providing them.

I called both of these numbers every day during October. I carefully wrote down his “tips” and monitored the results which I can now share with you.

True to his word, a call to the “buzz” line lasts about 20 seconds. Sometimes he tells the lucky callers that they can have “2 for the price of 1 today”. He always finishes the message by encouraging callers “to have a good day”. Perhaps he feels sorry for them as the results from the “buzz” line are appalling.

Calls to the other premium rate line go on for a good deal longer. One morning he kept me for nearly 8 minutes but occasionally he wraps it up in under 4. The average length of call would be just over 5 minutes. He tells his loyal callers that he has been on the gallops, at the sales etc… He is on first name terms with jockeys and trainers and they all call him Tommo. There are plenty of mentions for “Johnny G”, and I discovered that Ted Durcan picks him up from the airport and drives him home. Richard Hills is known as “Rich” and even Frankie has been known to phone him on the way to the races. It seems that racing folk are falling over themselves to give the big fella all the information he needs to make you wealthy. There was even a tale about a well known trainer passing on a good word about one of his horses in the gents toilet at Newmarket. After all this waffle he will give you at least 6 “tips” for the day and sometimes more. One day he gave out 10.

The month of October began well for our hero. On day 1 he gave out 7 “tips” which all started favourite and 5 of them won (2 at odds on). It was downhill after that with 20 out of the next 26 being beaten, but then he reached one of the high spots of the month by steering punters in the direction of a 16/1 winner at Longchamp. Whether the average caller is usually drawn to industry prices on French racing is debateable. More mediocrity followed with little to ho ho ho about until he advised an each way bet which scraped a place at 33/1 to ensure a profit even though 5 of his other selections that day were soundly beaten. When I called the next day you could feel the excitement in his voice. Not only did he have a 33/1 placed horse to gloat about but he also had news of a “special maximum bet” to pass on to callers. It turned out to be a non-runner. On October 11th the big fella had his greatest triumph. He put up Hamish McGonagall at the rewarding odds of 11/1 at Musselburgh. In fairness it was a brave selection in a tricky race and the 5 losers he gave out that same day were conveniently forgotten. Hamish McGonagall was plastered all over his adverts for the remainder of the month.

The following week brought 2 more “special maximum bets” although he didn’t tell callers what “special” meant or what a “maximum” should be (perhaps he was thinking along the lines of borrowing the kids savings and remortaging your house). The first of these bets won at 8/11 whilst the other one was stuffed at 7/4. Callers who took the advice and plunged in with their maximums suffered a loss (and may well be homeless by now).
There followed a 10/1 Cheltenham winner with Dee Ee Williams on the day he gave out 10 “tips” in an 8 minute message. Whether anybody had any cash left to back it following the defeat of the first 9 selections that day is another matter.

When I phoned on the 20th, Tommo announced that it would be his last message for 2 weeks as he was off to the Breeders Cup. However, he did encourage his followers to keep calling during his absence as “tips” would continue to be provided by his friend Stuart. I called the next day and sure enough Stuart was there. He gave out 3 “tips”, all of which lost. Thankfully, the call lasted for less than 3 minutes. Clearly Stuart hadn’t been told to update the “buzz” line because Tommo’s losing “tip” from the previous day was still available to back. Stuart only lasted for 3 days but ended up with 5 winners from 10 selections to show a profit. For the last 2 days he even created his own “buzz” line on a completely different premium rate number. Worryingly, Tommo still ran the adverts for his own “buzz” line which were not being updated but presumably still charging callers £1.50. The adverts gave no indication that Tommo was away and that callers would be dealing with a replacement from the subs bench.

For the next 3 days neither phone line was updated and I wondered whether callers were still being charged. I began to worry about Stuart and what had happened to him. Perhaps he was removed for raising the credibility of the service by cutting out the waffle and showing a profit.

When I phoned on the 27th, I was greeted by the tones of Simon Mapletoft. How he got involved with Tommo is a mystery to me. Simon made it clear that he was standing in for the great man and proceeded to give out 4 tips over the following 3 minutes with very little in the way of waffle. He naturally had a “buzz” line as well which provided a further “tip”. 3 of his 5 selections lost but the “buzz” horse actually won (he obviously hadn’t read the script). Over the course of the final week Mapletoft limited himself to 5 selections a day with a high proportion of favourites. Those unlucky enough to call on the 30th were given 5 straight losers. He rounded off his stint on the tipping lines by showing a decent loss.

I have charted all of the “tips” during October showing winners, losers, starting price, favourites, “buzz” horses (B) and the profit and loss position. I have calculated bets to a £5 stake which was Tommo’s suggested outlay when he was pressed on this matter some time ago. Occasionally an each way bet was given. What I have not done is to factor in the cost of the phone calls. A call to his “buzz” line will set you back £1.75 daily and the other line on average will relieve you of a further £5.90. That is a daily outlay of £7.65 if phoning form a normal landline.

Tommo was on line himself from the 1st October to the 20th October.
During that time, he provided :

147 “tips”
5 non-runners
39 winners
103 losers
67 of the 142 runners were favourites of which 18 were odds on
26 of the 39 winners were favourites of which 13 were odds on.
25 “buzz” horse “tips” which produced 1 winner and 24 losers

His advert today tells readers that Tommo had an “immense” October with “massive” profits achieved. Naturally Hamish McGonagall gets another mention. The advert goes on to say that “you cannot afford to miss out on Tommo’s info”. I disagree. If you are serious about trying to make money by backing horses, this is definitely something that you can afford to miss. However if you are interested in finding something to lay, then that is another matter.

I wondered how Tommo found the time to come up with these “tips” given all the other things he gets up to. Perhaps he can survive with no sleep. Does he spend hours with the form books carefully researching his selections ? Does he raelly have good connections in the game ? Does he use his own ratings ? Only the big fella knows.

Personally I would like to see some form of regulations brought in. I don’t mind tipsters publishing previous winners at fancy prices, but perhaps they should also be obliged to account for the losers as well. I can see how an unsuspecting punter would respond to an advert and phone a line that has given winners at 11/1 and 16/1, but would the same punter make the same call knowing that 72% of all selections were losers (Tommo’s stats)
I would also like to see more emphasis on what the phone calls actually cost. A £10 profit from betting is quickly diluted by a £7 phone bill. Should tipsters only be entitled to receive income from the telephone charges if they actually make a profit ? Should the revenue from these phone calls be distributed amongst racing charities on losing days ?

When Betfair banned me, they reminded me that the purpose of the forum was to communicate with each other and discuss topical issues. I therefore hope they allow this thread to stand.


1st. Oct. W 11/10 f, W 2/5 f, W 11/4 f, W 15/8 f, W 4/7 f, L 1/1 f, L 9/4 f (B) = + £20.63
2nd. Oct. L 11/8 f, L 33/1 (ew), L 11/1 (B), W 10/11 f, L 8/11 f, L 7/2 f (B), L 5/2 f, L 4/1, L 15/8 f = – £35.44
3rd. Oct. W 8/11 f, L 11/2 (B), L 8/1, W 4/1 f, L 9/2, L 9/4, L 12/1 (B), L 7/4 f, W 7/4 f = + £2.38
4th. Oct. W 8/11 f, L 6/1 f, L 9/1 (ew), W 11/4 f, L 14/1 (B), L 20/1 (ew) L 8/1 (ew) L 1/1 f, W 16/1 (ew) = + £68.385th. Oct. L 11/2, L 6/1 (B), L 28/1 (ew), L 33/1 (ew), L 25/1 (ew) L 9/4 f, W 6/4 f = – £37.50
6th. Oct. L 4/1, L 7/1, W 7/4 f (B), L 5/1 (B), L 6/4 f, L 1/1 f, L 13/8 f, L 13/2 = – £26.25
7th.Oct. L 10/3, L 15/2, 3rd 33/1 (ew), W 3/1, L 3/1, L 15/2 (B), L 9/2 = + £48.00
8th.Oct. L 5/2, n/r, L 12/1, n/r (B), W 8/13 f, n/r = – £6.93
9th.Oct. L 25/1 (ew), W 11/4, W 5/6 f, n/r, L 13/8 f, L 6/1(B) = – £2.09
10th. Oct. L 5/1, L 9/2, L 6/4 f, L 2/1 f, L 4/1 (B), W 2/5 f, W 5/1 = + £2.00
11th. Oct. L 8/1 (ew), L 9/2 f, L 4/1, L 7/2 f (B), W 15/2, W 11/1(ew), L 11/1 = + £76.25
12th. Oct. L 9/1 (ew), L 5/1 (B), L 8/1, W 11/8 f, 3rd 7/1 (ew), W 13/2, W 9/4 = + £32.62
13th. Oct. L 7/2 f, W 10/11 f, L 11/8 f, L 7/2 f, W 8/11 f, L 9/2 (B) = – £11.83
14th. Oct. L 8/1 (ew), L 7/4 f, L 4/9 f, L 7/4, L 10/3 f (B), 3rd. 7/1 f (ew) = – £26.25
15th. Oct. 2nd 14/1 (ew), W 4/1, L 15/8 f (B) W 13/8 f, L 6/5 f, L 4/1 = + £22.12
16th. Oct. L 8/11 f, L 3/1 f (B), L 4/5 f, L 7/4 f, W 4/9 f, L 15/8 f, L 9/2 = – £27.78
17th. Oct. L 9/2, L 15/8 f (B), L 4/1, L 11/8 f, L 6/1 (B), L 8/13 f, L 9/1, L 14/1, L 22/1, W 10/1 = + £5.00
18th. Oct. L 9/2, L 16/1 (ew), L 7/2 f, L 10/1 (ew), L 4/1 f, L 11/8 f, L 9/2, L 3/1 f (B), W 9/2 = – £27.50
19th. Oct. W 8/15 f, L 8/1, L 10/3, L 11/4, L 8/1 (ew) L 1/1 f (B), L 12/1, n/r (B) = – £32.34
20th. Oct. W 9/2 f, W 4/9 f, L 4/1 f, L 13/2, L 7/2 f (B) L 8/1 = + £4.72

Profit from betting to £5 stake = + £48.19, less cost of calls – £153, = loss of – £104.81.

21st. Oct. L 2/1, L 8/1 (ew), L 8/1 = – £20.00
22nd. Oct. L 10/11 f (B), W 8/11 f, W 11/4 f, W 5/4 f = + £18.63
23rd. Oct. W 5/2 f, W 7/4 f (B), L 7/4 f = + £16.25
24th. Oct. no tips
25th. Oct. no tips
26th. Oct. no tips

Profit from betting to £5 stake = + £14.88, less cost of calls – £14.00, = profit of £0.88

27th. Oct. W 11/4 f, L 15/8 f, W 11/8 f (B), L 4/1, L 10/3 f = + £7.50
28th. Oct. L 11/4 f (B), W 3/1, L 4/1, W 6/4 f, L 11/4 = + £7.50
29th. Oct. L 5/4 f, W 5/2, L 13/8 f, L 7/4 f, L 5/6 f (B) = – £7.50
30th. Oct. L 5/4 f, L 10/3 (B), L 7/2 f, L 14/1, L 2/1 f = -£25.00
31st. Oct. L 10/1, W 6/4 f, L 4/1 f, W 11/8 f, L 6/4 f (B) = – £1.25

Loss from betting to £5 stake = -£18.75, less cost of calls – £26.25
= loss of £45.00

tobermory 07 Nov 23:47
All these Tipping Lines should be required to have a message reading out the p+l for the previous
week/month/3 months which the caller hears before he starts getting charged.

Gerry Attric 08 Nov 00:36
Hiya Canny me old matey! Howz you doin’ pal?

Been out of touch for a while. As I said to Nadger, the fire within is now but an ember.

Occasionally I read things that I cannot resist and have to blow me bugle like wot I just done on here re Birkdale.

The trouble is Canny that I start off by only wanting to write a couple of lines or so but when I start I cant stop.

The Birkdale post Canny is a blinder. Sez all that we said in the past don’t it? But high quality script from a very educated man. Most impressive!

Oy Canny! See what that twerp Know All sez? He thinks I’m Birkdale!!! Now that sure is one big compliment!!!

Heres a line from the past Canny that Im sure youi will remember that is my reply to the stupid boy! You will recall that it was used extensively re a certain geezers cr@ p tipping performance

My reply to you Know All is you know nout!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh Ha ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I’m gone!

Richard LL 08 Nov 01:05
superb stuff from Birkdale :^0

birkdale 08 Nov 08:31
Can assure you that I’m not Gerry as somebody suggested, but thanks for your interest !

I just want to see an end to these completely misleading adverts and false claims. Punters should also know how much a phone call is going to cost before they ring. If we have to tolerate tipsters then I want to see their P & L and their winners to tips ratio.

How can a man claim to have had an “immense” October with “massive” profits when he gave out 103 losing tips in 3 weeks !!

I’ll bash on with this on the racing forum. Feel free to have your say.

Nudger Daz 11 Nov 09:47
Don’t worry about getting me name wrong ,that’s dementia setting in Gerry 🙂 i for one am glad it’s given you one final push to do some good……………Good Luck.Naz,Baz,Raz,Nuz, toooo many too list 😉

Norfolk ‘n’ Good 13 Nov 16:10

Hiya pal, long time no see – thought you’d gone back to your cardboard box, under those bridges, near the river!

Where’s the “You know who” thread gone?

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  1. Birkdale says

    Hi Gerry,

    So glad to hear you’re still around and sorry to read that you picked up a Betfair ban.

    Your enthusiastic contributions to the Tommo’s Tips thread were excellent. I don’t know why they banned you because you seemed to be dealing with just the plain facts. Perhaps the “big fella” has a legal team who may have had a word with the powers that be.

    Let us know if you received any reply to the various letters you sent out to the authorities and shere them on here.

    It is simply disgraceful that the likes of Tommo are allowed to continue in this way, and I intend to raise the subject again in due course.

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